Wireless or Handheld TENS Machine: What to Get

Acute or chronic pain is manageable in several ways. The most common forms of pain relief are analgesics, physical therapy, and electrical stimulation. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a form of electrotherapy that uses mild electrical impulses through the skin to diminish pain perception. People with chronic pain or undergoing rehabilitation prefer to use TENS to deal with pain without medication. However, TENS machines do not come cheap. Therefore, choosing a suitable device takes careful consideration. There are mainly two types of TENS, a standard handheld TENS machine and a wireless TENS machine. Knowing the characteristics of each type can help you choose the correct TENS for yourself.

A standard handheld TENS machine consists of electrode pads with lead cables and wires. The pads are placed on the skin to allow the electrical currents to pass through. However, a wired TENS machine can be frustrating to use, especially if the wires keep on getting tangled up. Furthermore, the wires can also restrict movement, so you cannot move as freely as you like during treatments. In contrast, wireless TENS units are smaller and lighter because of the absence of wires. Devices like the iTENS machine use Bluetooth connections through a smartphone for its controls. The iTENS from iTENS Australia has FDA approval to be a safe wireless personal pain relief device. A wireless TENS machine delivers the same electrical stimulation as a handheld one, but even better.

Wireless or Handheld TENS Machine: Using the iTENS

Many factors can impact your pain management experience. As such, you can base these essential factors on choosing between a handheld TENS machine or a wireless TENS: efficacy, durability, and ease of use. The wireless iTENS device employs wireless electrodes with gel pads to deliver effective pain relief. You can select the treatment you want from the smartphone app, and you can begin the stimulation immediately. The app features various pre-set settings ready to treat several body areas and conditions. Moreover, you can manually control the device’s intensity on its manual mode settings. You may also manually alter the frequency, pulse rate, and waveform so that you can remain comfortable during treatment.

Effective pain relief depends on the quality of the device you are using. The wireless iTENS can deliver safe and effortless pain relief through a smartphone connection or manual mode. The wire-free TENS device enables you to move without any inhibitions. Furthermore, the reusable gel pads are easy to clean and maintain, allowing you to use the iTENS long term with reasonable maintenance costs. They are also replaceable at an affordable price when it’s time to change them. Additionally, the iTENS can cover different body areas efficiently through its large and small wing sizes. The wireless iTENS from iTENS Australia is a versatile device. Its versatility makes it the best option for those who want treatments on the go. A wireless TENS device may have more advantages when compared to a standard handheld TENS machine.

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