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iTENS: TENS and EMS combo unit

Thousands of people use TENS and EMS combo units for pain relief therapy for various reasons. Suppose you are wondering how this high tech medical device can help you or your loved ones. This article is created to provide a complete guide to iTENS Wireless TENS Machines. This article can provide thorough and proper information into what TENS therapy can do and who can use TENS and the benefits it can offer. There will barely be any restrictions to movement with very portable devices like the iTENS wireless TENS and EMS combo unit. People with busy schedules can now enjoy the benefits one would acquire during a TENS therapy session. Owning an effective personal TENS machine is worth an investment for anyone struggling with acute or chronic pain. 

What Is a TENS and EMS combo unit?

TENS and EMS combo unit combines both TENS and EMS devices. These devices are used for pain relief and muscle rehabilitation. A TENS therapy device is an innovative yet straightforward pain relief tool. And it is used as a complementary or alternative to traditional pain relief forms. TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Works by producing tiny electrical currents targeting the skin. The portable, battery-powered TENS device is placed directly on the skin by users to reduce their pain. TENS therapy has been used as an all-natural and risk-free form of pain management method. Its long-lasting effects make it a far better option than traditional methods like using ice or hot packs.

Using a TENS and EMS combo unit helps trigger natural pain killers. And it has never been this effective and safe at the same time. Like the iTENS device, TENS machines now have pre-set settings that come with it, which allow almost anyone to operate it effortlessly. The settings can be set manually on the machine or through an iOS or Android phone, making for a more suitable pain management treatment. The iTENS device, being wireless, also allows for more flexible sessions on the go, and you can perform TENS therapy even while:

  • Cooking
  • Eating
  • Getting ready for work
  • Doing household chores

TENS and EMS combo units

TENS and EMS combo unit devices are designed for muscle stimulation or pain relief. While they both work to treat the body using electric currents, the purposes they serve are varied. In addition to TENS therapy massages, some devices have EMS settings. Electric muscle stimulation is also known as EMS. While TENS therapy uses lower voltage to target nerves in injured areas, EMS delivers a more substantial voltage that makes muscles contract. The muscle contractions help rehabilitate and strengthen them. Stimulation also promotes blood, which can help shorten recovery time from an injury or warm up the muscles before exercising.

EMS device pads are typically applied to muscle groups, unlike TENS devices. The stronger electrical currents of an EMS device should not be used to treat pain and these currents are designed to help with muscle strength or speed up rehabilitation. EMS devices are also used for people that are in critical care who cannot exercise. Most TENS and EMS combo units have batteries and completely portable. Some devices are so compact that they fit in your pocket. The devices come with several sets of electrodes of varying sizes. Placing these electrode pads is quick and easy as it is self-adhesive. Place the electrodes directly on the skin. You can then turn on the device, and it will start to produce tiny electrical currents to the pain point.

Who Can Use these devices?

Suppose you are interested in using a TENS and EMS combo unit for pain relief. Here at iTENS, we always recommend talking with a medical professional first. You must get an expert to advise. However, these devices are an excellent pain relief option for most users. TENS machines are highly affordable, easy to use and have provided excellent results for users.

You should NOT use a TENS Machine:

  • On your face or your head
  • On broken or irritated skin
  • Over the front or side of your neck
  • Over numb areas
  • While showering
  • If you have a pacemaker
  • When driving
  • If you are pregnant

Is a TENS and EMS combo unit safe to use?

TENS machines are a non-invasive form of pain relief and have very little or no risk to the users. However, it would help if you always take caution when using a new medical device in the comfort of your home. If you have medical conditions or are new to using TENS devices, ensure that you read the instructions correctly and consult with medical professionals. Like any condition, pain may vary, depending on various factors. As a result, the pain relief you can experience after using a TENS and EMS combo unit also vary. While effects can last between 5 minutes and 18 hours, some users may experience no pain for the next 24 hours.

The iTENS is a TENS and EMS combo unit that can help with pain relief and muscle relaxation. Massages for pain, recovery, endurance, and one designed specifically for arthritis. You can choose from a variety of wired or wireless devices. Traditional TENS devices have wired electrode pads, but various models feature wireless electrode pads that can be controlled with a remote. Some TENS therapy devices can sync with a smartphone. When looking for a TENS therapy device, there are various factors you may want to consider in terms of effectiveness.

iTENS Wireless TENS Machine

The iTENS wireless TENS and EMS combo unit let you track sessions and provides TENS therapy tips and pad placement guides with its smartphone companion app. They come with several sets of interchangeable electrode pads of different sizes. These pads are will easily stick and are easily attachable on the skin. You can attach the iTENS on almost any area of your body. Once you place the pads, you turn on the device and deliver electrical currents to the pain point, which helps with pain relief. When shopping for a TENS therapy device, it is vital that you research which devices have the appropriate modes for your needs.

The typical TENS and EMS combo unit come with around ten reusable self-adhesive pads, but these will not last. The pads will lose their stickiness if used regularly. Buying and replacing the adhesive pads is an extra expense, so you may want to consider that cost when choosing a TENS device. If you are still unsure about how TENS machines work and would like to learn more about TENS devices and their usage you can go ask for a professional’s help. We recommend that you consult your doctor. iTENS Australia is an excellent choice for affordable pain relief supplies in Australia. Providing you with a risk-free pain relief method.

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