How to Use TENS Machines for Best Results

Using TENS therapy as part of your pain management treatments may help you reduce the pain and discomfort caused by various pain disorders, including psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, menstruation pain, endometriosis, knee pain, neck pain, and injuries caused by sports accidents. 

Trying TENS therapy using TENS machines

If you are interested in trying TENS therapy, it is typical to wonder how to use TENS machines. You should consult your doctor or medical professionals about getting a one for pain relief. However, if you have decided to buy your own without consulting a professional, you can. There are TENS machines that you can buy without prescriptions. Although it is recommended that you get an appropriate assessment from a professional first, this way, you can understand and be aware of how a it can help you and be taught how to use TENS machines properly to help relieve your pain. When using TENS therapy, you must set and adjust the program’s intensity based on your pain level and pain tolerance.  

The iTENS wireless unit is one of the best and effective TENS devices to manage your pain. The iTENS is a worthwhile investment, and it is an inexpensive but very effective tool that can help with your pain therapy. 

How to use TENS machines 

When you purchase a TENS machine, this typically includes a general guide and manual on how to use TENS machines. You must keep in mind and follow the specific instructions on how to operate the device properly. 

Pads placement 

You should make sure that the device is switched off before attaching the pads to your skin. You should not place the pads over the front or sides of your neck, your face, irritated or broken skin, and numb areas. The pads are typically placed on the skin above the pain point. But you can always try what works for you best. 

Program Intensity 

Once you have placed the pads on your skin, you can turn on the TENS machine. You might feel a tingling sensation. The usual TENS machines include a dial or remote so you can control the intensity. But with the iTENS wireless device, you can use it manually or control it via your smartphone via an app. The iTENS app also allows you to control the program’s  

Intensity with various settings. It is recommended that you start on a low-level setting; if you do not know how to use TENS machines, you can increase the intensity level bit by bit until it feels substantial but make sure you are comfortable. 

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