How to Use TENS Machines for Best Results

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation(TENS) units use mild electrical pulses to pain gate or block pain signals to the brain. Also, a TENS unit can release endorphins, our body’s natural pain killers, to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. As a result, the body can restore mobility and reduce inflammation. Using TENS therapy as part of your pain management treatments may help you reduce the pain and discomfort caused by various pain disorders, including psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, menstruation pain, endometriosis, knee pain, neck pain, and injuries caused by sports accidents. Thus, learning how to use TENS machines is essential if you want to use them for TENS therapy.

Knowing the unit’s parts is vital before learning how to use TENS machines. Traditional TENS machines use a TENS unit and a wire connected to the electrode pad. The TENS unit is where you will indicate the intensity preference for the TENS therapy. However, traditional TENS units may be inconvenient because of the cables. Therefore iTENS provided a wireless TENS unit with replaceable and reusable electrode pads. Patients use iTENS electrode pads in different situations making iTENS units versatile and usable for various treatments.

Trying TENS Therapy Using TENS machines

If you are interested in trying TENS therapy, it is typical to wonder how to use TENS machines. You should consult your doctor or medical professionals about getting one for pain relief. There are TENS machines that you can buy without prescriptions. However, it is recommended that you get an appropriate assessment from a professional first. Also, The iTENS wireless unit is one of the best and most effective TENS devices to manage your pain. The iTENS is a worthwhile investment and an inexpensive but very effective tool that can help with your pain therapy. Using the correct electrode pad will help target the pain more efficiently. Here is the list of electrode pads sold in iTENS Australia

  • Small wing electrode pad
  • Large wing electrode pad
  • Long strip wing electrode pad

How to Use TENS Machines 

When you purchase a iTENS wireless TENS unit, this typically includes a general guide and manual on how to use TENS machines. You must keep in mind and follow the specific instructions on how to operate the device properly. Firstly, clean the skin where you will attach the electrode pad. Secondly, ensure that the device is powered off. Thirdly, learn about the correct intensity and pad placements. Lastly, clean the electrode pad before storing it to maintain the adhesive gel. Using pad placements and program intensity are essential factors you need to consider for an efficient TENS therapy. Here are the guidelines you need to look out for:

Pads placement 

  • Place the pads on the skin before switching the device on.
  • Do not place the pads over the front or sides of your neck, face, irritated or broken skin, or numb areas.
  • Place the pads on the skin above the pain point, you can always try what works for you best. 

Program Intensity 

The usual TENS machines include a dial or remote so you can control the intensity. But with the iTENS wireless device, you can use it manually or control it via your smartphone through an app. The iTENS app also allows you to control the program and the intensity with various settings. It is recommended that you start on a low-level setting; if you do not know how to use TENS machines, you can increase the intensity level bit by bit until it feels substantial but make sure you are comfortable.

How to use TENS Machines for Pain

Pain is very uncomfortable, especially when you feel it in different body areas. However, there are many options for pain relief, like pain relievers, physical therapy, and natural pain relief. But TENS therapies are better because they are non-invasive and have no side effects. Therefore, learning how to use TENS machines is needed if you want a quick answer for the pain. TENS machines use small electrical impulses that impair the nerves to send pain signals, also known as pain gating. While pain gating is happening, TENS machines also help release endorphins to help us stay relaxed and comfortable. TENS therapies can be helpful in different kinds of pain by decreasing the inflammation and keeping the patient calm and comfortable.

TENS machines help provide treatments for muscular, back and joint pain. But traditional TENS units use wires that make mobility a hassle when having a treatment. Therefore, iTENS created a compact wireless TENS unit, which is why you can use iTENS during exercise or work. Also, the electrode pads of iTENS units are reusable and replaceable for more chances of use. Various electrode pad sizes are available to target different pain points in the body. For example, patients can use the small wing electrode pad for the ankle, knee, and other small body areas. Thus, , by learning how to use TENS machines, you can efficiently target the pain points. Back, shoulder, leg, and other areas can be easily relieved because of iTENS and its wireless technology.


How to use TENS Machines and How Often you should Use it?

TENS therapies can be calming and comfortable, but there are only a numbers of sessions that you can do per day. Therefore, after learning how to use TENS machines, learning about the frequency of use is also important. TENS sessions should be 30 minutes long, according to healthcare professionals. As a result, giving your skin a rest for at least 20 minutes from the electrode pads is important. Because skin irritations might happen, it can lead to a stinging or a prickly feeling when using TENS machines. However, using iTENS is a non-invasive way of pain relief, so overdose is not possible. But people with epilepsy, pacemakers or patients with a heart condition should not use the machine because it might cause adverse effects.

Where to Purchase iTENS Wireless Unit

TENS machines are a cost-efficient way of pain relief. As a result, After learning how to use TENS machines, you will look for the best available product. iTENS from iTENS Australia offers wireless TENS units with replaceable electrode pads to target the cause of your pain. Adhesive gel pads for electrode pads are also available at iTENS Australia, so you can reuse and replace the electrode pads. Because of iTENS, wireless TENS units wire replacement is not a problem because you can just connect it via a smartphone app. Thus, ensuring a more convenient way of having your TENS treatments.

iTENS Wireless TENS units can also be used as an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and an electronic massager. Therefore, iTENS units can provide EMS massage for the patient. EMS devices can cause pain relief and relax the muscles by contracting the muscles. As a result, EMS therapy can treat different muscle-related issues like muscle soreness and muscle weakness. Knowing how to use TENS machines and iTENS for different treatments can be of great use for patients suffering from pain.