Introducing the iTENS Bluetooth TENS Machine

Everyone experiences pain at various stages of life. Some pain goes away quickly on its own, while some persist for longer. Fortunately, you can manage pain through different effective techniques and procedures. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a popular choice for acute and chronic pain patients. A TENS device is a portable unit that sends mild electrical currents to the body through the skin. A standard TENS unit uses lead wires to connect to an electrode to transmit the electrical impulses. However, nowadays, it is possible to facilitate effortless pain treatment using a Bluetooth TENS machine. Bluetooth TENS machines are a promising era of pain management.

Introducing the iTENS Bluetooth TENS machine, the revolutionary machine for pain alleviation. The iTENS has FDA approval to be a wireless TENS device for pain relief. The iTENS unit is Bluetooth-capable, making pain treatment easier and more convenient. When paired to a smartphone, you would have access to the iTENS smartphone app. The smartphone app has different pre-set modes you can choose from depending on your needs. The pre-set modes have pre-defined settings suitable for each body part and condition to make the treatment safe and effective. Since pain relief affects individuals differently, you may also control the settings manually. As a guide, it is best to start with the lowest frequency and gradually increase them as your body adapts to the stimulation. Furthermore, you may feel a modulated decrease and increase as you use the device to optimise pain relief.

The iTENS Bluetooth TENS Machine: Advantages

For several reasons, some people prefer a Bluetooth TENS machine over a wired unit. Firstly, a wireless TENS like the iTENS is more portable and convenient to use. The iTENS is lighter and more discreet. The slim wing-shaped pads of iTENS make it easy to use underneath the clothes, which is hardly noticeable. Therefore, the iTENS is suitable for people that would like to treat their pain during work or when on the go. Additionally, you can begin pain treatment conveniently with just a few taps on your smartphone app. If you have used a wired TENS before, you would be familiar with the hassle of tangled wires while you’re putting on the device. The iTENS eliminates the cables so you can administer treatment efficiently. Also, the wireless TENS does not restrict movement so that you can move around as normally as possible.

A TENS devise, like the iTENS, is suitable for treating acute and chronic pain. You can use a Bluetooth TENS machine to alleviate pain in the shoulders, neck, back, arms, legs, and feet. However, avoid placing the electrode pads on the temples, eyes, or throat. Instead, follow the iTENS pads placement guide to direct you on the proper use of TENS. Visit iTENS Australia to know more about Bluetooth TENS machines. Furthermore, check with a physician or physiotherapist on the effects of TENS for your condition to get optimal results. 

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