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What to Look for When Buying a TENS Unit?

TENS therapy is a non-invasive and drug-free method of alleviating various pain conditions or disorders. People may know about TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation after sustaining an injury or post-surgery. Likewise, people with chronic ailments learn about TENS to help minimise discomfort without medicines. In addition, physiotherapists may recommend TENS to help patients manage pain at home. Therefore, people may ask what to look for when buying a TENS unit. A TENS machine is a portable device utilising electrode pads to deliver mild electrical currents. There are many kinds of TENS machines on the market, and looking for the best TENS unit may be overwhelming. Fortunately, iTENS Australia offers the revolutionary iTENS, a modern TENS device with wireless features. 

TENS therapy is a self-administered pain treatment using a portable TENS device. People new to TENS therapy can quickly learn how to use the device through its simple instructions. It also enables them to control the level of pain relief through adjustable settings. Therefore, it is safe for use without medical supervision. However, it is best to consult your physician on the proper use of TENS for your specific condition. Additionally, this post will guide you on what to look for when buying a TENS unit. 

What is a TENS Unit and its Functions

It is vital to know how TENS works before discussing what to look for when buying a TENS unit. TENS is a type of electrotherapy specifically stimulating sensory nerves to relieve pain. The electrode pads are placed on the skin, allowing the flow of mild electrical currents to the body. Next, it elicits a response from the central nervous system to minimise pain or discomfort. TENS help manage uncomfortable sensations through two main functions: Gate Control and Endorphins Release theories. According to the Gate Control Theory of Pain, the spinal cord has a bundle of nerve fibres that control pain signals travelling to the brain. During a high-frequency TENS (50 to 100 Hz), it stimulates the “neural gates” to close, blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain. Meanwhile, low-frequency TENS (2 to 10 Hz) induces the release of natural painkilling chemicals called endorphins. 


What to Look for When Buying a TENS Unit

TENS machines come in various shapes and sizes. However, when examining what to look for when buying a TENS unit, it should have the basic features, like treating multiple body pain areas and built-in programs. Moreover, some devices may have more features than others. Furthermore, the following are essential guidelines for choosing the most suitable device:

  • Wired or wireless – standard TENS units use wires to connect the electrode pads to the controller. Meanwhile, a wireless unit like the iTENS utilises Bluetooth-capable electrodes to deliver efficient pain relief. 
  • Intensity levels – multiple intensities help relieve different pain conditions. For example, high pulse rates are suitable for intense pain. Meanwhile, low intensity is best for mild symptoms or boosting blood circulation. 
  • Pre-set modes – TENS machines come with built-in programs for quick administration. The settings are fixed, so you do not need to adjust them manually. Before buying a TENS unit, you may check how many pain modes are available. The iTENS app features numerous programs for different body areas or health conditions. 
  • Pad options – the TENS pads come in different shapes and sizes, from small to large. Using the right electrode pads is vital for effective treatment. For example, small pads fit tight joints, while larger pads can cover broad areas like the back. 
  • Other features – a wireless TENS device has additional functions like tracking usage, letting you manage pain more efficiently. 

Buying a TENS Unit: Advantages of the Wireless iTENS

What to look for when buying a TENS unit with a wireless feature? The iTENS from iTENS Australia combines digital technology with the effectiveness of TENS therapy. It is the first TENS device with wireless capability to have FDA clearance for pain relief. In addition, the wireless iTENS is an equally effective device to standard TENS units but with added benefits. The iTENS maximises portability by utilising Bluetooth-enabled electrode pads. This is because the absence of wires makes the iTENS more compact and convenient. As a result, it is hassle-free and enables quick use. Likewise, it eliminates the situation of untangling messy wires that standard units typically have. 

The wireless iTENS has interchangeable wing pads to treat different areas appropriately. iTENS Australia offers the iTENS in small and large wing kits. The wing-shaped pads contour to several places while allowing movement. You may also avail of the long strip spare wing for treating pain in the sciatic nerve, IT band, tendons, and other long treatment areas. Moreover, the wireless electrode pads are exceptionally light and discreet to use. You can wear the iTENS underneath clothing without being distracting or noticeable. Therefore, it is suitable to use while working, active, or on the go. Lastly, wireless iTENS lets you manage pain at the convenience of the smartphone app. Hence, in asking what to look for when buying a TENS unit, you may check if the device is app-ready or standalone.


What to Look for When Buying a TENS Unit: Operating a Wireless TENS

Besides asking what to look for when buying a TENS unit, many people also inquire about how to operate a TENS device. A TENS machine is simple and easy to use in a few steps. You may facilitate TENS therapy through the wireless iTENS through the following procedures:

  • Position the electrode pads near or around the area of pain.
  • Turn on the device and connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth.
  • Launch the iTENS app and select the desired treatment from the menu. You may choose according to body areas (wrist, elbow, shoulder, back, thigh, hip, knees, hands and feet) or health conditions (arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, headache, period pain, etc.)
  • You may also customise the TENS treatment by manually adjusting the frequency, duration, and waveforms.
  • The device produces mild tingling sensations as the stimulation begins. 
  • You may adjust the intensity to the level where you feel most relieved. However, avoid turning it too high that it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • After the session, switch the device off before removing the pads.
  • Allow at least 20 minutes before starting a new therapy.

Is TENS Safe?

TENS therapy is a safe and painless method for managing symptoms from acute or chronic conditions. It also does not produce adverse side effects or complications that oral analgesics have. In addition, it has no known potential for overdose. Therefore, you may use a TENS machine frequently as needed. Some people with chronic pain can use TENS 3 to 4 times daily for lasting effects. However, knowing the precautions is also critical in asking what to look for when buying a TENS unit. TENS is not advisable for people with cancer, epilepsy, heart ailments, electrical implants, and during pregnancy. You may get the all-around wireless iTENS at iTENS Australia.

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