tens machine for lower back pain

TENS for your Lower Sore Back

When we experience lower back pain, the first thing we usually look for to lessen the pain is ice, heat or pain relievers. But have you considered using electrotherapy? Electrotherapy applied to your lower sore back can provide you relief from your pain or discomfort. The most popular electrical stimulation method used to deliver electrotherapy to the body is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). A TENS device has electrodes that are placed over the painful body region. Then, you can easily adjust the strength and frequency of the TENS machine for you to suit your specific requirements. 

Introducing the iTENS for your lower sore back

One of the best TENS units mainly developed to treat lower sore back is the iTENS unit. The iTENS unit is an innovative electrotherapy machine that combines wearable technology with the long-term pain relief of a TENS unit. The iTENS unit is the first FDA-approved wireless TENS therapy device on the market. You can easily control it by an iOS or Android smartphone app and there’s also an option for you to control it manually as well. Furthermore, this drug-free form of pain treatment does not require any prescription. 

The iTENS comes with a unique wing pad for treating the lower sore back. You can use the electrode gel pad up to 15-20 times each set. Beyond this threshold, the quality of stimulation will deteriorate. To increase the stickiness of the electrode gel pad, put a few drops of water onto the gel to re-hydrate the electrode and let it dry before putting it into the skin.  If in case that the gel pads are no longer sticky, massage and peel the gel pads away from the wings to remove them. You can check “How to Preserve Your TENS Pads” and “All About TENS Machine Pads” articles for further information. Replacement gel pads are available for order in our store. 

Tips for Purchasing a TENS Machine

TENS devices are available with or without a prescription. Before purchasing one, it is advisable to consult with your doctor or physical therapist to ensure what TENS therapy is appropriate for your lower sore back. 

A TENS device is a low-cost approach to alleviate lower sore back. The iTENS units are becoming increasingly popular as an increasing number of individuals seek them out for their benefits on lower back pain, among other typical areas of discomfort. They provide pain relief without the hassle of wired TENS devices. 

Another factor to consider when deciding if the TENS unit is suitable for you is the time of day. When do you usually experience your pain? For example, if your lower sore back tends to worsen as you sleep, a wearable iTENS device is an excellent pain-relief choice.

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