iTENS: The Self Adhesive Electrodes TENS Machine

In the last few years, TENS machines have become one of the most go-to devices for pain management; mainly because of their availability and effectiveness. Their availability to the public via medical stores and online shops has made them a familiar and handy household appliance; which can provide an improved quality of life for anyone struggling with short-term or long-term pain. With technological advancements allowing for more effective and efficient machines, like the iTENS unit, a self adhesive electrodes TENS machine; treating ones’ pain on any part of the body at any time of the day has never been more convenient.  

Pain Management

Pain management via a TENS machine back then could only be done by trained professionals, like physical therapists; and would cost a lot. Nowadays, though, devices like the iTENS unit have pre-set settings ready to help make setting up the machine for treatment a lot less complicated. These settings can also be done manually through the device itself or a connected iOS or Android device. The iTENS machine, being a self adhesive electrode machine, with its pads directly attached to it, conveniently has a wireless option; which is by far one of the most effective and efficient options in terms of mobility and lack of obstructions for a TENS unit.  

Icing and heating pads are some of the more traditional forms of pain management. Despite being somewhat timeless, their main issues have always been how long their effects lasted and how short the treatments would be due to temperature dissipation. These issues are what modern machines, like the iTENS unit, a self adhesive electrodes tens machine, can tackle directly. With the iTENS devices having great portability and little to no side effects, treatments can be done 2-3 times a day; leading to a longer-lasting and more frequent form of pain management.  

The iTENS Self Adhesive Electrodes TENS Machine

With great portability options, like the wireless iTENS machine, pain management can simply be done on the go. Be it on your way to work, during working hours, on your bus ride home, and during or after your workout; there is no limit as to when you could use units like the iTENS machine. With all its advantages in mind, owning a self adhesive electrode tens machine, like the iTENS unit; would prove to be an invaluable and reasonable investment. Keeping in mind that TENS machines could easily be used to treat a wide variety of pain like back and neck pain, arthritis, or other joint pains; as well as neuropathic pain, to name a few. 

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