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TENS and EMS Machine in Australia: Where to Get One?

iTENS large wing kit with long strip gel pad

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) are growing in demand to relieve pain and improve muscle functions. These machines work by sending electrical impulses to restore nerve and muscle activities. You may get TENS and EMS machines in Australia in drug stores and online. They are available without prescriptions for personal or home use. Therefore, it provides individuals a convenient way to manage various conditions without going to a clinic. 

Electrotherapy devices like TENS and EMS are non-invasive and non-medicated methods to relieve pain and rehabilitate injuries. They are commonly used in treatment centres to help people cope with acute and chronic conditions. Nowadays, individuals can purchase portable devices to use anytime when necessary. The following sections will explore the benefits of TENS and EMS, where to get a device, and what to look for. It is also vital to know how they work for effective results.

Benefits of TENS and EMS Machines

TENS and EMS machines in Australia are used mainly to stimulate the nerves and muscles. Although similar in many aspects, they are two different therapies and give different benefits. Firstly, TENS therapy targets the nerves to reduce pain sensations. It benefits people with chronic pain, such as arthritis, sciatica, bursitis, and fibromyalgia.

A TENS machine is also efficient in managing acute pain, including muscle stiffness, period pain or cramping, labour pain, and post-operative pain. In labour, the electrical pulses can serve as distractions from intense contractions. Similarly, it helps boost blood circulation in an injured or operated area. Thus, it delivers more oxygen and nutrients needed for faster recovery.

On the other hand, an EMS machine uses strong electrical currents to contract muscles and improve strength and tone. Repeated contractions help strengthen the muscles that may not be activated during an exercise. Additionally, it helps build muscle mass which prevents or reverses atrophy. It also boosts blood circulation and restores flexibility and range of motion.

How Do They Work?

  • A TENS machine sends mild impulses to stimulate the nerves to block pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • Triggers the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers. They inhibit the cells from sending pain messages. 
  • An EMS machine uses a higher frequency range to contract and relax the muscles repeatedly.
  • Reaches deep muscle fibres to give the right amount of stimulation and prevent muscle aches after an exercise. 
  • Both devices offer massage functions that help the muscles to relax or reduce tension. 
  • Increases blood circulation to reduce swelling and muscle spasms. It also restores muscle activities.  

Man experience pain while running

Where to Get TENS and EMS Machines in Australia

It is easy to get TENS and EMS machines in Australia. They are available in pharmacies, medical supply stores, and online retailers without a prescription. You may ask your physician for recommendations on the best device for your condition. In particular, you may check the selections of stimulation machines in your local drugstore.

If you want more options, you may purchase one online. Major retailers and manufacturers offer different TENS and EMS machines. You may also get a device depending on what you primarily need. A TENS machine is efficient for pain management, while EMS is for muscle reconditioning. There are also devices that combine the two in one unit. 

A reputable online retailer where you can get a device is iTENS Australia. It offers iTENS, a wireless TENS unit that incorporates digital technology with TENS therapy. Instead of wires, iTENS uses Bluetooth to connect with a smartphone. Moreover, it adds several EMS functions, such as massage modes, muscle relaxation, and treatment for muscle spasms

Advantages of Wireless TENS and EMS Devices

A wireless nerve or muscle stimulator offers several advantages. Firstly, they are more compact and lightweight. The absence of wires makes them more discreet when worn underneath the clothes. It also does not restrict the range of motion, especially when used while working or exercising.

Instead of a handheld controller, this device connects to a smartphone app. For example, the iTENS app includes customisable programs and several pre-set modes. Typically, a smartphone app provides more programs than a standard unit. Moreover, they enable quick pad placement in hard-to-reach parts. It is also more practical as it does not require buying replacement wires constantly. 

Removing the cover of gel pads

Considerations When Choosing TENS and EMS Machines in Australia

There are key factors to consider when selecting TENS and EMS machines in Australia. The first is to determine the specific needs and goals for using the device. If your condition needs pain relief and muscle rehabilitation, a machine with both functionalities would be more beneficial. In addition, consider the portability and ease of use.

Next is to examine the features of each unit. An essential component is the type of electrodes, number of channels, intensity levels, and pre-set programs. You may get a standard or wireless device based on your preference. Different intensity levels help treat mild to severe pain. Furthermore, check the unit to see if it has a program for your specific condition. 

Lastly, consider the availability of the accessories that you might need. The TENS and EMS machine pads require replacements when they lose their stickiness. You can purchase extra electrode pads for treating a particular area, such as the joints. For example, iTENS Australia offers small, large, and long strip wings for pain that radiates downwards. 

Other Factors

Aside from the main aspects of electrical stimulators, other features can also impact pain management routines. These include the type of battery and control. Sufficient battery power is vital for lasting stimulation. Additionally, a rechargeable unit is more cost-efficient for long-term use. It minimises the cost of buying new batteries constantly.

Equally important is the cost of the device. Typically, the more features there are the higher the price. It also depends on the quality and durability of the device. To ensure longevity, choose from a reputable brand and follow the recommended maintenance guidelines. For instance, clean the pads regularly to prolong their adhesiveness.


TENS and EMS therapies provide people with a safe and non-invasive way to relieve chronic pain and improve muscle conditions. They are portable devices and can be used without supervision. Thus, many people get TENS and EMS machines in Australia as an alternative or complementary to other treatment methods. Nevertheless, it is vital to know how they work and the factors to consider before using a device. TENS is a natural pain relief, while EMS is ideal for muscle strengthening. 

Choosing a device takes careful consideration. It includes checking the functions, including the intensity levels and number of programs. These features impact operation and treatment. For efficient pain management, a wireless TENS unit offers faster pad placement and convenient control through a smartphone app. You may get the complete wireless iTENS kit at iTENS Australia online. Finally, you may consult a health professional for advice. 

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