Using TENS Machine for Carpal Tunnel Pain

Median nerve compression syndrome, otherwise known as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), is compression of the median nerve that causes tingling, numbness, and weakness in the hand. The sensation mainly occurs because of pressure on the median nerve, which goes through your carpal tunnel. Symptoms mainly consist of burning or tingling numbness in your palm and thumb or index or middle fingers, shock-like feeling moving through your fingers, and tingling that moves up into your arms. Treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome include exercises(stretching), immobilization, and pain management. Some common forms of pain management would be using a TENS machine for carpal tunnel pain.  

Surgery is only required on the more severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome as it is regularly a self-healing injury, given that the affected hand has rested well. As the patient awaits recovery, comfort can be achieved with effective pain management methods. High-quality and flexible machines like the wireless iTENS device make life easier for patients recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Using a TENS machine for carpal tunnel pain has proven to have significantly eased the healing process by blocking out sensory neural pain signals being sent to the brain, reducing or completely negating the pain.  

iTENS as your TENS machine for carpal tunnel

Some of the more common causes of carpal tunnel pain syndrome include repetitive motions like typing or other wrist movements done repeatedly (like in sports), obesity, diabetes, and pregnancy. Given that most of the causes are almost unavoidable, like office work (typing) and pregnancy; it is essential to note that people should at least be given the option to treat the pain. Using a TENS machine for carpal tunnel pain syndrome and other painful injuries would help pain management who don’t have the liberty of instantly changing their lifestyle or their line of work.  

Relying on a TENS machine for carpal tunnel syndrome pain is now as convenient as ever. Given how TENS machines are now very portable, pain management treatments can easily be done on the go. Setting up personal pain management sessions has also become more manageable with machines like the iTENS devices having ready-to-use pre-set settings that can be set manually or through an iOS or Android device. With all these advantages in mind, having an effective personal TENS machine would prove to be an invaluable investment for anybody experiencing carpal tunnel pain or any short or long-term pain from other injuries. 

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