TENS Wireless Machine at iTENS

Pain is a sensation that causes discomfort. It usually presents itself instantly as a stinging, sharp, throbbing or burning sensation. Pain can come from several conditions and issues all around our bodies. We can never really get rid of pain, and there is no way of knowing when it could happen. Fortunately, there are several methods to help us deal with pain. Oral medications, physical therapy, and electrotherapy are some of the most common pain management treatments. The innovations of pain management have significantly evolved over the years. Nowadays, even personal devices are available that can effectively help reduce pain. Electrotherapy is a treatment that uses low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate the nerves or muscles. We can use devices like the TENS wireless machine available at iTENS Australia to perform electrotherapy. 

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a form of electrotherapy that specifically targets nerves. TENS devices have electrode pads that help them transmit electrical pulses to our skins. The “Gate Control” theory of pain management states that electrical impulses can help close specific sensory pathways. These sensory pathways are where our pain signals pass through to reach our brain. Closure of the pathways decreases the perception of pain. Additionally, constant electrical stimulation can also help with endorphin production. Endorphins are our body’s natural pain killers. Combining these effects makes for an effective pain management method. The TENS wireless machine from iTENS Australia is an example of an effective electrotherapy device. 


iTENS: The TENS Wireless Machine You Should Use 

The iTENS from iTENS Australia is an entirely wireless TENS machine that can conveniently help treat your pain. This TENS wireless machine has FDA approval to be a safe and effective personal pain management device. It is a compact device ready to help you with pain management sessions even while on the go. Gone are the days when you needed to plug in your TENS devices. The iTENS comes with rechargeable batteries that provide continuous treatments for 24 to 36 hours in one charge cycle. The duration of its battery life depends on how often you use it and how high your frequency and intensity settings are. Furthermore, having rechargeable batteries can also cut costs, especially when you perform self-treatments regularly. Additionally, you no longer need to purchase new batteries now and then. 

The iTENS TENS wireless machine is small enough to fit your pocket or bag. You can always have the device with you. This feature is beneficial, especially to users who suffer chronic pain (long-term pain). You could perform pain management treatments even while you’re on the go. Having an option to perform electrotherapy even when you’re out could drastically help improve your comfort while you’re recovering from an injury or health condition. You no longer need to limit yourself and your daily activities because of pain. 

iTENS: Advantages of A TENS Wireless Machine 

There are many other advantages when you have a TENS wireless machine at your disposal. Firstly, you no longer need to limit your movements when you have the iTENS from iTENS Australia. There are no longer any wires to disrupt you during TENS therapy while you’re trying to do something else. Users with a busy schedule can perform pain management sessions even while working, doing chores or exercising. Pain management with TENS devices are more beneficial with you combine them with exercise. More fluid exercise during recovery can help increase the rate of recovery. Muscle movement and stretching helps improve blood flow, which can speed up recovery. Athletes use TENS and EMS devices to help maintain their strength and flexibility following a sports injury. Maintaining muscle control and strength is now easier with the help of wireless devices. 

Using the iTENS: Pad Placement 

Pad placement is with a TENS wireless machine is also easier. Having no restrictions on device and electrode angles can further allow more optimal treatments. Moreover, the iTENS pads are highly flexible and durable. iTENS wing pads come in different sizes to allow more optimal treatments. Furthermore, having different sizes allows the TENS device to cover the appropriate surface area. You can use the iTENS large electrode wings on areas like the legs and back. The small electrode wing pads can be for flexible areas like the ankle and write. Lastly, the long electrode wing pads are for elongated treatment areas like the thighs up to the back, effective for treating conditions like sciatica. You can purchase all the other iTENS wing pads from the iTENS Australia website. 

Pad placement needs to be as optimal as it can be. The closer the device is to the area that needs stimulation, the more likely it can help reduce pain. The iTENS app and website have appropriate placement guides for various conditions and body area pains. With flexible wing pads available, you can discreetly wear your TENS wireless machine under your clothes. 


Using the TENS Wireless Machine with the iTENS App 

The iTENS device from iTENS Australia can pair to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection. Pairing the device with your smartphone will allow you to access the iTENS App. You can use the iTENS App to control your TENS wireless machine. You can select the various pre-set settings optimised for treating specific conditions and body areas from the app. Users can still optimally treat themselves with the help of the pre-set settings, even with limited electrotherapy experience. Furthermore, this feature allows users to start their pain management sessions with just a press of a button. The iTENS and the iTENS app is compatible with most iOS, Android, and Google devices. Additionally, you can download the app for free. 

Moreover, you may use the iTENS on its “manual mode” for users who prefer their personalised settings. This mode allows users to manually set the pulse rate, pulse width, pulse duration, frequency, and intensity. Having a manual option enables users to find the most optimal and comfortable parameters during treatment. However, professionals recommend starting with the lowest frequency and intensity available and gradually increasing it as a general guide. This method allows users to discover optimal treatment parameters specific to their body and preference. Furthermore, the TENS wireless machine is equally effective on manual and automatic modes. 

TENS Device Safety 

The iTENS TENS wireless machine from iTENS Australia is a safe, non-toxic, and all-natural device for pain relief. Unlike some oral medications, TENS devices do not have adverse side effects. Having no negative side effects allows you to use your TENS device more often throughout the day. However, you should remember to take 20-minute breaks between sessions to avoid skin and nerve irritations. Moreover, cancer patients, people with epilepsy, pregnant women, and cardiac pacemakers should all avoid using a TENS device.