Can You Use a TENS Machine on Your Neck?

Millions of people suffer daily from body pains and soreness brought about by work and other physical activities. Athletes typically incur sports injuries during training or play. People doing heavy physical jobs inevitably feel intense body strain at the end of each day. Even people who sit in an office often complain of neck, back, and shoulder pain due to poor posture. One of the common areas in the body that feel the most weight of strenuous activity is the neck. Neck pain is a significant setback, especially if experienced chronically. Many people often turn to conventional painkillers, while some seek a more drug-free approach. TENS therapy is a non-invasive alternative that can treat chronic and acute body aches on most body parts. Many asked, can you use a TENS machine on your neck?  

Fortunately, TENS machines work just as well on the neck as other body parts. However, the neck is more vulnerable and therefore should be treated with more care. TENS therapy is a type of electrotherapy used to manage pain by sending low electrical impulses through the electrodes in the wires and attached to the skin via sticky pads, creating a tingling sensation and stimulating the nerves. How can you use a TENS machine on your neck? Place the two electrodes on the lower backside of the neck on either side of the spine, and you can place two more electrodes along the top shoulder, above, or beside the shoulder blades. Adjust the settings to the right pulse and frequency.   

Placement so that you can use a TENS machine on your neck

The placement of electrodes is crucial in treating neck pain. Avoid putting them near the head or the throat. Never place the electrodes in front of the neck due to the risk of acute hypotension or low blood pressure. Position the electrodes on each side of the painful area and always place them over the muscle or fleshy areas and not directly over the bony parts of the body. Remembering these precautions of where can you use a TENS machine on your neck is vital to prevent further damage and injury.  

When can you use a TENS machine on your neck? You can use it anytime, anywhere, and as many times as needed. The TENS machine is safe to use by everybody experiencing chronic and acute pains. It is used to treat lingering pains in the back, shoulder, arms, feet, and neck. It’s a non-invasive and drug-free treatment. It is also low-risk as it has no adverse side effects. You may also go wireless if you don’t like the hassle of untangling the wires when using. The iTENS machine is the world’s first wireless TENS therapy device and one of Australia’s best TENS machines. 

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