What is an Obstetric TENS Machine?

There is no doubt about how persistent pain is during pregnancy. Pain is felt more commonly in the lower back due to a constant shift in the mother’s center of gravity and the abdominal areas; but the most excruciating type of pain is during labor. Contractions of the uterus muscles and pressure on the cervix are some of the main reasons for the pain felt during labor. Other sources of pain include pressure on the bladder and bowels by the baby’s head and stretching of the birth canal and vagina. Pain during labor may not be avoided; but it can be managed with the help of pre-labor exercises and an obstetric tens machine.  

iTENS as your obstetric TENS machine

Pain management during pregnancy has now become much more manageable as compared to the past. Further research on how abdominal exercises during pregnancy may help ease the birth process and pain felt during labor. Other innovative ideas are more technology-based, like having an obstetric TENS machine for women before, during, and after labor. Devices like the wireless iTENS unit make it easier to deal with the pain felt during labor, keeping in mind that with a press of a button, you can easily control the device’s intensity, be it manually or linked through an iOS or Android device. TENS devices having wireless compatibility increases the convenience and ease of pain management during labor.  

Advantages of the iTENS unit

Benefits of owning and using an obstetric TENS machine extensively outweigh its little to no disadvantages. Pain relief without any medications with side effects is one of the most significant advantages when using a TENS machine. Having complete autonomy as to settings and preferences with intensity is another advantage of owning a TENS machine. Another great advantage of having a TENS machine is its portability. With small and easy-to-carry devices like the iTENS unit, pain management can easily be done on the go.  

The iTENS machine’s wireless compatibility also helps with reducing risks of hitting obstacles like wires that women could hit under labor, who are most likely flinching to intense pain. Its safety and simplicity make it an invaluable investment to have as an obstetric TENS machine or as a TENS machine for general pain management. Long-term advantages also include its other uses like pain management for post-labor recovery, muscle soreness due to exercise, lower back pain, sporting injuries, and sciatica. 

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