Does TENS Machine Help Period Pain?

Period pains are normal in the menstrual cycle. Sometimes the pain is mild enough to ignore, and other times it is so intense that it causes extreme discomfort. Many women seek to ease the pain in various ways. Basic at-home remedies like heating pads, ibuprofen, or aspirin work, but when the pain is too much, and it interferes with your daily activities every month, doctors may advise advanced techniques like TENS therapy. Does TENS therapy work, and does TENS machine help period pain?  

Period pain happens when the muscular wall of the womb tightens. When the womb contracts, the muscles surrounding it temporarily cut off blood and oxygen supply, causing the womb tissues to release chemicals that trigger the pain. It is a pain relating to the sciatic nerves, and so does TENS machine help in period pain. Significant period pain causes one to miss out on work, school, and other important events. TENS is an ideal treatment for painful menstruation or dysmenorrhea. 

How does TENS machine help period pain

How does TENS machine help period pain? Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation, also known as TENS, is a type of electrotherapy that involves the use of electrode patches applied to the skin near the area of pain. The electrodes send mild electrical current to the affected body parts, which stimulate the nerves and help reduce the pain. The TENS machine usually through a wire can be placed around the stomach to help ease period pain. TENS machine is safe and practical to use. Some people don’t want to rely on drugs, and some need to carry on with their work. You can discretely wear TENS machine under your clothes as you go about your day.   

A TENS machine can also come wireless powered by Bluetooth connectivity to your phone. It performs the same as a regular TENS machine except that it does not come with messy wires. The iTENS is one of the best TENS machines in Australia. You can download the iTENS app on your smartphone where you can directly control or adjust the settings. TENS machine can be bought over-the-counter and does not need a prescription to buy it. Since it is drug-free, there’s no risk of developing an addiction or harmful side effects. But before reaching for one, seek the advice of a medical professional first. So when that time of the month comes, you’ll no longer ask, does TENS machine help period pain? 

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