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Period Pain Simulator for Sale – What is it used for?

Woman with period pain

A period pain simulator is a device that uses electrical currents to resemble menstruation cramps. Many use it, including men, to experience what severe period cramps feel like. Thus, it helps others understand what many women go through during their period. Individuals may also buy a period pain simulator for sale for pain relief. A TENS machine is a portable device that creates tingling sensations in the skin to stimulate the underlying nerves. 

Period pain can be incapacitating, causing some women to miss work. The symptoms include cramping in the abdomen, which may extend to the lower back. In some cases, it is accompanied by nausea, diarrhoea, and headaches. Therefore, women seek pain relief to manage severe pain. In the following sections, we will talk about TENS as a period pain simulator and a pain relief device. The article will also present the usage and safety guidelines of a TENS machine.

Period Pain Simulator For Sale: What Does it Do?

Most women describe period pain as a dull and throbbing sensation in the lower abdomen. During the menstrual cycle, the muscles in the uterus contract to shed the uterine lining. It can range from mild to severe pain lasting for several days. A TENS device or period pain simulator for sale is used to combat intense cramping. The machine has a set of adhesive electrode pads, which are placed near the painful area.

A TENS machine utilises low-voltage electrical currents to relieve pain. The currents are strong enough to stimulate the nerves but not cause pain. However, when turning it too high, it can contract the muscles. Its effects are similar to when the uterus sheds its lining. In addition, it has pain intensity ranging from 1 to 10. A person will feel stronger contractions when the intensity level increases. Moreover, women who used the machine reported similar sensations when experiencing menstrual cramps. 

A period pain simulator for sale can also help other people understand the effects of secondary dysmenorrhoea. It is a type of period pain that occurs due to an underlying condition. Unlike regular menstrual cramps, secondary dysmenorrhoea is more severe and lasts longer. An intensity level of 10 or more can give the symptoms of these conditions. Thus, more people will know the differences in each period pain type.

Conditions Causing Secondary Dysmenorrhea

  • Endometriosis – tissues similar to the uterine lining grow in other areas. Hormone changes cause the tissues to bleed.
  • Fibroids – non-cancerous growths, also called myomas. They form in and outside the womb.
  • Crohn’s disease – inflammation of the tissues in the digestive tract.

iTENS wireless TENS device at iTENS Australia

Period Pain Simulator for Sale: Pain Relief

Individuals looking for a period pain simulator for sale may buy a TENS machine. It works by flooding the nervous system with electrical currents to override the gating mechanisms to close and release endorphins. In high frequency, the nerve pathways in the spinal cord hinder the pain signals from reaching the brain. Additionally, stronger impulses from a TENS device distract the brain from intense cramping. The same levels are applied in managing labour pain

On the other hand, low frequency induces endorphin production. The natural hormones help minimise pain, stress, and anxiety. It may take longer to notice the effects of this stimulation level. However, therapeutic relief may last up to four hours after the unit is turned off. Furthermore, TENS helps reduce swelling and relax the muscles. It can ease muscles that tighten the uterus. Therefore, it is efficient in relieving period pain and other discomforts. 

Users may adjust the settings of a TENS machine to help treat different pain levels. For severe symptoms, high-frequency is ideal. However, it should be within the maximum tolerable range. You may get a TENS machine or period pain simulator for sale at iTENS Australia. It offers a wireless iTENS device with multiple pad options. Large electrode pads or wings are suitable for abdominal cramping or lower back pain

Other Conditions Treated

Aside from period pain, a TENS machine can also help minimise pain symptoms from the following conditions:

Operating the TENS settings through the smartphone app

Period Pain Simulator for Sale: How to Use the Device

Men who want to try what dysmenorrhoea feels like may get a period pain simulator for sale. Due to its adjustable settings, you may use TENS to produce period pain sensations. Firstly, place the electrodes on the abdomen or the lower back. Then, turn on the device and start with the lowest intensity level. Gradually increase the power to prevent sudden shocks. According to tests, level 5 is the intensity of average period pain. 

You may also follow the initial steps to use a TENS machine for pain relief. However, avoid turning the frequencies or intensity too high. It should not cause muscle contractions or increased pain. In general, the currents should feel strong but comfortable. You should decrease the settings if it creates unpleasant sensations. Moreover, some devices have pre-set modes for quick and convenient testing. You may select a specific program from the menu to begin the treatment. 

A period pain simulator can help understand what women go through during their menstrual periods. Nevertheless, avoid using the device at extremely high levels for prolonged periods. This may cause muscle fatigue, skin irritation, and burn marks. After the session, switch the machine off before removing the electrodes. You may get a TENS machine or period pain simulator for sale without a prescription. 

Safety Guidelines

  • Do not apply the electrodes on sensitive parts, like temples, head, throat, and spine.
  • Do not use TENS on the chest and trunk at the same time.
  • Limit use to one hour per session.
  • Do not place near open wounds, bruises, and broken or infected skin.
  • Avoid using TENS while bathing, sleeping, or driving.


A period pain simulator is used to mimic the effects of dysmenorrhoea. It uses electrical currents from a TENS device to create muscle contractions. Therefore, men may use it to understand better what women feel during their periods. In the same way, a TENS machine is helpful for alleviating pain symptoms. It helps treat period cramps and other acute pains. It is also efficient in managing chronic ailments as it does not have adverse side effects.

A TENS machine is simple and easy to operate. After placing the electrode pads on the pain area, adjust the settings to a strong but tolerable level. Avoid turning it so high that it causes more discomfort than relief. You may get a wireless TENS machine, like the iTENS, from iTENS Australia. It has Bluetooth-enabled electrodes instead of lead cables to allow flexibility while in use. Lastly, TENS is available without a prescription.

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