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Lower Back Muscle Pain: Strengthening Exercises

Woman standing while stretching

Lower back muscle pain can be difficult to deal with. This is because people cannot freely move their bodies. Daily tasks like walking and lifting objects can be a chore. Doctors typically prescribe medication to manage the pain. However, people can do strengthening exercises to avoid adverse side effects. These include leg raises, superman, and bridges. Exercising is a better alternative. It both relieves and prevents lower back pain.

It may seem counterintuitive to do physical activities when one is already going through pain. However, studies suggest that regular exercise and movement support the restoration of strength and endurance. Moreover, people recover faster when they have acute or chronic pain. With that, you can begin treating and enhancing your back through the article. It will present how to properly do leg raises. In addition, there are two more exercises that you can do at home.

Exercise for Lower Back Muscle Pain: Leg Raises

Leg raises are simple to do. Initially, find a comfortable and stable place to lie down. Doing this exercise strengthens the core. It helps relieve and prevent lower back muscle pain. Aside from this body part, it also works several muscle groups, such as the hamstring and hip flexor muscles.

The first thing to do is lie face up with hands on the side. Then, press the palms down or place them under the buttocks. Next, keep the legs straight and lift them slowly until the knees are directly above the hips. The correct form would be for the legs and the upper body to do a 90-degree angle. Hold the position for a few seconds. It is essential to engage the core in this process.

Consequently, slowly lower the legs until they are only a few inches above the ground. Afterwards, repeat the process from the beginning. An individual may do it for two to three sets, with 10-15 times per set. It is a straightforward exercise but effectively works out the lower body.

Things to Do Before & After Exercising

A proper routine before and after doing exercises can amplify its overall outcome. Here are the things to do before starting:

  • Use the right gear – Ensure that the clothes are suitable for the workout you are going to do. Appropriate footwear is necessary to comfortably move around.
  • Warm-up – A crucial part to never skip even if the exercise is short.

On the other hand, the following are things to do afterwards:

  • Hydrate – Sweating because of exercising means losing water in the body. Hence, it is necessary to bring that back by drinking water.
  • Stretch – Muscles must rest and be stretched.

Man holding his lower back

Exercise for Lower Back Muscle Pain: Superman

Superman is another good strengthening exercise for lower back muscle pain. It is an exercise that everyone can do. Beginners will not have a difficult time doing it. Superman enhances the erector muscles, which support the spine. Other areas it targets are the hamstring and buttocks.

To begin, lie on the floor face down. It would help to have a yoga mat. The arms and legs must be stretched out straight. Also, the head must be in a neutral position, and you should try not to look up. The next step is to slowly lift the arms and legs and then put them down without touching the ground. The muscles should contract.

It is important to make sure that you are breathing properly. Moreover, the process of lifting the body must be comfortable. Do not lift the head and neck as it may cause discomfort. You can do two to three sets, with 8-12 repetitions per set. The core gets stronger when people do this exercise regularly.

Advantages of Regular Strengthening Exercises

Besides treating and preventing lower back pain, the exercises have more advantages. One of which is it reduces the risks of injury. People who exercise regularly can support the weight of their bodies. Thus, they have fewer instances of falling. Moreover, they can handle lifting heavy things without injuring their backs.

Another advantage is it improves overall health and well-being. Individuals who engage in consistent exercises improve their circulation and manage their blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it boosts the energy and overall mood. Hence, it enriches the quality of life of most people by maintaining strength exercises.

Woman holding her lower back

Exercise for Lower Back Muscle Pain: Bridges

One more exercise that strengthens the core is bridges. The core is made up of the upper and lower muscles, as well as the abdominal muscles. Hence, it is a crucial part of the body to enhance. When the core is strong, people can relieve and prevent lower back muscle pain.

It is another exercise that requires you to lie down face up. With that, rest your arms on your sides, bend your knees, and then keep your feet planted on the ground. The feet must be under the knees. After doing the form, tighten the abdomen and buttocks by lifting your lower back. Sequentially, you should raise the hips to create a straight line from the knees up to the shoulders.

Tightening the core is vital. Stay in position for around 20-30 seconds. Afterwards, slowly lower the hips and repeat the process. You can do it for three sets, with 15 times per set. This exercise is used for rehab activities because it is effective in boosting and recovering strength.

Alternatives to Reduce Lower Back Pain

Strengthening exercises certainly help treat lower back pains. However, other things may also serve as a tool to reduce the pain. People can utilize the hot and cold therapies. A warm compress improves the blood flow and then relieves the pain. On the other hand, cold compress lessens inflammation.

TENS therapy is one more way of decreasing pain naturally. It is a small battery-operated device that stimulates the nerves. The process supports pain management through electrical currents. Research shows that people who use it lower the number of back pain they have in a month. Individuals may purchase their units online or in pharmacies.


Strength training is effective in treating lower back muscle pain. Exercises such as leg raises, superman, and bridges are good to engage the core. Unlike what most people think, the core is not just the abs. The lower back is a part of the core. Hence, many are targeting this area. To boost the effectiveness of the workout, there must be a proper routine before and after the exercises. It is important even if the session is not long.

It is advantageous to have a strong lower back that holds so much weight. Having a functional lower back enhances the overall quality of life. However, people can also opt for other alternatives if they do not have much time to do physical activities. They can do TENS therapy. It is a good tool because it reduces many health conditions, and not just the back. There are options like wireless and wired. The former connects to Bluetooth, which is convenient.

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