Using TENS for Period Pain Relief

A large majority of women will experience pain and discomfort before and during their monthly periods, seeking period pain relief. Although, for most women, this does not stand in the way of their daily lives and does not require any particular focus. However, for some women, their menstruation cycle causes them to suffer painful period cramps, becoming very troublesome. And in some instances, it can be immobilising. Therefore, it can restrict how women live their lives. Typically, period pain is a painful muscle cramp in your lower abdomen, which may spread to your back. From time to time, the pain will come in intense spasms, or it may be a dull kind of pain but is more persistent. The FDA-cleared wireless iTENS can help women relieve pain from periods and release endorphins to keep them relaxed.

Doing Self-help for Period Pain Relief

A painful feeling in the lower abdomen is a sign of a menstrual period. Therefore, women tend to have different kinds of pain relief. All pain medications can generally have short-lived pain relief and long-term unwanted side effects that are not uncommon. Moreover, self-help treatments have outstanding results in relieving pain and do not come with unwanted side effects. There are various methods and techniques that you can use for period pain relief in the comfort of your home; these are the self-help options.

  • Exercising: Doing light exercises or relaxation techniques.
  • Placement of heating pads: using a hot compact, going in for a warm bath, or massaging the lower part of the abdomen.
  • Over-the-counter medications: Such as aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. however, these medications might cause side effects.
  • TENS therapies: TENS therapies using iTENS are non-invasive and can provide pain relief with no side effects.

TENS for Period Pain Relief 

A fantastic way to help with period pain relief that is easy to use, safe, and drug-free is by using TENS (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation). iTENS Australia provides a TENS device that is wireless and can be used directly via the device or controlled using your smartphone. The iTENS is a worthwhile investment and is very beneficial. iTENS devices are FDA-cleared, compact and discreet. It is an inexpensive option for period pain relief and treating other pain points. Therefore, women can still use iTENS when they go to work and go for exercise. Because of iTENS’s wireless design, mobility is easier, and there are no worries of wiring damage that will prevent you from your treatment. In addition, iTENS has replaceable electrode pads that can help you target the main pain point. As a result, TENS therapies will be more efficient and address the pain quickly.

Dysmenorrhea or menstrual pain is considered chronic pain and affects women. TENS therapy has been suggested as an effective pain relief method in treating dysmenorrhea. TENS is a non-invasive, low-cost, convenient option with no risks. If essential, the TENS device can be used daily, even during your usual day-to-day activities.  Additionally, TENS helps reduce pain and decrease the intake of pain medication. This is because taking too many over-the-counter medications can cause ulcers and allergic reactions. As a result, iTENS wireless TENS units help improve the daily life of women seeking period pain relief. Thus, TENS therapies are ideal for managing period pain and dysmenorrhea.

Electrode pad Placement for Period Pain Relief

TENS machines are the best treatment for different kinds of pain because of their light and compact design. iTENS Wireless TENS units can provide the best tens therapy because of their versatile electrode pads. Electrode pad placement is essential to any TENS therapy because it ensures a successful period pain relief treatment. Where is the correct electrode pad placement for period pain? There are two choices: place the electrode pad at your lower abdomen or the lower back. But the most effective pain point when dealing with period pain is the lower abdomen. In addition, the best choice for the electrode pad available in iTENS Australia is the Large wing electrode pad that can target large areas of pain.

The Large wing electrode pad is just one of the replaceable electrode pads in iTENS Australia. A small wing and long strip electrode pad are also an option for purchase. In addition, iTENS units need replacement pads because they can only be used up to 15 – 20 times each set. Therefore, having TENS replacement pads are important. There are other ways to make your electrode pads last longer. Users should store it properly and clean it with a few water droplets. Also, refrain from using tissue paper that can leave residue on the pad. Thus, knowing how to use the electrode pad and keep it for extended use is essential when using TENS treatments that can help you with period pain relief.


iTENS Safety Guidelines

The use of iTENS Wireless TENS units can treat different kinds of pain. In addition, TENS therapies are non-invasive, safe, and drug-free pain treatments. However, you must know the safety guidelines for operating this machine. The user should at least take 20-minutes of rest between the treatment for a period pain relief. Ensure that the user starts with the basic frequency and then adjusts it with the user’s preference. This is because an immediate increase in frequency can lead to unexpected shocks or skin irritations. Here are the other guidelines for using iTENS Units:

  • Avoid using iTENS while driving, swimming or sleeping.
  • People with heart problems, cancer, early stages of pregnancy, and epilepsy should avoid TENS therapy.
  • The mouth, eyes, front of the neck and numb areas are not ideal for pad placements.

iTENS wireless: The Best TENS Device

TENS therapies are ideal for period pain relief, but what is the perfect TENS device? iTENS Wireless TENS unit is the first FDA-cleared TENS therapy device. Before iTENS becomes a medical device, FDA clearance requires a complete series of product testing and certifications. Therefore, users can be assured of its reliability and effectiveness when using TENS treatments. iTENS’ wireless design is also cost-efficient because there are no wire damage problems that you can encounter. However, you can still consult a health professional or a physiotherapist before purchasing the device.

In addition, the iTENS units have an option for manual use or via a smartphone app. The smartphone app can give pre-set treatments that you can use anytime. Various electrode pad sizes are available for purchase to address different pain point problems. A large wing electrode pad is the most efficient for period pain relief. Thus, making the iTENS from iTENS Australia reliable and efficient when treating pain. iTENS units being wireless and accessing the smartphone app can provide different treatments you can customise. In conclusion, iTENS Australia could help decrease pain with no side effects.