Advantages of the iTENS compared to a Handheld TENS Unit

Effective pain management is attainable by using the right strategies, methods, and devices. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a form of electrotherapy that uses low-voltage currents to relieve pain naturally. A standard handheld TENS unit is a small machine that uses electrodes with wires to send mild electrical impulses into the body. Meanwhile, wireless TENS devices like the iTENS have Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to pair with smartphones for efficient pain management. Additionally, the iTENS device provides a more comfortable experience by delivering electrical impulses through Bluetooth-enabled electrodes. There are many advantages of using the iTENS and why you should shift to a wireless TENS device.

If you are using a wired handheld TENS unit, you should be familiar with the hassle of tangled wires. Wires can restrict your movement during treatment. Lead wires can get in the way of doing activities, so most people don’t do anything else during treatment. The iTENS got rid of cables so you can move freely and continue working during pain relief treatments.

The iTENS can provide treatment to almost any body part or area with its accessories. It has interchangeable large or small electrode wings. You can wear the wireless device discreetly under your clothes without directing attention to it. With a standard handheld TENS unit, that is not possible. With iTENS, you can place the pads anywhere on the body with lesser effort or intervention. The iTENS wings pads fit well anywhere on the body, even in hard-to-reach areas such as the ankle, knees, or elbow joints.

Additional Advantages of using a Wireless Handheld Unit

Another advantage of the wireless iTENS handheld TENS unit has over other devices is its ability to integrate innovative technology with pain relief. You can quickly launch the app and control the device from your smartphone. Additionally, the iTENS app has optimised pre-set programs available for all sorts of pain types and conditions. This feature allows users even with limited electrotherapy experience to perform optimal self-treatments. You can simply select the treatment you need and begin the session immediately. However, if you want to set your parameters, you can also do so through manual mode. The manual operation allows you to adjust the device’s frequency, wave, pulse rate, and intensity. The mobility and ease of use of the iTENS set it apart from standard wired TENS devices.

The wireless iTENS can also save you from unnecessary expenses in the long term. For example, handheld TENS unit wires are prone to wear and tear. Replacing a TENS unit due to damaged cables is more costly than investing in a high-quality wireless TENS like iTENS. On the other hand, the iTENS pads are reusable and replaceable. With proper use and care, you can use the iTENS unit extensively. So, if you are ready to upgrade your handheld TENS unit, check the wireless iTENS here at iTENS Australia.

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