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TENS Module: An Overview of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

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People who are interested in Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) must read the TENS module. It will allow them to know the overview and usage guidelines of the electrotherapy. TENS therapy uses a handheld device that produces low-voltage electric currents to the body. It is a natural pain reliever with little to no side effects. However, individuals should follow proper pad placement to ensure success. Also, ensure to start with low frequency to avoid sudden shocks.

Dealing with pain is difficult. It can hinder even the most menial of tasks. Thus, it is essential to manage it. Doctors typically prescribe medication, but they also provide alternatives nowadays. One of which is by using TENS. It has been proven effective as a pain relief. To learn more, the following sections will present what TENS is, why people prefer to use it, and the guidelines for best performance.

TENS Module: What TENS Is

An essential part of the TENS module is understanding what TENS is. To start, it is a type of electrotherapy. Hence, the device used for sessions has electrode pads. They act as the bridge for the electric impulses to reach the body. It is a generally safe procedure. Even pregnant women can use it for labour pains. However, it is important to consult a professional before doing it.

TENS can bring relief to many types of pain, may it be acute or chronic. The stimulation works by maximising the potential of the natural painkillers in the body. In addition, it can do pain gating. The currents flood the nervous system to reduce its ability to send out pain signals. The effects can be felt within 15 minutes.

It comes in the form of a battery-operated TENS machine. A unit has controls to adjust the settings based on the preferences of people. They can manage their pain by modifying the frequency, duration, and intensity. Pads are vital to the success of the therapy. Thus, they should take good care of them for long-term use.

What Can It Treat?

TENS is useful in treating various pains. Here are some of the conditions it can help:

  • Back pain – This is a type of pain people experience at least once in their lives. The causes can range from trivial to medical conditions.
  • Frozen shoulder – They have trouble moving their shoulders. There can be stiffness when this happens.
  • Post-operative pain – Those who underwent surgical procedures can experience persistent pain at the site of their surgery.
  • Period pain – Women who go through monthly lower abdomen pain can safely use TENS.
  • Arthritis – Swelling and tenderness in a joint typically occur when someone has arthritis.

A TENS kit with its corresponding essential information

TENS Module: Why People Prefer to Use TENS

Many people are using TENS as a pain reliever. This TENS module will provide reasons why more prefer to use the natural treatment. Firstly, it is drug-free. Some people do not want to use or cannot use certain pain medications. Thus, TENS is a good way to provide relief without the side effects of common painkillers.

Secondly, it is versatile. It can bring relief and relaxation. People can feel massage-like sensations when they do the therapy. In addition, some devices have pre-set modes. Hence, they can get the most appropriate settings depending on what type of pain they are feeling. The range is wide in terms of what TENS can do.

Lastly, it is cost-effective. Regular TENS sessions can lessen the amount of time people experience pain. Those who typically get back pains five times a week can reduce it to three after doing TENS consistently. This means they do not have to pay for therapies and other treatments that often. It is also true for owning a unit, as it can be used for many years with proper maintenance.

How to Receive Therapy?

A traditional way to receive a TENS session is by going to a hospital or therapy centre. Healthcare providers typically prescribe their patients to get one. Moreover, patients themselves can ask their physicians if they can get it. It allows them a better understanding of TENS for their specific concern.

The more convenient option for doing the electrotherapy is to buy a personal TENS device. People can get wireless devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia. It is also possible to purchase in pharmacies and drug stores. There are many options nowadays; hence, they can compare units easily.

A person peeling the sheet from a TENS electrode pad

TENS Module: Usage Guidelines

The TENS module also provides usage guidelines to ensure the success and safety of TENS. One of the most important to understand is the pad placement. People can directly place the pads over the area of pain. They can also do it above, below, and beside the location. Moreover, they can change the pattern of the placement to see what is the most effective in relieving pain.

TENS is effective in reducing contraction pains. It is only suitable for their lower back pains during labour. Hence, pregnant women should not place the pads on the abdomen. Furthermore, people should try not to attach the electrodes to body parts like the eyes, front of the neck, spine, and head to prevent injuries.

In addition, people can use high frequencies if they deem fit or if their doctors suggest it. However, it is essential to start the session with low frequencies first to avoid sudden shocks. Likewise, prolonged use can cause burns or skin irritation. Thus, each therapy should only be for 20-30 minutes unless otherwise stated by a professional.

Best Practices

People can use multiple pads once surrounding the area of pain. This can result in more relief. However, multiple uses result in faster loss of adhesion. Typically, they can use a set of electrodes for 2two to three months or 15-20 applications per set. They can buy packs of pads in advance for convenience to ensure they do not run out.

One more best practice to make the most out of a TENS device is to keep it free from dirt and dust. Individuals can store it in a dry place. Dust can cause the adhesives to lose their stickiness.


The TENS module is necessary for people who want to understand why many are using TENS. It is a good alternative to medication because it is a drug-free pain reliever. It is an electrotherapy that uses low-voltage impulses. The patients can feel relief due to the release of endorphins and pain gating. It is cost-effective, especially for those who buy a personal unit. To ensure maximum safety, they should follow general guidelines and advice of doctors.

There are many options in the market. In addition, TENS units come in different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, people who aim to buy a device should consider its reliability. If it is, effectiveness is almost a certainty. Also, they should check if the device is FDA-cleared, like the iTENS. Additionally, they can look for convenient features. For instance, units that can connect to a mobile phone so they can easily operate the device.

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