Comparison Guide: iTENS vs Caremax TENS Machine

An efficient and convenient pain management option is vital in achieving long-lasting pain relief. Unfortunately, acute and chronic pain conditions cause pain and discomfort that lasts for long periods. Therefore, individuals suffering from these pain conditions seek various pain relief methods. Additionally, many people opt to take oral medications, undergo physical therapy, get massages and have proper exercise routines to reduce pain. Nowadays, an innovative pain relief device that can help with chronic pain issues is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, also known as TENS therapy. TENS is a kind of electrotherapy that works by producing low voltage mild impulses to stimulate the nerves. Devices like the iTENS Wireless TENS device from iTENS Australia and the Caremax TENS Machine efficiently provide pain relief upon use. Furthermore, TENS therapy helps deal with pain safely and without fear of any adverse side effects.

TENS therapy is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free alternative for pain relief. People suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions seek safe and all-natural pain relief options to minimise oral medication’s adverse side effects or risks. Additionally, pain relief devices like the iTENS or Caremax TENS Machine are beneficial for individuals recovering from accidents or post-surgery injuries. The proper use of TENS therapy devices can help reduce pain and discomfort caused by various pain conditions. Furthermore, TENS therapy can also help induce endorphin release, and these are the body’s natural painkillers

iTENS and Caremax TENS Machine for Pain Relief

Pain relief devices like the iTENS and the Caremax TENS Machine are valuable in treating various pain conditions. A TENS therapy device helps relieve muscle soreness due to tension, stress or inactivity. The electrical impulses from the device stimulate the nerves and help reduce pain and discomfort. Therefore, people suffering from painful conditions or healing from injuries benefit from TENS therapy. Additionally, TENS therapy improves blood circulation and provides faster recovery of damaged nerves or muscles. Therefore, TENS therapy devices help reduce the symptoms of the following conditions:


iTENS vs the Caremax TENS machine: Features

Nowadays, constant improvement and innovations have enabled TENS therapy devices to be more versatile through wireless features. Additionally, it is crucial to know that wireless TENS therapy machines are as efficient as traditional wired TENS devices. The iTENS and the Caremax TENS machine have similar functions and effects. However, there are beneficial features available on the iTENS device that the Caremax device does not offer. The critical component of the iTENS is that the device is entirely wireless, removing the hassle of dealing with tangled wires. Additionally, iTENS offers users features such as Bluetooth connectivity. The option for Bluetooth connection allows iTENS users to connect the device to any iOS or Android smartphone seamlessly. Moreover, this valuable feature enables users to power on and control the iTENS device using their smartphone.

The Caremax TENS machines are traditional wired TENS devices. However, you may want to consider getting the iTENS wireless TENS for convenience. The wireless features of the iTENS give users the freedom to move more freely during TENS therapy sessions. Wireless features allow users to continue doing other activities simultaneously during their pain management treatments. Users can continue working, do daily activities, and even exercise during TENS therapy sessions while using the iTENS wireless device. Having this innovative feature can significantly help TENS users who have busy schedules. Additionally, wireless TENS machines are highly discreet and can be worn underneath clothing. iTENS can provide easy access to instant pain relief whenever you need it.

Why Consider iTENS over the Caremax TENS machine?

The iTENS and the Caremax TENS machine can be versatile. However, iTENS is an entirely wireless device. Having no wires allows easy attachment of the electrodes all around the body. Additionally, iTENS is one of the world’s first FDA cleared wireless medical devices. Having FDA clearance means that the device is safe and adequately tested. Furthermore, being wireless, the iTENS devices are more capable of treating various pain conditions and specific body areas. A wireless TENS therapy device helps users treat hard to reach areas like the lower back. Wireless TENS users no longer need to struggle to try adjusting their TENS device program settings during treatment. Owning a personal TENS device like the iTENS from iTENS Australia or the Caremax can help users treat multiple body areas, including the Neck, Lower Back, and Shoulders.

Despite being very similar TENS therapy devices, the iTENS wireless TENS offer additional beneficial features that make it more convenient. When looking through the iTENS and Caremax TENS controls, users have more options available in the free iTENS app. Furthermore, the free iTENS app features various pre-set program settings that treat specific pain conditions and body areas. Moreover, despite being able to treat similar pain conditions, the iTENS and the Caremax TENS machine may have a few differences. iTENS users can switch between three different electrode sizes when treating specific pain conditions. For example, iTENS users can use the large interchangeable iTENS wing pads to treat broader areas like the back more efficiently.


TENS Electrode Pads

Pad placement is vital in TENS therapy. The proper pad size with the correct pad placement can help provide more efficient nerve stimulations. The iTENS wireless TENS device utilises interchangeable electrode pads, allowing for more successful TENS treatments. The Caremax TENS machine only has one set of pad sizes. TENS treatment effects may vary, especially when treating body areas that may require a bigger size of pads. For example, when treating an elongated treatment area like the lower back or the thighs, iTENS offers the long iTENS accessory pads. Additionally, these long pads can efficiently and optimally treat conditions like sciatica. Furthermore, when treating flexible and movable areas near joints, like the ankles, iTENS users can use the iTENS small pads. 

The iTENS allows users access to different sized pads than the Caremax TENS machine. Users can purchase additional interchangeable accessories from iTENS Australia. The three available iTENS pad sizes are:

  • Large Wing Pads – iTENS Accessory
  • Small Wing Pads – iTENS Accessory
  • Long Electrode Pads – iTENS Accessory

The Takeaway

People suffering from acute and chronic pain can drastically benefit from TENS therapy devices. The alleviating effects between these two devices may be similar; however, the iTENS certainly has a few advantages over the Caremax TENS machine. If you are still unsure, you may want to consult your doctor or medical specialists about using TENS therapy devices. Although purchasing the iTENS Wireless TENS does not require a prescription, we still recommend that you check if this treatment will suit your needs.