iTENS as a Foot Stimulation Machine

Tiredness and swollenness of feet often result from running errands all day long. Sometimes, it can’t be helped to be on our feet all day due to the nature of work. The feet are one of the most hardworking parts of the body because it supports the weight of our entire body. A simple foot massage can give you much-needed relief, and it boosts your circulation, which keeps the muscles and tissues healthy. Luckily there is a wide array of practical remedies you can perform at home that you can use as a foot stimulation machine.   

Devices like electric foot massagers are helpful, but they can also be heavy and bulky. It’s impractical to bring them to work, and they’re distracting to use outside. If you want something that isn’t big but effective, you may want to turn to TENS as an alternative foot stimulation machine. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines are popular among people with chronic pain issues. They relieve pain by placing the electrode pads over the concerned body parts through the low electrical impulses produced and sent to the nervous system reducing the painful sensation. TENS machines apply to most parts of the body that radiates pain, including the legs and feet.  

The iTENS for your Foot Stimulation Machine needs

The iTENS is the newest and revolutionary wireless TENS treatment for pain management in Australia. It is designed to give instant relief without the hassle of wires or bulky pieces of equipment.  The iTENS is compact, lightweight, and portable. It is so thin that you can wear it underneath your clothes discretely. Using iTENS as a foot stimulation machine is simple and easy. Place the iTENS pads on the ankles or calves and turn on the device. Adjust the frequency of the unit between low and high frequency through the app on your smartphone. The iTENS machine sends electric stimulation to the feet to help reduce swelling and ease the pain and discomfort. It also helps boost blood circulation and relax the muscles.  

Choosing iTENS is a wise investment. It acts not just as a foot stimulation machine but as a whole-body pain relief treatment. The iTENS pads are designed to fit comfortably on the neck, back, arms, shoulders, thighs, legs, and feet, where intense pain are commonly felt. It is a virtually risk-free and drug-free method, and there are no known adverse side reactions. Remember to consult a medical professional for proper diagnosis before using one for the first time.   

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