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TENS Machine for Neck Pain Relief

Neck Pain

A lot of people suffer from neck pain. This kind of pain may be caused by various reasons, like: 

  • sleeping in the wrong position 
  • having poor body posture 
  • injury and strains like whiplash 

Most people suffering from neck pain typically look for various options of treatment for relieving pain, especially when the pain they are feeling is acute or chronic. Some of these treatments work, and unfortunately, some do not. People have wondered if they could use a TENS machine for neck pain relief instead of taking medication.  

You can use TENS therapy to help with pain relief. Before you consider using a TENS machine for neck pain relief, you should understand and follow instructions on properly using the TENS device. You should keep in mind that you should not place the pads on your head or the front or sides of the neck. 

Using a TENS machine for pain relief

Using a TENS machine for pain relief may have some excellent benefits. TENS therapy can be used to treat: 

  • muscles strains 
  • herniated discs 
  • spondylosis 
  • stenosis 
  • general arthritis 
  • fibromyalgia 
  • back pain 
  • knee pain 
  • shoulder pain 
  • diabetic neuropathy 
  • cancer-related pain 
  • chronic fatigue 

TENS devices are usually used to help with pain relief and to improve circulation. Using a TENS machine for neck pain relief is an excellent alternative treatment to taking pain medication. If your goal is to have an all-natural and drug-free pain relief option, you should consider using TENS therapy. TENS devices provide you with a way to manage your pain without having to worry about the side effects of taking pain-killing medications. Some medications used in treating chronic pain have adverse side effects. The iTENS wireless TENS machine provides you with a compact and portable tool for managing your pain. The iTENS is the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless medical device; it is completely wireless and can be used directly or controlled via the app on your smartphone. 

When using a TENS machine for neck pain relief, it is recommended that you place the pads on the lower backside of your neck or preferred to be on either side of the pain point. Alternatively, you can place another unit above or beside the shoulder blades on either side of your spine. If it is your first time using a TENS device, you should set the intensity level to the lowest setting. You can then adjust the intensity level accordingly to find the proper amount of pain relief that suits you best. 

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