Are There Allergic Reaction to TENS Pads?

Despite being a rare case, an allergic reaction to TENS pads can happen. TENS pads are made of highly conductive electrodes with a long shelf life; and are not regularly the cause of the allergic reactions people experience. The allergic reactions one could experience when using a TENS machine mainly comes from the adhesive material used to stick the pads onto the individual’s skin. A perfect example of people being allergic to adhesive chemicals is when they place adhesive bandages to cover wounds. Thankfully enough, hypoallergenic pads are also available for TENS machines like the iTENS.

How the iTENS eliminates allergic reaction to TENS pads

The iTENS machine is entirely wireless, has hypoallergenic elastic gel pads that are easy to apply and use. It is a great alternative when people experience allergies to other types of pads. Being able to remove the allergic properties would significantly increase the convenience of having a safe and effective source of pain management. Having wireless pads would most likely help with the frequency of usage for a TENS machine; as it can be taken and used in almost any situation, besides removing allergic reactions to TENS pads as an advantage.  

Other side effects

The side effects of using TENS machines are almost non-existent. Although when someone experiences skin irritation on top of increased skin redness, it is advised that halting usage would be better suited for that individual. Other indications to avoid TENS treatments are people with epilepsy, have heart problems, or have a pacemaker present. Despite having very few contraindications and some few restrictions like an allergic reaction to TENS pads, the advantages of using and owning a TENS machine; like the iTENS unit, greatly outweigh its disadvantages.  

For the best possible results when using a TENS machine; people should also avoid placing and treating areas that already have existing rashes or skin irritations, have an open wound, or placing the pads for way too long (which could cause a slight burn). With machines like the iTENS unit, which have easy-to-use and straightforward pre-set settings, TENS treatment errors are almost reduced to none. Units like these can conveniently be set manually or by iOS or Android devices. Allergic reactions to TENS pads are no longer an issue for people looking for an effective method of pain management. 

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