iTENS: A TENS Machine for Pain

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines works by delivering small electrical impulses to the body’s nerve or muscle fibers via the skin. It reduces pain by preventing pain signals from reaching the brain. This TENS machine for pain distributes these mild impulses to key pain locations on the body via electrode pads connected to the body. Because there are different kinds of pain and each person is distinct, pain treatment differs from one person to another. Some people only experience pain alleviation when the TENS device is turned on. While others say that relief lasts for an extended period even after the device has been switched off. 

The iTENS is an electrotherapy method that contains wearable technology with a TENS unit’s powerful and long-lasting pain treatment. The iTENS gadget is a simple wireless TENS machine for pain that can be managed and operated directly from your smartphone linked via Bluetooth. And it can also be used manually. The iTENS has several modes of operation and treatment choices, all neatly grouped into presets for the user. The iTENS can help with back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other external nerve pain conditions. 

How to use iTENS TENS machine for pain

The iTENS has electrodes that are attached to the wings. The gadget may be used with small wings, large wings or a long strip accessory.  The electrode pads can be used up to 10-15 times. After each usage, you can dab little amounts of water onto the electrodes to keep them moist and retain their stickiness for a little longer. The iTENS, a TENS machine for pain, is not visible when beneath clothing because it is tiny, lightweight, and flexible wings design. You can use your mobile phone to control a diverse range of program choices as well. 

Setting up the machine 

When it comes to setting up and connecting your iTENS equipment, there are two phases: 

  1. Bluetooth discovery 
  • To activate Bluetooth discovery mode, press and hold the device’s center button for three seconds. The LED light will begin to flash, signaling that this phase is finished. Make sure your smartphone or tablet’s Bluetooth is turned on. 
  1. Sign up for the app. 
  • To associate with iTENS machines, open the app and choose the indicator that looks like a chain link. Find your desired gadget if you are utilizing several iTENS devices. When the iTENS is successfully linked, the LED light on the device will cease flashing blue and stay lit. 

iTENS Without the App 

There is also a manual option for the iTENS. Nonetheless, this application is quite simple and lacks variation. You may engage the manual operation by simply pressing the region above and below the device’s button. This TENS machine for pain regulates the level of intensity.

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