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Comparison Guide: iTENS vs Aldi TENS Machine

TENS therapy is a highly effective pain management method that produces tiny electrical impulses. These electrical impulses stimulate the nerves and reduce pain and discomfort. Pain relief through electrical nerve stimulation like TENS therapy is considered a non-invasive, drug-free and safe pain management option. Highly effective personal TENS therapy devices like the iTENS or the ALDI TENS machine can help provide pain relief. 

TENS therapy can help provide pain relief for various painful conditions. TENS is a safe and drug-free pain management method. Additionally, this type of treatment can help reduce the intake of pain-killing medications. People suffering from chronic conditions can use TENS devices conveniently whenever pain relief is needed. Since the iTENS and ALDI tens machines have similar features and effects, how can you begin to compare?

iTENS vs the ALDI tens machine: Features and Controls

Nowadays, innovations have enabled TENS therapy to become more convenient. These innovative ideas allow easy access to pain relief treatments through wireless medical devices. Furthermore, it is crucial to know that wireless TENS therapy devices are as efficient as traditional wired devices. The iTENS and some ALDI TENS machines are wireless TENS therapy devices with similar effects and results. However, there are features that only the iTENS wireless TENS therapy device can offer. 

One of these features that iTENS offers is Bluetooth connectivity. The option for Bluetooth connectivity allows iTENS users to pair the device to any iOS or Android smartphone seamlessly. Moreover, this key feature also enable users to control the device remotely. The iTENS device can allow remote control using the free iTENS companion app. Pairing the iTENS device with a smartphone can significantly help users seeking to treat hard to reach areas like the lower back. iTENS and ALDI TENS machines users would no longer struggle when trying to adjust the device’s program settings during TENS treatment.

Why Buy these Wireless Devices?

The iTENS and the ALDI TENS machine can be flexible and comprehensive pain relief tools thanks to their wireless features. Having no wires attached to the TENS device can allow users to place the pads on the pain area easily. This feature means that these wireless TENS devices can treat various pain conditions and injuries. Having a TENS therapy machine like the iTENS from iTENS Australia can help treat specific body areas like the:

  •     Neck
  •     Back 
  •     Shoulders
  •     Wrists
  •     Hips
  •     Knees
  •     Ankles

Additionally, TENS therapy can help in treating painful various pain conditions. The iTENS and the ALDI TENS machine can efficiently provide pain relief for the following conditions:

Despite being able to treat similar conditions, the iTENS and the ALDI TENS machine may have a few distinctions. iTENS users can switch between three different pad sizes that specifically treat certain body areas.

iTENS free App

Despite being very similar therapy devices, the iTENS Wireless TENS device does have additional essential features that make it more convenient for TENS therapy users. When looking through the iTENS and ALDI TENS machine controls, users would notice more program settings available in the free iTENS app. The iTENS companion app also features various preset programs to help treat specific pain conditions and body areas. For example, when opting to use the iTENS app, users can select the preset option to treat “Sciatica”. This feature can allow users to begin their TENS therapy treatments with just a button press. 

Furthermore, this vital feature can benefit users who have started using TENS therapy devices. Users may now optimally treat themselves without seeking professional help through the iTENS and Aldi TENS machines. Moreover, the iTENS wireless TENS unit is an FDA-cleared medical device ensuring safe pain management. FDA clearance provides users that these devices have been properly tested and have appropriate certifications. However, some groups of people should avoid using TENS if they have cancer, heart conditions, have pacemakers or epilepsy. Purchasing the wireless iTENS directly at iTENS Australia is an excellent option. It does not require a prescription.

Wireless TENS therapy devices

The wireless features of the iTENS and the ALDI TENS machine give users the freedom to move freely during TENS therapy sessions. This wireless feature allows users to stay active and continue doing other activities during their TENS therapy sessions. Additionally, during TENS therapy sessions, users can continue working, do chores, and even work out with a wireless TENS device like the iTENS. This feature can drastically help users who have active lifestyles and busy schedules. Furthermore, these devices remove the hassle of dealing with tangled wires. The iTENS is compact, portable and highly discreet. Users can wear the device underneath their clothing and access instant pain relief whenever they need it.

iTENS vs ALDI TENS machine differences: Electrode Pads

Pad placement is critical to have the most beneficial TENS therapy treatment effects. The correct sized pads with proper placement can help provide more efficient nerve stimulations. Additionally, the iTENS therapy device has interchangeable pads, allowing for more successful treatments around the body. Whereas the ALDI TENS machine only has one set of electrode pad sizes. TENS therapy treatments may vary, especially when treating an area that may need fewer or more electrode pads. Furthermore, iTENS Australia has more available pad sizes than the ALDI TENS machine. iTENS users can purchase additional interchangeable accessories from iTENS Australia. The three available iTENS pad sizes are:

  • Large interchangeable Wing Pads
  • Small interchangeable Wing Pads
  • Long Strip interchangeable Pad


The iTENS and the ALDI TENS machine can also help improve endorphin release. These are the body’s natural painkillers. Therefore, medical specialists often refer to endorphins as the “happy” or “feel-good” hormone. Additionally, these hormones called endorphins can also help with relaxation, stress relief, relieve muscle tension, improve general mood, and helps create better sleeping patterns. Therefore, people suffering from acute and chronic pain can significantly benefit from TENS therapy. The effects between devices may be similar; however, the iTENS may have various advantages over the ALDI TENS devices. 

Furthermore, getting a personal TENS therapy device like the iTENS wireless TENS or the ALDI TENS machine allows users to have easy access to pain relief. However, having a personal wireless TENS device like the iTENS offers the following advantages:

  • Portable – the iTENS device is compact, discreet, lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere.  
  • Controllable – users can adjust the program intensity according to their preference. iTENS also offers users the ability to create and adapt their own TENS treatment manually.
  • Allows movement – iTENS devices being entirely wireless do not limit the range of motion during TENS treatment.
  • Easy to use – the iTENS companion app has various preset programs for ease of use. Even if users are new and not familiar with TENS therapy machines and settings, iTENS allows users to use the device independently without any hassles.

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