Using a TENS Machine for Knee Pain

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, correspondingly recognized as TENS, is a pain-relieving and blood circulation-boosting technique. TENS surrounds the region with electrodes with electrical currents. The profound vibration/massage aids in muscular relaxation and healing. When utilizing TENS, you should not experience muscular contractions. The iTENS is a non-drug treatment device that combines technology with TENS that has proven outcomes to give adequate and long-lasting pain relief. The iTENS machine has been shown to be helpful in the treatment of a variety of ailments such as knee pain. It has been revealed to be a very effective TENS machine for knee pain as well as providing relief to those with various forms of arthritis. 

Knee Pain Variety of Conditions 

  • Traumatic injury – A portion of the meniscus can tear and float in the knee joint due to an injury or trauma, producing severe discomfort. 
  • Dislocation – When a severe impact to the knee and lower leg occurs, it might become totally dislocated from the upper leg portion. Ligaments, arteries, and nerves can be stretched and torn as a result of this. A dislocation is a limb-threatening severe condition that necessitates rapid medical treatment. 
  • Tendonitis – occurs when a tendon inflames as a result of a tendon injury. It can cause aches and pains, soreness and alter the movement of a tendon. 

Using iTENS as your TENS machine for knee pain 

Your pain assessment strategy will include multiple ways of pain treatment, including drug-free ones. After a diagnosis of chronic or progressive knee pain or even in the most challenging situations. An operation may be required to restore the knee injury and relieve the discomfort caused by the damage. You may consider using the iTENS as a TENS machine for knee pain. The iTENS electrotherapy can be utilized outside the health centre for drug-free, on-demand pain treatment. This also includes stiffness reduction, relaxation, and blood circulation booster. Thus, the iTENS machine will assist you in staying active. 

Rehab Time and Fear 

Even completing any activity during the day, pain can quickly turn into a problem. Without a TENS machine for knee pain, it takes so much time to recover and the individual can develop fear that limits their movements and activities. Usage of iTENS units can minimize inflammation and stinging discomfort, allowing them to return to their average activity level. Therefore, a person may fully live their everyday life without unjustified dread, utilizing their full range of power without fear of muscular atrophy. People with advanced knee discomfort can recover back to normal much sooner with the iTENS machine.

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