Can TENS Unit Cause Nerve Damage?

Can TENS unit cause nerve damage? Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a pain management method that provides short-term and effective pain relief using tiny electrical currents. TENS therapy is safe and non-invasive. It also makes for an inexpensive and worthwhile investment. Nowadays, you can use TENS devices without any help as they are now easy to set up. TENS therapy is one of the most common forms of electrotherapy for pain relief. TENS devices work by delivering tiny electric impulses on the nerves near the painful areas. Using a TENS device is effective for pain relief as it can block pain signals from reaching the brain.

Using TENS therapy is effective for most chronic and acute pains. However, people still ask: Can TENS unit cause nerve damage? A TENS machine is not known to cause any nerve damage. It would be best if you take preventive measures to keep the TENS machine risks minimal. If you are interested in using a TENS device for pain relief, professionals recommend taking things slow. Start from the lowest possible intensity and gradually increase it as your body adapts to the electric currents. There should be no muscle contraction. You should try out different settings and placements to find the most suitable locations for your unique needs. The iTENS unit, with its pre-set settings, make it a very safe TENS device option for self-treatment.

Can TENS Unit Cause Nerve Damage: iTENS as a Safe Device

If you are still cautious about using TENS devices and the thought of “can TENS unit cause nerve damage?” still irritates you. The iTENS wireless TENS device can help reassure you that using TENS therapy is safe. It also comes with no adverse side effects compared to traditional pain relief medicine. There are various machines and devices available for self-treatment, and the most excellent tool for managing your pain relief is the iTENS.

iTENS is entirely wireless and utilizes Bluetooth connectivity, and it is one of the main benefits that iTENS offers. The iTENS is capable of seamless connectivity via iOS, Android and Google devices. To ensure safe and risk-free TENS therapy sessions, you may check the iTENS manual and guides. Complete information on how to properly use the iTENS wireless TENS machine is available within the iTENS app. The iTENS app is free and provides various pre-set modes for different treatments as well as placement guides. Moreover, the app helps make treatments more convenient and safer. Consult with a doctor or physiotherapist for proper guidance on TENS therapy to ensure you get effective results. Asking them your question of “Can TENS unit cause nerve damage?” may also help clear most of your doubts.

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