TENS Machine for Pregnancy Use

If you’re interested in an all-natural, drug-free comfort in labor, iTENS can be a terrific and safe option for you and your birth. The iTENS devices are portable, non-invasive, and it is a pain relief option that you can control yourself. Using a TENS machine for pregnancy alongside doing appropriate exercises, and other pain relief therapy should be considered as treatment options for managing constant lower back pain or pelvic girdle pain. The TENS devices can be considered as a complementary treatment for managing pain relief. 

TENS machines for pregnancy are excellent since they will allow you to remain active. You can use a TENS device and labor in any stance that you want. You may feel a slight buzzing through the unit pads. The TENS unit has program presets you can control to turn the strength of the device up or down, depending on the level of pain, your pain tolerance, and which phase you are in your labor. 

Consult Your Doctor 

If you are set on using one, it is best to consult your doctor before you go into labour. Not all hospitals will provide TENS machines for pregnancy. It would be best if you asked health professionals whether you could use a TENS machine for pregnancy or not.  

If you use a tens machine during labour, you may need one that provides you with a burst button so you can control the frequency properly during contractions. TENS machines emit an electrical pulse that prevents the nerve impulses during a contraction. That will help in reducing the pain you will feel. You can use a tens machine for pregnancy alongside gas & air for pain relief.  

It is important that you understand that each person experiences labour differently. There are some people who do not need any help with pain relief in the slightest, and various things work for every individual. If it is your first time, then there is no reason why you should not try every option available to help you manage your pain. If you feel that you really want to – using a tens machine for pregnancy is simply one of the options (and the only option you can use to assist with pain relief while waiting at home during early labour or during the trip to the hospital).  

Advantages of using a TENS machine for pregnancy 

  • TENS therapy doesn’t require medications 
  • TENS gives you control over your pain relief 
  • You can stay active 
  • Use TENS as a complementary treatment alongside other methods of pain relief 
  • TENS have no side effects. It is 100% safe and drug-free 
  • TENS can be for home use 

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