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TENS Machine Perth: Where to Buy and Features to Consider

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Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) provides a drug-free solution to manage pain. Individuals may get a TENS machine in Perth in local stores or online. However, there are several factors to consider before buying. This includes the features of the device and the type of pain being treated. Thus, various units with different features may vary in price. In addition, it is advisable to consult a health professional to ensure TENS is the right therapy for a particular condition.

A TENS machine is a portable device that delivers electrical pulses through electrode pads placed on the skin. The pulses reach the underlying nerves and stimulate them to block pain signals and produce endorphins. As a result, the body feels less pain. It applies to many types of acute and chronic pain. In this article, we will explore the best recommendations for where to buy a TENS unit, including the features to consider and what it can treat.

Where to Buy TENS Machines in Perth

When looking for a TENS machine in Perth, it is vital to find the right retailer. Several options are available, including pharmacies and medical equipment stores. Customers can check out these physical outlets and buy immediately. They can examine the device, such as its portability and controls. Additionally, store personnel can assist customers with the device’s features and connections.

Another option is at certain pain management clinics. Doctors or physical therapists may recommend specific TENS machines for specific conditions. This is beneficial for people with severe chronic pain who need a prescriptive device. Thus, they can guide patients on what and where to get that fits their needs.

Lastly, online stores are a great option for those looking for a TENS machine. There are many types available from various online retailers. These can be found in major selling platforms, health and wellness websites, and directly from the manufacturer. One of the recommended retailers by pain specialists and health professionals is iTENS Australia.

Advantages of Purchasing Online

  • Convenience: individuals can select a TENS unit from the comfort of their homes. It saves time and effort in visiting multiple locations.
  • Wide variety of options: individuals can browse different websites to find comprehensive device selection. Thus, they can get the ideal TENS unit without settling for what is available in physical stores.
  • Competitive prices: online purchase allows customers to compare prices easily across different websites to find the best deals.
  • Customer reviews: before buying a TENS machine, individuals can read user reviews and ratings. This helps in making informed decisions based on the experiences of others.

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Features to Consider When Buying TENS Machines in Perth

When looking for a TENS machine in Perth, it is vital to consider the features of the device. One of the essential considerations is the setting. Most devices have adjustable frequency, pulse width, and intensity levels. Individuals have different pain thresholds and preferences, so it is crucial to choose a machine that offers a wide range of intensity levels.

Moreover, TENS comes with various pain programs. Pre-set modes are treatment programs with built-in settings based on a pain location or health condition. Hence, individuals can select from the menu options to facilitate a desired therapy immediately. This minimises the need for manual configurations, which can take time. The number of programs varies with each device, so it is best to check if it has a pre-set mode for a particular condition.

Lastly, individuals may choose based on the type of electrode connection. The main types of TENS machines are standard and wireless. A standard device has wires or cords to connect to the adhesive pads. Meanwhile, a wireless TENS unit is Bluetooth-capable, making it more portable and comfortable.

Cost and Other Contributing Factors to Price

Various factors can contribute to TENS machine prices. Firstly, personal TENS machine costs range between $50 to $300. This would depend on the features, type of device, and durability. Typically, the more sophisticated the technology, the higher the price. A wireless TENS machine would cost more than a standard unit.

Secondly, the battery type may influence the price. Rechargeable TENS units may cost more. However, they are more cost-efficient in the long run, as they minimise the need to buy batteries frequently. Lastly, other contributing factors are replacement pads and accessories. TENS machines require regular replacement of electrodes when they lose their adhesiveness.

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Types of Pain Conditions TENS Machines in Perth Can Treat

Individuals may buy a TENS machine in Perth based on the pain conditions it can accommodate. TENS therapy is suitable for acute and chronic pain. Common acute pain conditions are sore muscles, muscle strain or trauma, period pain, and tension headaches. These conditions are short-term and disappear once the cause of the pain or injury heals.

TENS is also an ideal drug-free pain relief for chronic pain conditions. The common treatable conditions are sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, and tendonitis. These disorders contribute to recurring symptoms due to nerve or joint damage. A TENS machine blocks pain signals that the nerve endings constantly send to the brain.

Additionally, a TENS machine with massage provides muscle relaxation and boosts blood circulation. It can also be used to help relieve the discomfort and increase the range of motion after surgery. Lastly, it can relieve severe pain during labour. Maternity TENS machines have a boost button that sends extra power during intense contractions. Overall, it is safe and efficient for mild to severe pain.

Guidelines When Using the Device

When using a TENS machine, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes checking the device for any damage, such as frayed wires or loose connections, before use. Next, place the adhesive electrodes on clean and dry skin to ensure good contact and prevent irritation.

Then, turn on the device and adjust the settings. It is recommended to start with the lowest intensity level and gradually increase it until it reaches comfortable tingling sensations. Furthermore, set the treatment duration for 30 to 60 minutes at a time. After the session, turn off the machine and remove the electrode pads carefully.


TENS machines are non-invasive and drug-free tools for pain relief. It works by delivering low electrical currents to stimulate the nerves. These devices are adjustable to suit different types and severity of pain. Thus, many look for TENS machines in Perth and Greater Western Australia to manage pain conditions. These devices are available in pharmacies, medical supply stores, and online stores. In addition, it ranges between $50 to $300, depending on the type of device, programs, and other features.

Individuals may choose a device, such as a standard and wireless TENS unit, based on their treatment needs and preferences. It is vital to check the range of settings or built-in modes to see if the device can accommodate their needs. Other factors to consider are replacement pads, battery type, and other accessories. For best results, consult a healthcare professional for guidance and safety precautions.

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