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Comparison Guide: iTENS vs Bupa TENS Machine

TENS therapy works by producing low voltage electrical impulses to reduce pain and discomfort. In addition, TENS therapy also proves to reduce symptoms of various painful conditions, therefore, becoming essential for medical purposes. Innovative TENS therapy devices are readily available for personal or home use. Personal units like the iTENS from iTENS Australia or a Bupa TENS machine are suitable for managing acute and chronic pain conditions. 

A TENS machine includes electrode pads that produce tiny electrical impulses to stimulate the sensory nerves. The iTENS or a Bupa TENS machine works by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. This stimulation helps reduce pain and discomfort. In addition, TENS therapy induces the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers. 

Bupa TENS Machine and iTENS: Insurance and Rebates

Bupa is an insurer that offers rebates for health aids purchased online. Health Aids are external devices like TENS machines used to assist individuals with managing or improving a medical condition or to help prevent further damage or aggravating a health condition. In addition, health aids will likely require a recommendation letter from your doctor or medical specialist before claiming any benefits. A recommendation letter has to define and clarify the medical need for your health aid. To get your benefit reimbursement, you must check that the health aid company supplying the item or online retailer is a Bupa recognised provider. In addition, this may include certified and valid online providers, depending on the health aid device and provider. If you seek TENS therapy devices that can be applied for health insurance reimbursement, the iTENS and Bupa TENS machine is acceptable.

However, Bupa Australia does not recognise overseas health aid providers and does not reimburse costs for items purchased from Amazon, eBay, Gumtree, or the Facebook marketplace. Furthermore. You will require valid receipts to claim insurance benefits. An invoice from the health aid provider at the time of purchase is required. Remember that iTENS Australia and Bupa TENS machine providers will provide tax invoices so you can claim your health insurance.


Choosing a TENS Machine

TENS therapy can significantly help manage and reduce pain symptoms for various conditions. For example, it efficiently reduces symptoms of acute and chronic painful conditions such as osteoarthritis, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, bursitis, tendonitis, back pain and period pain. In addition, individuals suffering from post-surgery injuries use TENS therapy to reduce pain and discomfort and help speed up recovery time. In particular, TENS therapy helps improve blood circulation, alleviating sore muscles or damaged nerves. The iTENS and some Bupa TENS machines are compact, portable, battery-operated devices to help manage pain whenever and wherever you are. 

However, choosing the proper device for your needs can be difficult with the differences and similarities of TENS units available in the market. Both the iTENS and Bupa TENS machines can be beneficial in providing pain relief. To help you choose the correct TENS therapy device, you should check each TENS model’s features and available programs. Here are some features you may want to consider on a TENS device:

  • Power source – Rechargeable or AA batteries. The iTENS is USB-powered, removing the hassle of changing batteries.
  • Automatic and pre-set treatment modes – The iTENS provides users with pre-set programs that treat specific pain conditions and body areas.
  • Wired or wireless – Some Bupa TENS machines may have wires, whereas the iTENS is an entirely wireless TENS unit.
  • Program intensity levels
  • Electrode pads sizes
  • Massage mode options
  • Ease of use

iTENS: Wireless TENS

Standard TENS therapy machines typically come with a separate TENS unit and wires. Wireless TENS devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia utilise Bluetooth connectivity features to connect the TENS device to any iOS or Android smartphone seamlessly. This wireless feature allows users to move freely and continue their daily routines during TENS therapy sessions. In addition, users can opt to connect their TENS to their smartphone and control the program settings. This feature allows users to find optimal TENS program settings to treat various health conditions. If you seek the best TENS device that can be claimed through health insurance, you may want to consider getting the iTENS or approved Bupa TENS machines.


iTENS Australia: Accessories

You may want to look for a Bupa TENS machine provider that offers a complete TENS package. Alternatively, iTENS Australia has complementary accessories for the wireless iTENS device. Additionally, the free iTENS app can control multiple iTENS devices simultaneously. iTENS users can choose one pre-set program to treat painful conditions and specific body areas with optimised settings. Moreover, there is also a manual option that allows users to create and personalise the device’s program settings. The iTENS pads come in three sizes, small and large wings and a long strip accessory. These accessories are interchangeable and are readily available for TENS treatment. iTENS Australia offers the following TENS pad sizes:

  • The iTENS small pads are best for treating conditions on or near the joints like the ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. 
  • The large pads are ideal for treating back and shoulder pains; 
  • The iTENS long strip accessory is ideal for treating the sciatic nerve and tendons.

iTENS vs Bupa TENS Machine: Uses of TENS

Pain management is more convenient and effective with the availability of pre-set TENS programs. Some Bupa TENS machines offer wired TENS units. In addition, these TENS machines provide various built-in modes and programs to treat specific conditions. Meanwhile, iTENS Australia provides its customers with wireless TENS devices for added convenience and efficiency. Moreover, iTENS is an FDA-cleared wireless TENS device. Having FDA clearance ensures that the device is safe and adequately tested.

People suffering from painful conditions consider using TENS therapy for pain management. TENS therapy is a safe, non-invasive and drug-free method of pain relief. TENS therapy is an excellent pain relief alternative if your goal is to reduce your intake of oral medications. Despite long-term use, the iTENS or a Bupa TENS machine does not produce adverse side effects compared to oral medications. Therefore, you can use a TENS therapy device multiple times a day whenever you require pain relief. However, we recommend taking breaks between TENS sessions. Ensure that you check the skin for redness or irritations. In addition, iTENS is compact and highly discreet. You can wear the wireless unit under your clothes. Furthermore, TENS units like the iTENS are medical-grade devices that do not require a prescription. Therefore, you may purchase the iTENS wireless TENS device online through iTENS Australia


TENS therapy with the iTENS or Bupa TENS machines is safe, practical, and cost-effective. TENS devices are an excellent alternative to oral medications as they do not have adverse side effects. Therefore, you may safely use TENS therapy devices whenever you require pain relief. You may visit iTENS Australia for the complete wireless iTENS kit and accessories. 

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