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Period Pain Simulator Buy Guide

Woman holding her stomach because of period pain

A period pain simulator is a device that contracts the muscles to imitate period pain. It was introduced to let men understand what women go through during their menstrual period. You may get a TENS machine if you need to buy a period pain simulator. It is a portable device that delivers low-voltage electrical currents to the body. There are several factors to consider before purchasing a machine. This includes checking the intensity levels and other features. 

Dysmenorrhoea, also known as primary period pain, is a common discomfort experienced by women during their menstrual cycle. It is usually felt as cramping in the lower abdomen but can also be felt in the back and thighs. TENS, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, can replicate cramping sensations similar to menstrual pain. In this guide, we will talk about how TENS can be used as a period pain simulator, how to operate it, and safety considerations. 

Why Buy a Period Pain Simulator and What Does it Do?

People buy period pain simulators to help people understand the discomfort of menstrual cramps. It is beneficial for individuals to help better communicate their pain to healthcare providers. Thus, it leads to more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. For physicians, it can be a valuable tool for training and education. It allows them to understand their patients better. Overall, the device helps improve communication, comprehension, and treatment of pain during periods.

A TENS device can help attain period pain sensations using electrical impulses. It is a battery-operated device with adhesive electrode pads attached to the skin. In addition, it has control dials allowing you to adjust the strength of the currents. Hence, you can increase the pulses until you reach a level that causes the muscles to contract. Conversely, low-level stimulation is suitable for pain relief. The pulses will feel mild and gentle, which triggers the body’s natural painkillers

Aside from mimicking menstrual cramping, individuals may buy period pain simulators to relieve many types of pain. Setting a TENS machine to a frequency between 50-150 Hz stimulates the nerves in the spinal cord to block pain signals. Alternatively, low frequencies of 2-10 Hz prompt the body to produce more endorphins. These are hormones with pain-relieving properties similar to opioids, like morphine. This leads to fewer pain messages that reach the brain.

More Benefits of TENS

A TENS machine can be used for the following:

  • relieve abdominal cramps and pelvic pain
  • manage chronic pain, such as arthritissciaticafibromyalgia, and tendonitis
  • boost blood circulation, helping the muscles to relax
  • improve mobility issues of the muscles and joints
  • rehabilitate damaged tissues and nerves
  • manage pain during labour

iTENS large wings with refill gel pads

How to Operate the Device When You Buy a Period Pain Simulator

If you need to buy a period pain simulator, it is important to know how to operate the device. You may consult a professional to help determine the right settings for safe use. As mentioned above, the machine has dials or buttons to control the intensity of the stimulation. To mimic period pain, place the electrodes on the lower abdomen. Turn the unit on and set the frequency and intensity. Slowly increase the power until you feel the contractions.

Typically, a TENS machine has 10 to 15 intensity levels, with one being the lowest. Women who have used a simulator say that level 5 is the intensity of average menstrual pain. The higher the levels, the more severe the cramping. Additionally, if you want to use TENS for pain relief, reduce the intensity and frequency to a more comfortable level. It should not cause rigorous contractions, and the feeling should be more pleasant and therapeutic. 

You can buy period pain simulators in medical supply stores or online. You may look for pro-grade TENS machines with high-intensity ranges to get the precise sensations of period cramps. Particularly, iTENS Australia online offers a wireless TENS unit that can be used as a period simulator and pain reliever. Moreover, you can use your smartphone to control the treatment through a Bluetooth connection. The iTENS app provides easy customisation and pre-set modes for safe and convenient use. 

Features of iTENS

iTENS contains the following features:

  • wireless Bluetooth-enabled device
  • wing-shaped interchangeable electrode pads (small, large, and long sizes)
  • hypoallergenic gel pads
  • rechargeable TENS battery
  • manual operation or app connection
  • pre-set modes according to body aches and health conditions
  • massage and muscle relaxation function
  • relief for mild cramps and spasms

Checking the skin for signs of irritation

Safety Considerations When You Buy a Period Pain Simulator

TENS, or period pain simulators, use electrical currents to stimulate the muscles and nerves. Although they are safe, there are inherent risks due to improper use. Furthermore, it is advisable to consult a doctor before you buy a period pain simulator. This is because electrical stimulation is not suitable for certain individuals. In particular, people with heart problems, epilepsy, and pregnant women must avoid using TENS. Likewise, it should not be used near an implanted device to prevent interference. 

It’s important to follow the instructions carefully to ensure safe and effective use. Whether using TENS for pain simulation or pain management, always start at the lowest setting. This practice helps avoid sudden shocks or overstimulation. Moreover, the ideal usage of the device should not exceed one hour, especially at high levels. Prolonged use may result in dizziness and muscle soreness. It may also cause skin burns on the electrode site. 

Many use TENS machines with ease and no complications. However, some people may encounter allergic reactions, including redness and rashes. To prevent burns or irritation, monitor the skin while using the device. If reactions occur, turn off the machine and remove the pads. Wash the skin thoroughly with water and mild soap. Individuals with sensitive skin may buy period pain simulators with hypoallergenic gel pads to minimise the side effects.

Electrode Pad Placements to Avoid

Refrain from adhering the electrodes in the following areas:

  • eyes, mouth, or genitals
  • areas with broken or infected skin
  • near the heart
  • front or sides of the neck
  • spinal column
  • joints and other bony prominences
  • near metal implants
  • on the abdomen while pregnant
  • near areas suspected of cancer or undiagnosed pain


Period pain can be debilitating. It causes some women to miss work days because of constrictive cramps. People buy a period pain simulator because of its effectiveness in producing the same effect as actual period discomfort. Therefore, it helps individuals communicate their pain and get appropriate treatments. Furthermore, there are several factors to consider before purchasing a device. A vital aspect to look for is the strength or intensity level. This ensures it provides adequate stimulation for various situations. 

TENS machine is an efficient device to let people, particularly men, know about the experience of menstruation. Hence, it helps raise awareness and sensitivity to what women go through during their monthly periods. Additionally, TENS machines are effective in managing various pain symptoms. It is widely used in clinical settings to treat acute and chronic pains. You may get the wireless iTENS at iTENS Australia for use during painful menstruations or at any other time needing fast pain relief.

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