TENS Massage Machine for Wellbeing

The Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) massage machine has gotten a lot of attention because of its benefits. And if you haven’t tried TENS therapy, most likely you would want to know if the treatment is effective. The answer is yes, it does, with even more studies showing the treatment’s efficacy. 

TENS Massage Machine: An Overview 

The TENS device is comparable to an EMS system; however, their methods of operation are vastly different. On the other hand, the iTENS machine has a combination of the two treatment types.  The TENS massage machine utilizes electrical muscle stimulation to target sensory nerve receptors that affect pain from spasms and injuries. The brain then releases endorphins into the body with an electrical current traveling via muscles. This helps the patient feel less pain. In addition, the current prevents pain receptors in the brain from receiving signals concerning muscular discomfort. This machine allows endorphins to perform a better job of relieving pain. 

iTENS Unit Benefits 

  1. iTENS treatment is a natural and efficient method of pain management with little to no known side effects, which is one of its main advantages. Those searching for a drug-free option to prevent the known adverse health effects of using pain medication frequently choose the iTENS as a therapy. A lot of people experienced an improvement in their well-being because of its benefits. 
  1. The iTENS’ TENS massage machine has been proven to alleviate both acute and chronic pain, according to a comprehensive review of research published in 2014. Doctors frequently recommend it as a treatment for chronic and acute pain. 
  1. iTENS devices come with massage routines in addition to excellent pain treatment. This TENS massage machine allows you to benefit from the soothing advantages of a massage while still addressing your discomfort. 
  1. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, having a treatment option that you can utilize in comfort and privacy is a huge plus. The iTENS devices are highly compact so that they won’t take up too much space in your house or backpack! 
  1. iTENS has been proven to have little or no adverse effects, one of the numerous reasons for pain management. Additionally, you can always consult with a medical expert before beginning therapy so that they can advise you on proper usage. 

iTENS’ security 

iTENS is considered to be risk-free. However, it has the same dangers as any other medical operation. The skin might be burned or irritated if the electrical current is too powerful if the electrodes are put on the unsuitable region of the body. The brain, heart, eyes, genitals, and neck are among the “risk zones.” This TENS massage machine should not be given to people who have cardiac issues, are pregnant or have implanted devices such as infusion pumps, pacemakers, or defibrillators. 

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