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iTENS: TENS Machine for Hip Pain

A wide range of health conditions like arthritis, several kinds of injuries, and even cancer, can cause issues like hip pain and other discomforts. Typically, pain is present at the front of the hip. However, hip pain might also affect the lower back. Using a TENS machine for hip pain can help reduce the discomfort and improve your ability to continue enjoying your everyday activities.

The specific area of your hip pain can provide valuable hints into the primary cause of discomfort. Issues within the hip joint itself tend to result in pain inside your hip or your crotch area. Hip pain on the outside of the hip and upper thigh causes issues with muscles and other soft tissues that envelop the hip joint. Additionally, diseases and pain conditions in other body areas, such as the lower back or knees, can also cause hip pain and discomfort. This type of pain condition is called referred pain. Referred pain is a type of pain felt in a location other than where the pain is. Most hip pain and discomfort can be managed with self-care at home by using a TENS machine for hip pain.

Settings: TENS Machine for Hip Pain 

If you are considering trying out a TENS machine for hip pain management, the iTENS is the best TENS device to try out. If you are new to using TENS machines, always start with the lowest program setting. Next, slowly adjust the intensity level of the device until you feel a slight tingling sensation. If you feel any pain while using a TENS device, lessen the program intensity. It would help if you kept in mind that TENS therapy should not hurt. TENS therapy devices like the wireless iTENS offers a wide range of settings and intensity levels. Moreover, this feature can help improve the comfort and effectiveness of your TENS therapy sessions.

iTENS Australia recommends that you try out different pad placements, duration, and program settings to find what’s best suited for you. iTENS is the world’s first FDA-credited medical device. The iTENS offers different pad sizes for treating varying body parts allowing for a variety of pad placement options. The duration of each TENS therapy session can be from 20-40 minutes and used multiple times a day. Additionally, the iTENS’ pre-set treatment parameters (programs within the app) may also help reduce hip pain and discomfort. TENS therapy is a 100% safe, risk-free, and drug-free way of relieving pain from various pain conditions.


TENS Machine for Hip Pain: Pad Placement

The iTENS wireless TENS machine for hip pain is a perfect tool for pain management. iTENS provides users with three pad sizes, small, large and long pads. Each pad size is optimized for treating specific body parts. It is essential to place the pads on either side of the painful area for the most beneficial effect (placing the area to be treated in the middle of the two pads). However, there are some specific areas where the TENS machine should not be used or placed. Here are some examples: 

  • Irritated skin or open wounds
  • On your face or head
  • On the front and side of the neck
  • Directly on your backbone


This free app quickly allows for more TENS treatment improvements and convenience. Bluetooth capabilities allows the iTENS to connect to an iOS or Android smartphone. You can then access the iTENS app, allowing you to activate and control your iTENS wirelessly. The iTENS app also has a variety of pre-set treatment programs ready to treat specific health conditions and body areas. The iTENS device allows users to understand better how the body reacts to pain and can give users a unique TENS therapy experience. Without a doubt, the iTENS is a worthy health investment. Get one now and treat yourself with instant pain relief solutions.

How a TENS Machine for Hip Pain can Help 

A TENS machine for hip pain treatment can also help with improving blood circulation and lowering inflammation which is typically the issues with hip pain. TENS therapy can also be beneficial after hip surgery to relieve pain and discomfort. Furthermore, TENS therapy can also help improve muscle rehabilitation and strength. Hip pain can be severe, with each step causing pain and discomfort. If your goal is to reduce your intake of pain medications, then TENS therapy is an excellent choice. TENS therapy is a safe and 100% drug-free pain management choice.

Using a TENS machine for hip pain to relieve muscle tension on the hip is a highly effective option. The stimulation of the TENS therapy treatment helps to reduce pain and discomfort. Additionally, TENS therapy helps treat chronic and acute pain. By improving blood circulation and treating the nerves, you can improve your pain management routine. Therefore, TENS therapy is a highly beneficial and instant pain treatment option for hip issues.


What helps Reduce Hip Pain

You may consult a doctor or medical professional before trying out TENS therapy. They can provide you a complete list of benefits when using a TENS machine for hip pain. The wireless iTENS from iTENS Australia is a highly recommended device that helps in reducing pain and discomfort. TENS therapy is a hassle-free, discrete and easy-to-use pain relief treatment. Additionally, iTENS provides easy access to instant pain relief. Additionally, iTENS is more than a portable, wireless TENS machine. It also features a free companion app that allows Bluetooth connection. Here are some treatments you can do to prevent hip pain:

  • TENS Therapy: Using a TENS machine for hip pain treatment can help those who suffer from hip pain and discomfort. Furthermore, it is one of the safest and easiest methods to get instant pain relief.
  • Exercise: Regularly exercising helps strengthen the hips. Exercises that strengthen the muscles in the area that support the hips are essential.
  • Ice Treatment and Heat Treatment
  • Stretching: Stretching relieves muscle tension, reducing inflammation.


You can opt to purchase a TENS machine for hip pain treatment without needing a prescription. However, it is safer and more effective to evaluate your condition correctly, so you can become aware of whether using a TENS device for pain therapy is suitable for you. Medical professionals can also instruct you on using it safely and correctly. However, devices like the wireless iTENS unit from iTENS Australia are easy to use and user-friendly, removing the need for users to seek professional advice. Furthermore, TENS devices have little to no side effects, unlike painkilling medications. Therefore, owning a personal TENS therapy device proves to be an excellent investment for anyone looking to help improve their pain management routine, whether they are suffering from acute or chronic pain. 

Choose a practical device like the iTENS to provide you with the best TENS machine for hip pain treatment. iTENS accessories and interchangeable wings are readily available in our online store. iTENS Australia strives to provide the best customer service and keep clients satisfied. 

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