TENS Treatment with Electric Waves

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Transcutaneous means “through the skin”. TENS treatment is a procedure in which a device (a TENS machine) delivers electrical waves to the body in order to relieve pain. An effective TENS machine is vital for getting proper TENS treatment. The iTENS wireless unit at iTENS Australia is truly a revolutionary TENS machine for efficient pain management therapy with increased convenience to users. You can find out more about TENS and the innovative iTENS device further in this article.

How does TENS Treatment Work?

TENS treatment with electrical waves can also be called electrotherapy. TENS electrotherapy treatment works based on two theories:

  1. The first theory is the Gate Control Theory of Pain or Gate Control Theory of Pain Management. This theory states that the electrical waves stimulate the nerve cells to block the transmission of pain messages or signals. It works by closing the so-called “neural gates” located in the spinal cord to interrupt the pain signals from reaching the brain. Moreover, this theory implies a gating mechanism which is present in the body’s central nervous system in which we can control pain felt by manipulating the neural gates. Furthermore, this method of TENS treatment with electrical waves uses high frequencies of around 90 to 130 Hz.
  2. The second theory involves TENS treatment using low-intensity electrotherapy. The theory states that low frequencies of about 2 to 5 Hz stimulate the body to produce more endorphins. Endorphins are our body’s natural way of combating pain. They act like morphine, which also blocks pain messages from reaching the brain. Hence, people call endorphins the “feel good” hormone. It is because these natural chemicals can not only relieve pain but can also improve mood and cause a general feeling of well being for individuals.

What Types of Pain does TENS Treatment Relieve?

Various studies on TENS treatment with the use of electrical waves have shown a high success rate regarding pain management treatment methods. Studies show that this method of pain therapy originated in ancient times in Greece. But of course, in those times, the equipment they employ to transfer the electrical waves was very different from what we use nowadays. Through innovation and technology, electrotherapy using TENS machines are now able to treat a variety of pain symptoms and conditions. This statement is especially true in the case of using the revolutionary iTENS wireless unit. It is because of its many features and flexible accessories available with it.

Acute and Chronic Pain

There are several types of pain that TENS treatment can provide pain relief to. It usually depends on the severity of the pain felt. If the pain is very intense and temporary, it is called acute pain. Acute pain usually comes from specific injuries such as broken bones and tissue damage. It often lasts less than six months. If the pain is severe and long-lasting, it is called chronic pain. Chronic pain lingers even if the original injury that caused the pain has healed. If left untreated, chronic pain can last for more than six months.

Some people may only have minor pains to deal with. However, those are insignificant compared to the severity of acute or chronic pain symptoms. The vital thing you should understand if you are having any type of pain is that you should ensure the reliability of any treatment method. TENS treatment using electric wave stimulation is an effective pain management method for treating both acute and chronic pain conditions.

Moreover, the discovery of the TENS treatment employing electric wave stimulation can also relieve labour and post-pregnancy pain. This pain management treatment can be necessary to facilitate a pregnant woman from experiencing pain during labour and reduce pain during the recovery stages.

On TENS Machines

Proper TENS treatment requires the usage of devices called TENS machines. A TENS machine is a small, battery-powered pain relief device. It utilises special adhesive pads called electrodes placed on the surface of the skin. The electrical waves flow through the electrode pads into the human body to bring relief to the pain experienced. This device enables electrical wave stimulation by transmitting painless electric currents into specific nerve endings through the skin. Thus, either closing neural gates or producing endorphins depending on the setting and preference you require.

The iTENS Wireless Unit at iTENS Australia

TENS treatment with the iTENS is a non-invasive, cost-effective, self-administered technique for relieving pain. Having the iTENS wireless unit is a tremendous advantage for anyone who needs convenient and efficient pain relief anytime and anywhere. It is the world’s first FDA cleared completely wireless TENS machine. Its unique design makes it compact, discreet and easily wearable. With the iTENS wireless unit, you may now be able to conduct electrotherapy using electric wave stimulation even whilst doing everyday tasks such as household chores or exercising. There are hardly any movement restrictions when doing TENS treatment with the iTENS wireless unit. You no longer have to deal with wires getting tangled and hard to carry bulky TENS machines.

Moreover, the iTENS unit allows you to customise your pain management therapy effortlessly. You can control the wavelength frequency and voltage intensity using the iTENS app on your iOS or Android device through a Bluetooth connection. Alternatively, you can also use the device manually through the device itself. In addition, it has ready-to-use pre-set settings for a multitude of pain symptoms and conditions. Furthermore, iTENS Australia also offers various interchangeable electrode pads and spare gel pads compatible with the iTENS unit. The different options make the TENS treatment using the iTENS wireless unit be able to treat varying pain conditions more effectively.


Using the iTENS for Effective TENS Treatment

You can follow these steps on how to properly use the iTENS wireless unit to get the most out of your TENS treatment:

  • Peel the protective cover from the iTENS gel pads.
  • Place the adhesive electrode pads on clean, dry skin.
  • Switch the iTENS wireless unit “On” by pressing the button on the centre of the device until the LED lights blink.
  • Connect the device with the iTENS app on your smartphone device via Bluetooth.
  • Launch the app and select your desired treatment. Tap the body part (feet, shoulders, etc.) or conditions (arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.) to start your desired TENS treatment.
  • Alternatively, you can set your parameters under the Manual mode. It is best to start with the lowest frequency and slowly work your way up towards your preferred intensity.
  • Once the session ends, turn the machine “Off” before carefully removing the electrode pads from your skin.
  • Store the iTENS unit and its electrode pads in a clean and dry space.