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Best TENS Unit for Hip Bursitis: Factors to Consider

iTENS large wireless TENS machine from iTENS Australia

Hip bursitis is a type of chronic pain that affects the bursae, small fluid-filled sacs that cushion the hip joint. Swelling and inflammation in the area can make it difficult to perform daily activities. One popular treatment option is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy. People looking for the best TENS unit for hip bursitis may consider various factors. The common considerations include the type of device, features, and price range.

TENS units work by sending low-voltage electrical currents through electrodes placed on the affected area. The impulses stimulate the sensory nerves to block pain signals from reaching the brain. It also triggers the release of endorphins, the natural painkillers of the body. Hence, it allows individuals to get a drug-free method of pain relief. In this article, we will explore the main factors to look at when choosing a TENS device, such as the type, features, and costs.

Best TENS Unit for Hip Bursitis – Device Type

When looking for the best TENS unit for hip bursitis, one of the main factors to look at is the type of device. There are two main types of TENS units that individuals can choose from: traditional TENS and wireless TENS. Both types deliver effective pain relief, but they have differences in terms of convenience and portability.

Traditional TENS units are typically larger devices that come with wires and electrodes that need to be attached to the body. It may come with one or multiple channels to deliver electrical stimulation. For instance, a single-channel device can stream one pulse pattern, while a dual-channel TENS can provide two different patterns simultaneously.

On the other hand, wireless TENS units are smaller, more portable devices that do not require wires. The adhesive electrodes attach directly to a compact pulse generator and can be placed directly on the skin. This eliminates the hassle of tangled wires or limiting the range of motion during the treatment.

Components of the Device

  • Control unit: The power source of the device that generates electrical currents and sends them through the electrodes.
  • Electrodes: The sticky pads that are attached to the skin to deliver the electrical impulses. They are replaceable and interchangeable with different shapes and sizes.
  • Wires: Lead cables for traditional TENS machine. Users need to connect the wires between the control unit and electrodes to use the machine.
  • Display screen: The viewing window where users can see the settings and monitor their TENS treatment.
  • Battery: A TENS machine is a battery-operated unit. It comes with a rechargeable battery or requires regular replacement of disposable batteries.

A woman using a TENS machine on the leg

Best TENS Unit for Hip Bursitis – Device Features

The best TENS unit for hip bursitis must have essential features that can deliver effective pain relief. The key features of TENS include adjustable settings, pre-programmed modes, and a timer. Most units allow individuals to control the frequency, intensity, and pulse duration. This helps to find a stimulation pattern that is suitable for individual conditions, comfort levels, and preferences.

Moreover, pre-programmed modes are programs with built-in settings designed for a specific body pain location or health condition. Most devices have therapy options for hip pain, bursitis, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and massage programs. This enables individuals to start the treatment without needing to adjust the settings manually.

Lastly, the auto-timer is a safety feature that helps control the treatment sessions. It allows users to set a specific duration for their TENS therapy and automatically shuts off the device once the time is up. This function helps prevent overuse or overstimulation, which can have side effects. Individuals may set the duration for 15 minutes to one hour, depending on their type of pain.

Range of Settings Available

A TENS unit typically has adjustable intensity levels and frequency settings. The intensity levels range from mild to strong. Low intensity is ideal for mild pain, while higher levels are more suitable for intense pain. Additionally, this allows the individual to set the intensity according to their comfort level.

The TENS frequency is the number of pulses delivered per second. At low frequencies (2-10 Hz), users can target the motor nerves to induce the production of endorphins. In contrast, high frequencies (50-120 Hz) target the sensory nerves for pain gating. It is ideal for acute pain, while low-frequency TENS is more effective for acute pain.

The smartphone app guide to operate the TENS unit

Best TENS Unit for Hip Bursitis – Price Range

The price ranges of TENS machines can vary depending on the type. It is important to consider the quality, efficiency, and ease of use when choosing the best TENS units for hip bursitis. Traditional TENS devices tend to be more affordable, ranging from $50 to $100. These units are a cost-effective option for those looking for a convenient method of pain management therapy without breaking the bank.

Higher prices range from $100 to $500 for more advanced TENS units with additional features. These may include multiple channels, a wider range of adjustable levels of intensity, and a variety of treatment modes. Wireless TENS units often fall into this category due to their advanced technology and portable designs.

Furthermore, warranty, customer service, and accessories can also impact the cost. When deciding on a suitable TENS unit, consider how easy it is to incorporate into the daily pain management routine. For regular TENS therapy sessions, a more expensive unit may require a higher upfront cost, but they can guarantee durability for long-term use.

Where to Purchase One?

There are several options on where to purchase a TENS machine. A popular choice is to buy the device over the counter in pharmacies and medical supply stores. However, a more convenient option is to buy online. Shopping online offers a comprehensive selection of TENS units at various price points.

A reputable online store recommended by pain specialists is iTENS Australia. The wireless iTENS device uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a smartphone. It features innovative wing-shaped electrodes to suit different body areas better. In addition, individuals can buy interchangeable wings in small and large sizes, USB chargers, and refill gel pads.


In conclusion, when choosing the best TENS unit for hip bursitis, it is essential to consider the device types, key features, and costs. The main types of TENS devices, such as traditional and wireless units, offer various levels of efficiency. It is vital to look into the range of settings to see if it can deliver maximum relief for bursitis pain. A wide range of settings can help individuals set the program settings according to their preferences.

In addition to programmable settings, treatment modes enhance the convenience of pain management. It is important to check if the device has a pre-set setting for specific conditions, such as hip pain treatment. Lastly, TENS machines are available at various prices. Typically, the more features a device has, the higher the cost. Overall, it is advisable to weigh the benefits and features of each device before making a purchase.

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