TENS Therapy for Sore Lower Back Pain

Pain is an unwelcome visitor, and people look for ways to eliminate them. Conditions such as sore lower back pain can interfere with daily activities or work. It is one of the most common afflictions a person may experience at some point. Moreover, it may transpire for various reasons, such as muscle sprain and strain due to sudden movement, incorrect posture, or heavy lifting. Some backaches may come and go without action or with at-home remedies. However, severe pain that persists for a few weeks may need medical attention. Long-term or chronic back pain may be due to an underlying health condition. Therefore, proper diagnosis is vital in treating back pain. In looking for pain relief solutions, a highly recommended method is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). 

TENS is a pain modulation technique using mild electrical currents for symptom reduction. Doctors or physiotherapists recommend TENS therapy for patients with acute or chronic pain. Therefore, people with sore lower back pain can lessen the discomfort without taking oral painkillers. Moreover, it is administered through a portable unit called a TENS machine. iTENS Australia offers efficient pain management through the wireless iTENS device. Furthermore, the iTENS helps manage pain at any time without regular visits to a doctor or skipping work. 

Sore Lower Back Pain: Causes and Symptoms

Sore lower back pain is a painful condition affecting the lower portion of the spine or the lumbar region. When the lower back is in pain, it can limit the range of motion and affect normal activities, such as standing upright, sitting, or lying down. In addition, the severity of lower back pain range from mild to intense, depending on the cause. For example, strained muscles feel tight, sore, or achy, while a pulled muscle may feel hot, tingling, or prickling pain. Furthermore, some causes of the sore lower back include arthritis, structural problems, fractures, and disc problems. The symptoms would include: 

  • Stiffness and decreased movement
  • Muscle spasms or tightness in the low back, hips, and pelvis
  • Stinging or burning pain radiating to the thighs and legs
  • Dull ache after a prolonged sitting or standing

Sore Lower Back Pain Relief with TENS Therapy

TENS therapy uses low-voltage electrical units to flood the nervous system to reduce pain. TENS can help ease sore lower back pain by applying the electrodes directly to the painful area. Moreover, it utilises varying frequencies to help inhibit pain. In high-frequency, a TENS machine like the iTENS stimulates the nerves acting as gate controllers in the spinal cord to block pain signals. Thus, fewer messages reach the brain and transmit back as pain. Alternatively, low-frequency induces the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. Endorphins are hormones that the brain release when the body feels pain or stress. Thus, more endorphins are effective in reducing pain and improving mood. 

During TENS treatment, the electrical currents from a TENS machine create a tingling sensation in the nerve fibres. Some people may feel instant relief while using the device, while others experience lasting effects after the therapy. Additionally, the constant soothing pulses from TENS boost blood circulation in the area. The increased blood flow helps heal damaged nerves or sore muscles quickly. Therefore, TENS therapy can help soothe sore lower back pain caused by sudden injuries or surgical operations. Furthermore, TENS therapy also suits other body aches, like joint pain (ankles, knees, elbows, shoulders) and muscle pain in susceptible areas like the neck, legs, and feet. 

How to Operate a TENS Machine

People with chronic sore lower back pain may go to clinics or treatment facilities to manage the condition. However, modern electrotherapy devices like the iTENS enable individuals to treat pain at home or on the go. Moreover, self-treatment with the iTENS wireless TENS machine is quick and easy in only a few steps. Firstly, the wireless iTENS can be operated as a standalone device or through app control. You may use the iTENS by placing the electrode pads over the pain area and turning on the device. However, using the iTENS through a smartphone app gives you access to numerous features. You can facilitate TENS therapy through the iTENS app in two ways:

  • Pre-set modes – the iTENS app features programs with pre-set parameters based on body parts or health conditions. Therefore, you can safely conduct therapy even if you are new to TENS. Particularly, you may select the treatment for the lower back pain to help ease soreness or dull sensations. However, suppose an underlying ailment causes the pain, you may choose a particular therapy like arthritis, fibromyalgia, or sciatica.
  • Manual mode – the manual operation lets you customise the TENS program according to your preference. You may set the pulse rate, duration, and waveforms that give you the most effective results. 

TENS Pad Placement for Sore Lower Back Pain

Effective TENS pain relief depends on the kinds of electrode pads and their positioning. It is crucial to identify the most painful area in administering TENS therapy. For effective sore lower back pain treatment, you may use the iTENS large wing kit for wider coverage. If pain is on one side, position the pad on either side of the pain area. However, if the pain is all over the lower back, place the electrode pads on either side of the spine. Additionally, for pain that radiates to the hips or legs like sciatica, you may use the iTENS long strip wings for elongated pain coverage. Lastly, you may alter the placement of the pads to get optimal results. However, do not adhere the TENS pads directly over the spinal cord or joints. 

iTENS Australia offers wireless iTENS as a more convenient pain management method. The wireless electrodes of the iTENS enable quick and hassle-free pad placement. Furthermore, the wireless electrode pads make it easy to place on hard-to-reach areas like treating sore lower back pain. In addition, it is worth noting that the TENS electrode is not suitable for certain body parts or conditions. For instance, avoid placing the TENS pads on the eyes, head, and upper neck. Also, do not simultaneously position the pads on the chest and back, especially if you have a heart condition or an electrical implant. Lastly, do not place the TENS pads on open wounds or broken or infected skin. 

The Wireless iTENS at iTENS Australia

The iTENS is the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless TENS device for pain relief. It combines the efficiency of wireless technology and the effectiveness of TENS therapy for alleviating sore lower back pain and other conditions. Moreover, the iTENS wireless electrode pads are discreet and do not restrict the range of motion. Therefore, it is suitable for treating sore muscles or stiffness while active. Lastly, you may get the iTENS wireless TENS machine without a prescription at iTENS Australia.