How TENS Machines can Relieve Lower Back Muscle Pain

Most people have experienced lower back muscle pain. It is the most common back pain issue due to strain or overuse. In addition, this painful condition typically occurs due to injuries and sudden muscle strains. Many back issues are not severe and heal with time. However, some back muscle pain may persist due to underlying health conditions. The painful sensation may feel like a dull or throbbing pain. Moreover, lower back muscle injuries can be mild to severe, and the pain and discomfort may be constant. This type of issue may be a type of chronic health condition that lasts for long periods. Many people opt to use TENS devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy is an all-natural, safe, drug-free, non-invasive form of pain relief. 

TENS devices like the iTENS are an ideal pain management tool that can significantly help treat acute and chronic pain conditions. A TENS machine produces low-voltage electrical impulses that stimulate the nerves and muscles to relieve pain. TENS therapy is an excellent pain management option for treating lower back muscle pain. In addition, TENS devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia do not require prescriptions. The iTENS wireless TENS kits and accessories are readily available online. If you seek the ideal pain relief tool, the iTENS is a perfect choice. It is the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless medical device. Moreover, if your goal is to reduce the intake of oral painkilling medications, TENS therapy is a worthy investment. 

TENS Machines for Treating Lower Back Muscle Pain

TENS therapy can significantly help reduce lower back muscle pain with the proper stimulation levels and pad placement. A TENS therapy machine is a handy, portable medical device that provides instant pain relief. Nowadays, TENS devices like the iTENS allow users to create and manually adjust the program settings. This feature enables users to try and find the perfect program settings to treat their pain. The correct TENS therapy settings and pad placement are vital to achieving the most beneficial results. As a general guide, you must attach the pads directly or near the painful area. Remember, TENS therapy should not hurt. It is vital to keep the device off before attaching the electrode pads to your skin. Lastly, find the most suitable program settings for the most effective results.

If you suffer from lower back muscle pain, you should consider using a wireless TENS device like the iTENS. In addition, the iTENS offers users various accessories, with three different pad sizes available. The iTENS has 3 interchangeable electrode pad sizes, the small wing, the large wing and the long strip pads. Each pad size is specifically able to treat varying body areas. For example, you may choose the iTENS large wings to cover broad treatment areas like the back. Moreover, the free iTENS app offers users pre-set settings that treat specific painful conditions. 


Lower Back Muscle Pain: Symptoms and Causes

Lower back muscle pain may appear without a known cause or due to irregular movements. If you are suffering from back pain issues, it is best if you consult with your doctor or medical professionals. Typical back pain consists of varying painful symptoms from mild to severe discomfort throughout the back. In addition, back muscle pain may be due to muscle strain, sciatica, and other spinal conditions. Moreover, the most common reason for back pain is lifting heavy objects and sudden movements. Here are some of the adverse effects of back pain:

  • Limited motion – lower back muscle pain can limit movement and sometimes causes immobilisation.
  • Intense pain – when not treated, back pain may radiate to the legs and worsen over time. 

TENS therapy devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia can help reduce painful symptoms. Using a TENS device can significantly help treat lower back muscle pain. The iTENS is entirely wireless, which removes the hassle of dealing with tangled wires. In addition, the iTENS offers users wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. This wireless feature allows users to connect their TENS to any iOS or Android device via the free iTENS app. Furthermore, the iTENS app enables users to control and adjust their TENS settings using their smartphones.

Advantages of the Wireless iTENS for Sharp Lower Back Muscle Pain

Lower back muscle pain can cause immobilisation for people without proper pain management. TENS therapy devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia can help instantly relieve pain symptoms. In addition, TENS therapy can be a helpful treatment for acute or chronic conditions without worsening the pain. TENS is safe to use compared to oral medications; TENS also do not have adverse side effects. Moreover, using a wireless TENS like the iTENS device allows users to move around or exercise during TENS therapy sessions, which helps in relieving back discomfort. The iTENS device also offers the following advantages:

  • Portable and handy – The iTENS is wireless and allows users to carry their TENS device wherever they go. It is compact, portable and highly discreet. Users can wear it underneath their clothing, and no one will notice.
  • Pad placement – the iTENS offers varying accessories. The iTENS have interchangeable pads for treating different body areas. The wireless electrodes allow quick and easy attachment to the skin. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity – The iTENS offers users access to a free smartphone application. The app provides users with beneficial features, like adjustable program settings and pre-set programs.

Is TENS Therapy Safe?

iTENS Australia supplies an FDA-cleared medical device, the iTENS Wireless TENS. In addition, iTENS is recommended by Australia’s medical experts for treating various conditions. TENS therapy is perfect for treating lower back muscle pain and other painful conditions. While the TENS device is on, you may feel a slight tingling sensation, firm but not uncomfortable. If you feel any pain from the TENS device, discontinue use immediately. Moreover, the stimulation from the TENS device helps reduce pain and discomfort. However, TENS users should take certain precautions to avoid certain risks. For example, certain people should not use TENS, like those with pacemakers and heart conditions. It is also not advisable for women during the early stage of pregnancy.


Lower back muscle pain can negatively affect the lives of many people. Without proper pain management, the pain may worsen. TENS therapy devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia can help relieve painful symptoms from acute or chronic conditions. The iTENS is perfect for treating broad areas like the back as it is wireless, and you do not have to reach for the device to adjust the settings. The wireless feature allows users to control the iTENS device with their smartphone via Bluetooth connection. We recommend consulting a medical specialist if you consider using TENS therapy devices for the most beneficial results. Get your iTENS from iTENS Australia’s official website.