The iTENS Pulse Machine for Pain

Using a pulse machine for pain relief works by producing low voltage currents to target the nerves. The iTENS is a wireless TENS therapy machine that uses electrode pads to stimulate the nerves to help with pain relief. iTENS is also the world’s first FDA approved wireless TENS device for pain relief. Using iTENS to treat acute or chronic pain is an excellent choice. The iTENS’ low frequency mode as an electronic massager will be highly beneficial. This mode causes an increased production of endorphins, effective for body pain relief and help with relaxation.

How to use a Pulse Machine for Pain

It is best to use a pulse machine for pain relief if it is on the advice of a health professional. TENS therapy devices are controlled directly or with a remote. The program settings can be adjusted to find the most beneficial settings for the user. A TENS therapy device is used for about 20 minutes per session multiple times throughout the day. TENS therapy devices are best used by individuals suffering from pain conditions, such as:

A pulse machine for pain can relieve pain or work as a complementary tool with other treatments. Using a TENS therapy device might help reduce the intake of painkilling medications. However, you may want to try various program settings on your TENS therapy device to find the most suitable for your condition. TENS therapy has no real side effects and is 100% risk-free and 100% drug free way of relieving pain. The iTENS wireless TENS machine might be worth trying, particularly if traditional pain relief treatments are not helping your condition.

Benefits of using a pulse machine for pain relief

TENS therapy is a non-invasive treatment for pain relief. Individuals who get pain relief from TENS therapy may reduce their intake of pain medications, which can cause adverse side effects. TENS therapy devices are also highly convenient because they are compact and discrete. TENS users can carry a pulse machine for pain relief unit in their pocket. This portability feature can ensure that they have quick and easy access to pain relief when needed. Pain relief duration after using a TENS therapy will vary. As soon as the device is turned off, some TENS users feel the pain return. Others say that pain relief lasts for up to 24 hours.

To achieve the most beneficial results using a TENS therapy device, start by placing the device directly over the pain point. You may need to try various electrodes placement with alternate placement patterns. If you are new to using a pulse machine for pain relief, we recommend starting with a low program setting. Even if you are finding the TENS therapy session useful. It would be best if you did not do too much too soon. You may make the pain worse. It would be best if you didn’t immediately stop taking your regular pain medication intake. We recommend that you consult with your doctor or other medical professionals. You may increase the program intensity to find what best suits your condition as you get used to the TENS therapy effects.

Cautions when using a Pulse Machine for Pain

Unlike invasive surgery or medication, using a pulse machine for pain relief is 100% risk-free. There are no adverse side effects or cause for addiction. The low voltage currents produced by the electrodes will result in a slight tingling sensation. This effect does not pose any danger to the users. However, those with heart problems or pacemakers should consult medical professionals before using TENS therapy. TENS therapy devices may cause skin irritation to sensitive skin allergies to those who overuse the TENS device without proper rests between sessions. Although it is safe for most individuals, medical professionals and iTENS recommend that people with certain conditions avoid using TENS therapy unless a doctor advises its use. The following recommendations should be kept in mind:

  • Do not place pads on broken or irritated skin, over your face, over numb areas or on your head (neck down only)
  • Do not use TENS near water, such as in the bath, when driving or operating heavy machinery
  • Pregnant women should not use TENS
  • Individuals who have heart problemsa pacemaker or other kinds of electrical implants should not use TENS

Proper Use of a TENS machine

There are vital steps in setting up and pairing your iTENS wireless TENS device: making the device discoverable and linking to the app. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to place the device in discoverable mode. The LED light will begin flashing, which means it is active. The smartphone Bluetooth feature must be turned on to pair with the TENS device. From the iTENS app, press the chain link icon on the home screen to search and pair with all available pulse machine for pain relief devices. The placement of the TENS pads is also essential for effective relief. Check the iTENS placement guide through the iTENS app to place the pads effectively.

If you use more than one iTENS device, you can select all located devices when pairing. A solid light on the device indicates that the app and device have been successfully paired. The pulse machine for pain relief device can only be used with the gel pads explicitly made for the iTENS. Do not use the iTENS device without the gel pads. You can purchase new gel pads from the same store where you bought your TENS therapy device, or you can also purchase directly from our online store.

TENS therapy Preparation

Excessive body oil, sweat, and moisturizers will affect the gel pads’ ability to stick on the skin properly. You should ensure that you clean the skin area with soap and water and trim excessive hair before placing your TENS therapy device to ensure it sticks. The number of uses you can get from the iTENS gel pads will vary, primarily due to skin preparation.

You can use the iTENS wireless pulse machine for pain relief without using the iTENS app but will not have access to the same amount of variations as using the free companion app. The iTENS device manual mode will give you access to one basic program and does not provide the options available on the iTENS app. The device will default to the last program setting used when using the manual mode. Moreover, the buttons on the machine can manually control the intensity and frequency and you can change these during treatment.