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Where to Get a TENS Machine in Canberra

Pain management can play a vital role in your day-to-day comfort and quality of life. Pain can show up gradually or immediately, and there is no way of knowing when it can happen. It can present as a sharp, burning, throbbing, or shooting (radiating) sensation. When not taken care of properly, pain can cause severe discomfort. Fortunately, there are practical and easily accessible pain management treatments available. Oral medication, physiotherapy, and electrotherapy are effective pain management treatments. These treatments are easily accessible and are usable by almost anyone. Oral medicines and physiotherapy may need a healthcare professional’s guidance and help. However, you can safely perform electrotherapy with a TENS device on your own. TENS devices use electrical stimulation to help reduce pain sensations. You can purchase a highly effective TENS machine in Canberra through iTENS Australia.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a form of electrotherapy that uses low-voltage electrical currents to treat pain. This treatment falls under the “Gate Control Theory” of pain management. The theory states that the electrical stimulation given on our nerves can close specific sensory pathways. These pathways are where are our pain signals pass through to reach our brains. Closure of these pathways can lessen the pain signals received, thus, reducing the overall pain sensations we would typically feel. Additionally, TENS therapy also increases endorphin production, our body’s natural pain killers. Thanks to online transactions, looking for a TENS machine in Canberra is easy. Moreover, endorphins can help with:

  • Pain Reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Stress relief

Buying A TENS Machine in Canberra

There are plenty of TENS devices available in the market. However, when buying a TENS machine in Canberra, finding an effective and convenient device is essential. The iTENS from iTENS Australia has both traits. Furthermore, iTENS Australia has a one-day dispatch policy, allowing faster shipping services. Moreover, iTENS AU has nationwide shipping, so you can avail of the effective iTENS device no matter where you are. Additionally, since it is a famous device, you can also find iTENS on other online platforms like eBay. You may even purchase the iTENS from pharmacies and self-care stores. You do not need a prescription to buy an iTENS.

Buying A TENS Machine in Canberra: Why iTENS?

The iTENS has plenty of features that make it the best option for a TENS machine in Canberra. Firstly, the iTENS is a highly innovative TENS device capable of Bluetooth connection. This connection allows the user to pair the iTENS device with their smartphone seamlessly. Through your smartphone, you can have access to the iTENS App. The iTENS app has various pre-set parameters to treat specific conditions and body areas optimally. This feature allows the user to start their TENS therapy session with just a press of a button. Moreover, users that don’t have much electrotherapy experience can drastically benefit from ready to use parameters. You can now perform pain management treatments effectively, even without professional help. Additionally, to further add with the iTENS’ accessibility, there is also a “manual mode” available for users who want personalized treatments.

Another key feature that makes the iTENS the best TENS machine in Canberra is its wireless feature. The iTENS is an entirely wireless device. Most standard TENS devices come with electrodes pads with wires. The iTENS’ wireless feature allows for more freedom with movements. Being able to move more freely can enable the user to perform other tasks even during their TENS therapy. TENS treatments with the iTENS can still allow you to do work, chores, or exercise.

Buying A Wireless TENS Machine in Canberra

Buying a wireless device can drastically help improve your pain management treatments. Using a wireless TENS machine in Canberra can allow you to do more during treatments. One main advantage a wireless device has over standard devices is that it can enable more effective exercises during treatment. TENS therapy can become more effective when combined with other treatments like exercise. Being able to perform more movements during training can help improve blood circulation. Improved blood circulation can help with muscle and nerve regeneration. Moreover, these effects can help decrease the injury recovery period and provide faster healing.

Using the iTENS TENS Machine in Canberra

When using the iTENS from iTENS Australia, it is essential to remember to attach the device to your skin before turning it on. This method can help decrease the likelihood of sudden shocks during treatment. Once you’ve connected the device to your skin, pair the iTENS with your smartphone. Select the treatment specifically for the condition or body part you want to treat from your smartphone. For example, select the “sciatica” option to treat sciatic pain. Moreover, you can also use the iTENS in “manual mode” to allow more comfort during treatment sessions. This feature allows for more personalized treatments. In manual mode, you can manually set the intensity, frequency, pulse duration, and pulse width. When you purchase a TENS machine in Canberra, you must follow all the given instructions.

When using the manual mode, professionals recommend starting with the lowest intensity and frequency possible. You may then gradually increase the parameters. This method can prevent skin and nerve irritations. Pad Placement is another vital part of TENS therapy. It is essential to place the pads near or around the area that needs treatment. This allows for appropriate nerve stimulation on the right nerves and pathways. The iTENS is compact and small, allowing for more effective pad placement methods all around the body. Moreover, it is also essential to take note of the pad sizing when using a TENS machine in Canberra. For example, using a small electrode pad on the back might be ineffective.

iTENS Pad Sizing

The iTENS from iTENS Australia comes with three different pad sizes to treat specific areas and conditions optimally. Having interchangeable electrode pads also allows the iTENS to be more versatile with what it can treat. A TENS machine in Canberra can make for a reasonable investment because of the comfort it can provide. When selecting pad sizes, you can refer to this guide:

  • Large iTENS electrode wing pads: These pads are for big areas like the back and shoulder
  • Long iTENS electrode wing pads: These pads are for elongated treatment areas like the leg up to your back. These pads are effective for conditions like sciatica.
  • Small iTENS electrode wing pads: These are mainly for small and flexible areas like the ankle and wrist

Is TENS Therapy Safe?

Electrotherapy with a TENS machine in Canberra can be safe if you use a device like the iTENS. TENS therapy is a non-toxic, safe, and all-natural method for pain relief. Unlike some oral pain medications, TENS devices do not have any adverse side effects. Furthermore, you can use a TENS device throughout the day. However, it is essential to remember to take 20-minute breaks in between sessions. Moreover, the iTENS has FDA approval to be a safe personal pain relief device. Before purchasing your first TENS device, consult a doctor or physiotherapist. People with epilepsy, cancer patients, and people with cardiac pacemakers should avoid TENS machines.

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