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What Is The Best TENS Machine In Australia?

Man with shoulder pain

People suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions seek all available pain management options. You may have considered various options, including home remedies, physical therapy, and oral painkillers. In addition, such painful conditions may require more intensive and invasive treatments like surgery. Fortunately, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) can help treat various conditions safer and more conveniently. Nowadays, people seek the best TENS machine available for effective pain management. The perfect example is the iTENS from iTENS Australia.

TENS therapy is a convenient and effective pain management method, and it is safe, non-invasive and 100% drug-free. If your goal is to reduce the intake of oral medications, TENS therapy is the best alternative. However, there are various things to consider when getting a TENS machine. A wireless TENS device like the iTENS from iTENS Australia is ideal for those seeking effective pain relief. This article will discuss how TENS work, some precautions and the advantages of TENS.

The Best TENS Machine – What is TENS Therapy?

You may have already searched for every possible treatment if you have chronic pain conditions. It is also likely you have encountered electrotherapy like TENS. TENS therapy devices such as the iTENS from iTENS Australia use mild electrical currents to stimulate the nerves through electrode pads placed on the skin. The electrical stimulation helps block the pain signals, thus, reducing the painful symptoms. If you are looking for the best TENS machine, you should get one from iTENS Australia.

TENS therapy also helps improve blood circulation and enhances the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. In addition, you should also note that TENS therapy is an all-natural pain relief method. The mild electrical impulses help relax muscles, relieve tension, lessen pain perception, and help boost regeneration and recovery. Moreover, TENS therapy with the iTENS may also act as an EMS machine to help treat aches and pains from fatigue or muscle overuse.

EMS, or electronic muscle stimulation, is a form of physical therapy that helps rehabilitate and strengthen weak muscles. The iTENS from iTENS Australia offers TENS and EMS effects, making it the best TENS machine in Australia. The iTENS wireless TENS is an efficient and worthwhile option for managing pain. Furthermore, wireless iTENS devices enable users to access TENS therapy for home use and without medical supervision. Additionally, iTENS does not require a prescription to purchase.

What do TENS treat?

Wireless devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia are in high demand for their versatility and effectiveness in treating acute and chronic pain conditions.TENS therapy can help treat the following painful conditions:

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The Best TENS Machine – Precautions for TENS therapy

If you seek the best TENS machine, various TENS brands may be available in the market. People with pain conditions may effortlessly and comfortably use the iTENS wireless TENS from iTENS Australia for pain relief. In addition, you should never forget that all medical devices have guidelines and safety precautions to follow to avoid making your condition worse. For example, medical professionals recommend using TENS devices for at least 30 minutes per session.

You can use TENS devices multiple times daily whenever you require pain relief. However, taking at least a 20-minute break between TENS therapy sessions is also best to avoid skin irritation. You could check the skin for redness and irritations. Fortunately, iTENS gel pads are hypoallergenic to prevent possible skin reactions. Moreover, it is worth noting that TENS machines should not hurt. Immediately discontinue the use of the device if your pain worsens.

When the TENS device runs, you should only feel mild tingling sensations. Physicians recommend the best TENS machines that are safe for home use. Fortunately, iTENS Australia offers users an FDA-cleared wireless TENS therapy device. FDA clearance ensures that the device is safe for use. A wireless TENS device also removes the hassle of dealing with tangled and damaged wires. In addition, wireless devices enable users to move during TENS therapy sessions freely.

When to Avoid Using a TENS Machine

  • While driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery
  • Anywhere near water
  • People with heart ailments and epilepsy
  • During pregnancy, except in the early stages of labour
  • People with electrical implants
  • People with metal implants
  • Placing on the temples or the eyes
  • Putting on the chest and back simultaneously
  • Putting on open wounds or infected skin

Woman using multiple tens devices


The Best TENS Machine: Wireless TENS Advantages

One of the best TENS machines is a wireless TENS therapy device like the iTENS from iTENS Australia. It provides more accessible and cost-efficient treatment than standard TENS machines using wired electrodes. Therefore, wireless TENS devices enable users to conduct TENS therapy while simultaneously working or doing daily activities. Compared to traditionally wired TENS machines, a wireless device allows users to stay active. Furthermore, iTENS offers several features that other TENS devices may not provide.

First, iTENS is an innovative device that provides users with easy access to pain relief. iTENS allows users to connect their TENS devices to any smartphone via Bluetooth. The iTENS app allows convenient TENS therapy and enables users to control and adjust the settings from a smartphone. The iTENS app offers users pre-set programs that help treat specific body areas and conditions. This feature is perfect for those who are new to TENS therapy.

Second, iTENS is compact, portable and discreet, and this feature allows users to wear the device underneath clothing. In addition, iTENS provides users with three different electrode pad sizes; small wings, large wings and long strip pads. Having the correct pad size and pad placement is vital for TENS therapy. Knowing where to place the electrode pads ensures the most optimal results. You should consider these features when choosing the best TENS machine.

iTENS Australia – Accessories

  • Large wings – ideal for broad treatment areas like the back and thighs.
  • Small wings – perfect for treating small and movement-prone areas such as the joints
  • Long strip pads – help treat elongated areas like the legs and forearms. Making it perfect for treating conditions like sciatica.
  • Replaceable and reusable gel pads


In conclusion, the iTENS wireless device from iTENS Australia is the ideal choice for choosing the best TENS machine for pain relief. iTENS is the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless TENS device. This clearance means that the device is safe and effective for pain management. Reliability, safety, and convenience are a TENS machine’s essential elements. If you want a TENS device that suits your needs, iTENS is an excellent choice.

Furthermore, iTENS has lots of beneficial features. iTENS Australia offers TENS accessories to help treat various pain conditions and areas of the body. Likewise, the iTENS is highly versatile for different pain conditions. Therefore, you can use the iTENS device to treat multiple locations conveniently and effectively. You may also use TENS in combination with other treatments. TENS therapy is a practical and convenient pain management method. If unsure, you should consult your medical provider.

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