TENS Machine and Muscle Stimulators for Athletes

Pain from injuries or overtraining is, unfortunately, commonplace for athletes. They often feel pain and soreness throughout their athletic life. Some believe that being able to push through the pain is what creates the best athletes. However, a body can only deal with so much pain before it gives in and gets worse. There are many sorts of treatments, medications, and products to relieve pain. TENS machine and muscles stimulators are two viable options that ought to be seriously considered.

Medication is the first method of treatment that will turn into by the athletes. It is easy to take an anti-inflammatory pill every day, throughout the day, and it is practically guaranteed to help in some way. But, we have all heard about the side effects of a person continually taking the medication several times in one day. It can be extremely dangerous in the long term.

Muscle TENS Machines as Muscle Stimulators

As time progresses, without the injury been taken care of, many athletes will begin to suffer from more chronic pain than joint soreness or the occasional sports injury. Not only will physical therapy be a must, but it is also a good idea to begin the usage of a TENS machine. A TENS unit such as iTENS products is an alternative to a life of pain medication. The device is specifically used for chronic pain and provides immediate relief through the use of electrical impulses. Essentially the unit “tricks” the brain into thinking there is no pain because the electrical impulses will stop the pain signal that is sent to your brain. The machine can be used anywhere on the body -back, neck, shoulder, leg, etc. Best of all, you can control the pulse rates, pulse widths, and frequencies to find the best amount of relief.

Alternatively, athletes can also use muscle TENS machines as muscle stimulators, but for different reasons. A muscle stimulator is not used to treat chronic pain. Instead, it can speed up one’s muscle recovery after an injury, which probably occurs fairly often for professional athletes. The device can also build muscles and prevent muscle atrophy. A muscle stimulator also uses silver electrodes, and electronic pulses sent will contract the muscle tissue, allowing increased blood flow.

Both devices can be helpful to athletes to help their bodies feel better and get them back out on the field.

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