Can TENS Achieve Pain Relief from Headaches?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is an electrotherapy treatment that uses low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate our nerves. This form of pain relief is defined by the “Gate Control Theory” of pain management. Our bodies, according to this theory, have particular gating mechanisms. Furthermore, pain impulses often pass through those “gates” before reaching our brains. Consequently, closing these gating channels can prevent signals from reaching the brain. Therefore, a TENS machine, such as the iTENS device, can achieve pain relief from headaches and other conditions. The iTENS unit also has all-natural effects and benefits. Therefore, the iTENS devices from iTENS Australia may be a viable alternative to headache medication.

TENS therapy with a TENS device is risk-free because it only uses low-voltage electrical currents. Many variables, including stress, can cause headaches. Fortunately, there are various methods for treating headaches. Unlike oral medicines, the iTENS device has no adverse side effects. As a result, users can use the iTENS device as pain relief from headache without any harmful effects. In addition to the Gate Control Theory, electrical nerve stimulation from a TENS device can promote endorphin release. Endorphins are natural painkillers our bodies produce that can relieve pain more efficiently than headache medication. TENS units can also help individuals in the following ways, such as:

  • Pain relief
  • Stress alleviation
  • Improvement in relaxation
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved mood

Relief from Headaches: Types of Headaches

Most people experience headaches several times throughout life because they are a common condition. A headache’s primary symptom is a pain in the head or face. This pain might be sharp, mild, throbbing, or persistent. Fortunately, these unpleasant sensations are treatable with a TENS machine. A TENS machine for pain relief from headaches can be wireless or wired. Regardless, they both function as pain relievers. However, a wireless TENS machine, such as the iTENS from iTENS Australia, is more portable and comfortable than wired ones. Furthermore, there are various forms of headaches; however, the most prevalent are as follows:

  • Tension headaches: This is the most common type of headache in both adults and children. They are mild to moderately uncomfortable and fade gradually. They usually show no other symptoms.
  • Migraine Headaches: Migraine headaches are characterised by throbbing and pounding pain. They can occur one to four times every month on average and can last anywhere from four hours to three days. Along with the discomfort, people have other symptoms such as sensitivity to light, sound, or odours; nausea or vomiting; appetite loss; and an upset stomach or abdominal pain.
  • Cluster Headaches: These are the worst headaches. Cluster headaches develop in cyclical patterns, with acute pain on one side of the head. A cluster headache can cause intense scorching or piercing pain behind or around one of the eyes. A cluster headache might last two to three months and occur once to thrice daily.

Relief from Headaches: TENS Proper Pad Placement 

TENS devices deliver low-voltage electrical impulses to the nervous system via electrode pads attached to the skin. They work best when the pads are correctly placed near or around the area of pain. However, placing the electrode pads on the temple or around the head is not recommended for headache treatment. The TENS unit should be placed just above the neck, below the cervical spine, or on the trapezius muscle for headaches. The electric current stimulates the senses, enhancing blood circulation and relaxing the target area. Without a doubt, a TENS unit, such as the iTENS, can successfully achieve pain relief from headaches. Fortunately, iTENS Australia provides wireless iTENS devices for people who suffer from headaches and other types of pain.

iTENS Australia offers a variety of pad wing sizes for pain areas, allowing people to utilise it for headaches and other discomforts. The correct pad placement with the wireless iTENS can help achieve pain relief from headaches. Furthermore, when using the wireless iTENS device, users will no longer have to untangle wires and electrode connections. Headache pain alleviation is undoubtedly more convenient with the iTENS wireless machine. Additionally, the iTENS device from iTENS Australia is flexible and discreet, allowing users to move or work during TENS therapy sessions.

Relief from Headaches: TENS Safety Precautions

Using a TENS unit as pain relief from headache has an essential safety precaution. People with a cardiac pacemaker or any metal implants on their bodies, a history of seizures, cancer, or an epileptic disease should avoid using TENS units. Furthermore, using a TENS unit is not advisable in the following circumstances:

  • Open wounds
  • Damaged, broken or irritated skin
  • At the temple area
  • Areas with limited sensation
  • On the top of your head
  • Around the eyes
  • Near the water
  • While driving, sleeping or showering

Advantages of Using the Wireless iTENS Device

Headaches can occur several times per month and might linger for years. Using TENS units for pain relief from headaches is both beneficial and life-changing. However, users must adhere to a proper TENS unit placement for headache alleviation to be safe and effective. Fortunately, the iTENS from iTENS Australia makes headaches easy to manage. The wireless iTENS offers various advantages, such as:

  • Convenient: The wireless electrode pads can easily attach to painful body areas. To perform a TENS therapy using the iTENS, place the electrode pads on the muscle in your upper back, below your neck for headaches. Then, turn on the device, and control your therapy with the iTENS application.
  • Simple Operation: There are no confusing controls, manuals, or setup procedures with the iTENS. You can use the iTENS device anytime you need it after connecting it to the app via your Smartphone. It is critical, however, to remember to take 20-minute breaks between sessions. In addition, the iTENS app features built-in programs for the convenience of use. Choose the therapy you want from the menu by body part, condition, or manual settings.
  • Flexible: The wireless electrodes on the iTENS allow users for greater flexibility. The usage of the electrode pads does not restrict movement. TENS also works best during vigorous activities.
  • Energy-efficient: The iTENS functions on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for lengthy periods. A full charge may power the device for up to 24 hours.

iTENS from iTENS Australia

TENS device such as the iTENS from iTENS Australia is a natural, risk-free, non-toxic, and safe pain treatment method. The iTENS device can provide fast pain relief within 10 minutes of application. As a result, the iTENS is an excellent tool for pain relief from headaches. Furthermore, the iTENS is the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless TENS therapy device. Using a device with an FDA clearance assures users that their devices have been thoroughly tested before release. When dealing with acute and chronic pain, the convenience of a TENS machine like the iTENS can assist consumers in improving their daily comfort. You can visit the iTENS Australia website to get your iTENS to help you treat your headache effectively.