Is There a Wireless TENS Unit with Remote Control?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) has relieved debilitating acute and chronic pain for millions of people throughout the years. TENS therapy helps provide instant relief by employing electrical currents to the affected body parts. A traditional TENS device has electrodes with lead wires placed on the skin to facilitate pain treatment. With various technological advances, people now ask: Is there a wireless TENS unit with remote control? Fortunately, you can merge the therapeutic benefits of TENS with smartphone technology. The iTENS unit is an FDA approved safe wireless TENS device for pain relief.

A wireless TENS unit with remote control can improve pain management significantly. The absence of cables means you no longer have to spend time untangling messy wires before using them. Additionally, it does not restrict or inhibit movement. So, you can move freely during treatments without interruption. The iTENS uses Bluetooth connectivity to transform your smartphone into a remote control for pain relief. Operating the wireless iTENS is easy. Place the electrode pads on the affected area and pair them to your smartphone. The iTENS app allows you to control the device by selecting the treatment from the pre-set programs. The iTENS app has different settings available for various conditions and body parts. Furthermore, you may also manually adjust your frequency, pulse rate, waveform, duration and intensity according to your specifications and comfort.

Advantages of a Wireless TENS Unit with Remote Control: iTENS

Pain management is more efficient with a wireless TENS unit with remote control. The wireless iTENS can relieve osteoarthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, and period pain. Additionally, the portability of the wireless TENS unit enables you to treat pain anytime and anywhere. Aside from its convenience, the app also allows you to chart your progress, providing you with better insight into your condition. Furthermore, the wireless iTENS device consists of interchangeable electrode wing pads. The wing pads come in small or large sizes to conveniently suit different body parts and areas. These difference shaped pads allow for more optimal treatments for specific areas. You can use the large wing pads for areas like the back and the small wing pads for areas like the ankle.

You may use the iTENS as a standalone device or a wireless TENS unit with remote control. The iTENS app is compatible with most iOS, Android, and Google devices, so compatibility is not an issue. The iTENS is an efficient device that provides a convenient, easy to use, safe, and drug-free alternative for pain relief. TENS does not cause any adverse side effects, unlike oral analgesics. Additionally, they are non-invasive, unlike other forms of physical therapy. Furthermore, for best results, consult with a physician or physiotherapist on the proper use of a wireless TENS unit. You can find the iTENS device and its accessories on the iTENS Australia website.

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