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How TENS Electrical Impulse Pain Relief Work?

You’ve probably heard about the different types of electrical stimulation machines for relieving pain and wonder how they work. Medical experts have practised electrotherapy like Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) for many decades to treat acute and chronic pain patients. Using low-voltage electrical impulses around the painful region can help with pain relief. With this in mind, people nowadays ask: How does an electrical impulse pain relief like TENS work?

A TENS electrical impulse pain relief device is a small portable machine made up of electrodes attached to the skin surface. iTENS is the contemporary TENS device with wireless capabilities. The iTENS unit can connect to the smartphone app via Bluetooth connection. A TENS unit can deliver low-frequency or high-frequency electrical impulses to nerve fibres to stimulate them, blocking pain signals. Furthermore, there are two ways a TENS machine can relieve pain: the Gate control theory of pain and the endogenous opioids system.

According to the Gate Control Theory of Pain, the spinal cord has a pain gating mechanism that controls the messages or signals that reach the brain. The TENS electrical impulse pain relief works by stimulating the nerves to close the gate to block pain signals from reaching the brain. On the other hand, under the endogenous opioid system, the electrical stimulation triggers the release of natural analgesics like enkephalins and endorphins, which diminishes the perception of pain.

Electrical Impulse Pain Relief: What Can it Treat?

The TENS electrical impulse pain relief device can treat acute and chronic pain types without any adverse side effects. Undoubtedly, under the right stimulation level, TENS can reduce the pain in the neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, legs, and feet. People dealing with arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, or tendonitis may also find TENS devices, like the iTENS, effective in relieving pain. Tired and sore muscles relax with the low-level frequency of a TENS machine by improving the blood circulation in the area.

Pain management varies differently with every person. Each person reacts differently with each type of therapy or pain treatment. To use TENS for pain relief, start with the lowest frequency and gradually work your way up. Furthermore, a mild tingling sensation would be present as the frequency increases. You may keep on adjusting the frequency until you reach the level where you feel the most relief. With the iTENS app, you may also choose your treatment from the pre-set settings. Additionally, under the pre-set mode, the parameters for each pain treatment and condition are already set and ready for use. Moreover, having a wireless feature and pre-set setting allow the iTENS to provide adequate electrical impulse pain relief treatments.

iTENS is proven safe and effective electrical impulse pain relief. Its non-invasive and drug-free approach is a welcome alternative for people seeking pain relief without adverse side effects. As a general precaution, do not place the electrode pads on the eyes, temples, throat, anywhere in the head, or on open wounds. Additionally, you should consult with a doctor for proper recommendations of your TENS unit.

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