Pain Away Spray vs a TENS Machine for Pain Relief

Most body aches are caused by muscle strain, torn ligaments, or joint inflammation. Various activities due to work or lifestyle can impact the body at the end of the day. As a result, a person may feel soreness, stabbing, or shooting sensations in overused body areas. Fortunately, people may relieve discomfort using many techniques. Most pain relief methods include massage, oral medications, physical and electrotherapy, and other home remedies. People commonly apply topical medications, such as pain relief cream, patches, or sprays like the Pain Away Spray. Another effective method of alleviating is using small electrical pulses through TENS therapy of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is important to know how each method works for various pain conditions.

Topical pain relief like the Pain Away Spray is a treatment applied to a particular body surface to treat muscle pain, soreness, or inflammation. Similarly, TENS therapy involves putting electrode pads on affected body parts to relieve pain through the skin. In addition, many people prefer pain relieving sprays and TENS machines to oral painkillers because they have little to no side effects or adverse risks. Devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia provide safe and fast pain treatment. A TENS machine like the iTENS is best if you have injuries or chronic pain.

Pain Away Spray vs TENS: Uses

Medications like the Pain Away Spray are mainly used for the relief and recovery of muscles and joints. It contains active ingredients for treating symptoms of arthritis, muscle sprains and strains. Additionally, it is applied liberally in sore areas and can be used multiple times in a day. However, pain relief sprays are limited for minor aches and pains. For treating a wide array of ailments, TENS therapy is more suitable. TENS help reduce symptoms from joint, nerve, and tissue damage. Moreover, physiotherapists advise TENS to patients with chronic conditions or undergoing recovery from injuries or post-surgery. Its treatment benefits people with the following conditions:

Health Condition

Body aches


Pain Away Spray vs TENS: How Do They Work?

The Pain Away Spray contains ingredients that are tailored for relieving pain and stiffness in muscles or joints. They work similarly to heat therapy or heating pads. The skin absorbs the medication and gives a warm sensation after a few minutes. Therefore, they increase the blood flow and promote healing. On the other hand, a TENS machine like the iTENS from iTENS Australia consists of wireless electrode pads for more efficient treatment. The electrodes deliver mild electrical pulses to stimulate the underlying nerve endings. Additionally, TENS works based on two theories:

  • Pain Gate Control Theory – the theory states that a gating mechanism composed of nerve fibres controls the flow of pain signals in the spinal cord. During TENS, it stimulates the “neural gates” to close and block the pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • Natural Opioids System – TENS induces the release of endorphins at low-frequency settings. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers, and they help reduce stress and give “feel-good” sensations.

How to Use the Wireless iTENS TENS Machine

A TENS machine and the Pain Away Spray are non-invasive forms of pain management. It enables you to target specific locations by applying the medication or TENS electrode directly. A wireless TENS machine like the iTENS is convenient for self-treatment. To begin the therapy, position the electrode pads on the most painful area of the body and turn the device on. The iTENS wireless electrodes have Bluetooth connectivity that can pair with most iOS and Android devices. Moreover, the wireless electrodes enable hassle-free pad placement due to the absence of cables. You may use the iTENS alone or via the smartphone app. From the app menu, select the therapy tailored for a specific body part or health condition. The device will immediately give a mild tingling sensation, and you may increase the intensity until you feel satisfying results. 

You may use the wireless iTENS through the pre-set modes in the app or customise your settings. In manual mode, you can set the pulse rate, pulse width, and waveforms. Trying out different stimulation levels allow you to achieve optimal results. Additionally, TENS enables you to control the pain relief that suits you best. Like the Pain Away Spray, you may use the TENS machine three to four times a day for lasting effects. Furthermore, TENS does not contain ingredients that may aggravate your condition or develop side effects. Therefore, it is safe for long-term use. 


Pain Away Spray vs TENS: What are the Risks?

People coping with chronic conditions carefully consider the right method to manage pain. Each technique has advantages and downsides, including pain relief spray and TENS. For example, the Pain Away Spray contains ethanol and other active ingredients. Thus, avoid contact with the eyes and open wounds. Moreover, it may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Therefore, you must test a small area before using the product. If it persists, you should talk to a physician. Meanwhile, TENS is a safe and cost-efficient form of pain relief. The mild electrical impulses are painless and do not affect other body parts. However, as with other pain management methods, safety precautions are vital for effective treatment. 

The Pain Away Spray and a TENS machine are intended for external use only. In addition, TENS effectivity depends on the correct placement of the electrodes. However, avoid putting the electrode pads directly on the veins, joints, and spinal cord. Also, refrain from placing them on the head, throat, chest, and broken or infected skin. You may consult your physician if TENS therapy or pain relief spray is right for you. TENS is not advisable if you have cancer, epilepsy, heart conditions, or electrical implants like cardiac pacemakers. Lastly, avoid using TENS during pregnancy except in early labour to relieve lower back discomfort. 

Conclusion: Getting a Wireless TENS Machine at iTENS Australia

Topical pain relievers like the Pain Away Spray help reduce muscle or joint inflammation. However, TENS therapy is ideal for dealing with severe symptoms or multiple conditions. The wireless iTENS have slim gel pads that are discreet when worn under clothes. Therefore, you can manage pain while working or being active. Additionally, the wireless electrode pads do not inhibit the range of motion, unlike standard wired TENS units. You may choose between the iTENS small or large wings to treat different body areas conveniently. Moreover, the refillable gel pads are low-cost, making the iTENS cost-effective. You may purchase the wireless iTENS at iTENS Australia for a wide array of pain conditions or disorders.