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The iTENS Wireless TENS and EMS Unit

Pain management is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and well-balanced life. Pain can come from injuries and various health conditions. It can present itself as a sharp, shooting, throbbing, or burning sensation. Pain can start to arise gradually or instantly depending on your condition, and there is no way to control it fully. Fortunately, modern discoveries and innovations have helped make pain management become less tedious. Oral medications, physical therapy, and electrotherapy are modern methods people use to treat pain. Electrotherapy is a treatment that uses electrical currents to treat and reduce pain. Devices like the iTENS wireless TENS and EMS unit from iTENS Australia can effectively implement electrotherapy. 

Innovations for pain management has come a long way. Standard TENS and EMS devices back then have wired connections with their electrode pads. Nowadays, personal devices like the iTENS are entirely wireless and even have Bluetooth connections. Gone are the days when you’d need to have wires with your electrodes during TENS therapy. These wireless devices make TENS treatments feel a lot more comfortable and convenient, even when you’re on the move. Moreover, pain reduction tends to last longer when using a personal TENS device. Electrotherapy replaces relying on less efficient and effective home remedies like cold and hot packs. Additionally, a lot less mess and effort is needed when getting your TENS device ready. Moreover, pain relief via a TENS device could last longer when compared to the traditional methods. 


Electrotherapy: TENS vs EMS

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a form of electrotherapy that uses low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate our nerves. The “Gate Control Theory” of pain management can explain the pain reduction during TENS therapy. This theory states that we can close specific sensory pathways when providing electrical stimulation to certain areas. These pathways are where pain signals pass through to reach our brain. Closure to these pathways can help negate or reduce pain sensations. Additionally, TENS devices can also induce endorphin release to add more pain relief. Endorphins are our body’s natural pain killers, and they can help reduce pain within our body. Effective devices like the iTENS wireless TENS and EMS unit from iTENS Australia can provide these effects. 

Electric Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is another form of electrotherapy that can help with the pain. The main difference between TENS and EMS are their target areas. Unlike TENS, EMS devices mainly target muscles. Directly targeting muscles can help induce effective muscle contractions to help with muscle recovery and pain relief. Effective EMS devices like the iTENS wireless TENS and EMS unit can drastically help improve your recovery. The muscle contraction produced by the EMS device can help improve blood flow. Furthermore, an improved blood flow can help quicken the healing of injured muscles and bones. Additionally, EMS therapy can also help with: 

  • Reducing Muscle Knots 
  • Reducing pain from muscle strains 
  • Preventing muscle atrophy 
  • Treating Sore Muscles (mainly due to overuse) 

iTENS: The iTENS Wireless TENS and EMS Unit

The iTENS wireless TENS and EMS unit from iTENS Australia is the most innovative pain-relieving device to this date. Plenty of features makes the iTENS the best wireless TENS device available. Firstly, the iTENS can seamlessly pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth connection. This connection allows you the access the iTENS App. You can control the iTENS straight your smartphone via the App. You can choose from the various pre-set settings available within the App. These pre-set treatment parameters are ready for a specific health condition and body area. For example, you can quickly and effortlessly treat your sciatic pain by pressing on the “sciatica” pre-set parameters. You can quickly begin your pain management sessions on the iTENS with just a press of a button. Additionally, this feature is beneficial for users that do not have any prior electrotherapy experience (first-time users). 

You may also use the iTENS on “manual mode” instead of the automated mode with the pre-set treatment parameters. Having different modes is another advantage the iTENS has over other devices. You may also set personalized treatment parameters with your wireless TENS and EMS unit during TENS therapy. In “manual mode”, you can change the intensity, frequency, pulse width and pulse duration manually. This feature allows users to have their own comfortable, personalized treatment parameter. Other users may find more comfort with the electrotherapy parameters they set for themselves. This feature will enable treatments to seem more relaxed. 

Using Your Wireless TENS and EMS Unit

There may be some steps to follow when using the “manual mode” on your wireless TENS and EMS unit. Professionals advise starting with the lowest possible frequency and intensity. This method allows our body to accommodate the electrical impulses slowly. Quickly turning up the parameters may cause shocks and discomfort. Furthermore, make sure to attach your pads before turning on the device. Placing the pads after being turned on may cause electric shocks. It is essential to place the pads before turning the machine on for manual and automated modes. The iTENS device from iTENS Australia is well regulated, so any form of shock during treatment is most probably due to wrong usage. 


Wireless TENS and EMS Unit Pad Placement

Pad placement is crucial for effective treatments. The iTENS has three different pad sizes available. Having different sized pads allow for more optimal treatments and stimulation. There are certain conditions and body parts where only a specific pad size can treat. The large electrode wing pads of the iTENS can treat areas like the back and legs. The long electrode pads are for elongated treatment areas like the leg up to the back, effective for treating conditions like sciatica. Lastly, the small iTENS electrode wing pads are flexible and can effortlessly attach to areas like the ankle and wrist. Different pad sizes allow your wireless TENS and EMS unit to optimally cover the appropriate surface area for specific conditions. Covering the appropriate surface area can help provide more effective nerve or muscle stimulation. 

iTENS: A Safe and Regulated Device to Use

The iTENS from iTENS Australia is FDA approved to be a safe and effective personal pain relief device. Unlike some oral medications, TENS therapy does not have any adverse side effects. Having no negative side effects may allow users to use the device more. However, it is essential to remember to take 20-minute breaks in between sessions. Moreover, having no wires enables users to move more freely and safely, even during TENS therapy. You can use and hide your wireless TENS and EMS unit discreetly under your clothes. Furthermore, the iTENS’ compact size allows users to carry it around effortlessly. You can use the iTENS even when you’re on the go. With the innovations of pain management today, you can easily manage your pain during work, exercise, or while doing chores. 

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