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Buy Elle TENS Or iTENS – A Comparison Guide

A sad pregnant woman sitting on her couch.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a method commonly used for managing labour pain. For this reason, many women choose to buy Elle TENS or iTENS devices in preparation for childbirth. These devices use mild electrical currents to alleviate intense pain. However, each unit differs in terms of features and other functions. The iTENS is a wireless TENS machine that utilises digital technology to help relieve various types of pain while Elle TENS is specifically designed for labour.

There are multiple factors to take into account when anticipating the arrival of a child. The body experiences various changes that can cause discomfort. The contractions intensify, and the cramping becomes more severe. Therefore, many pregnant women utilise a TENS machine. This article will provide the reasons to buy this machine for labour, its features, and ease of use. This article will provide a comparison between Elle TENS and iTENS for labour, including their types, features, and ease of use.

Why Buy Elle TENS Or iTENS For Labour

A TENS machine is an affordable option for pain management. It has electrode pads that administer gentle electrical currents to the body. These pads are placed on the skin near the area of pain. It has been proven to be safe and does not pose any adverse risks. Many pregnant women choose to buy Elle TENS or iTENS devices to help alleviate labour pain. Additionally, it serves as an alternative to oral pain relievers.

TENS therapy is a cost-effective alternative to procedures such as epidurals and spinal blocks. It is non-intrusive. A TENS machine is user-friendly and allows the user to have complete control over their pain relief. As the contractions intensify, the mother may increase the strength of the currents. Similarly, they have the option to stop whenever they choose. Additionally, it enables women to adjust their positions during labour for increased ease and comfort.

Medical professionals suggest utilising TENS at the onset of labour when contractions become regular. Furthermore, it is most effective in alleviating lower back pain. After delivery, women can still use a TENS machine. It is also effective for reducing post-partum or after pains.

How It Works

Whether your machine is Elle TENS or iTENS from iTENS Australia, they almost have the same function. And that is to help in managing pain during labour. Both of these devices work by:

  • Sending gentle electrical pulses through electrode pads placed on your body.
  • These electrical pulses help to block the pain signals that are sent to your brain. It then provides relief from labour pains.
  • Pain gating causes the nerve fibres that control the gates in the spinal cord to close, preventing pain signals from reaching the brain.
  • Natural opioid release stimulates the production of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.

Operating TENS through a smartphone app.

Buy Elle TENS or iTENS – Device Type And Features

While all TENS machines use electricity, they can vary in their features. As a result, it influences how individuals manage pain. When considering whether to buy Elle TENS or iTENS, it is essential to review their functions. Elle TENS units are designed for labour pain. The device has easy-to-access buttons. Furthermore, it contains two lead wires and four rectangular adhesive pads.

The Elle TENS operates in two modes: burst and boost functions. The burst mode is useful during the early stages of labour as it helps promote the release of endorphins. The boost mode is utilised for peak contractions. Additionally, it includes a mode for pelvic floor toning to assist with postpartum incontinence. In contrast, the iTENS is a compact device that utilises wireless electrodes. It is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth to access the programs.

Moreover, the iTENS has a smartphone app for adjusting settings and pre-set programs. Users have the ability to control the stimulation by adjusting the frequency and intensity. The pre-set programs have predetermined parameters. Thus, no manual adjustment is required. The accessibility of pain modes increases the convenience of pain management.

Advantages Of A Wireless Unit

One of the main advantages of a wireless unit is the convenience it offers. With a wireless unit, you are not restricted by cables, allowing you to move freely while using the device. This is especially beneficial in situations where mobility is important, such as in a large office space or during presentations.

Additionally, a wireless unit eliminates the need for complex installations and allows for easy setup and configuration. This makes it a cost-effective solution as it saves time and resources. Overall, a wireless unit provides flexibility and simplicity, making it a popular choice for many users.

iTENS large wing gel pads.

Buy Elle TENS Or iTENS – Ease Of Use

Both Elle TENS and iTENS are extremely easy to use. With its user-friendly design, you can experience natural, drug-free pain relief in the comfort of your own home. This is the reason why many pregnant women buy Elle TENS or iTENS. There are no complicated instructions or confusing settings. The built-in contraction timer and electrode placement chart make it simple to use the device correctly and effectively.

For Elle TENS, the neck cord ensures mobility, allowing you to move around without any restrictions. Furthermore, the vaginal probe option offers focused relief for specific areas of pain. On the other hand, iTENS is a compact unit with wireless electrodes. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth to access the programs instead of using cables. With the iTENS app, you can customise modes and settings to suit your needs or condition.

Nonetheless, both devices deliver electrical pulses to relieve pain. They are safe and effective for post-labour use. As a medical device, it provides relief for acute pain conditions, including shoulder and period pain. It also has a pelvic floor mode for toning and strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

Safety Precautions

It is important to adhere to safety precautions to ensure a safe and effective experience. The device is designed to provide natural pain relief during labour, but it is crucial to use it correctly. First, read and follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Learn how to use the TENS machine effectively with proper electrode placement and setting adjustments.

Furthermore, consult with your healthcare provider before using the device. Second, do not use TENS if you have a pacemaker or any other implanted electronic device, as the electrical pulses may interfere. Avoid placing the electrodes on broken or irritated skin to prevent discomfort or adverse reactions.


There are many pregnant women who would buy Elle TENS or iTENS as they are easy and convenient to use. While Elle TENS is primarily designed for labour pain, iTENS is ideal for pain relief in general. Both also have advanced features that are beneficial for managing labour pain. In addition, they provide an efficient way to experience a comfortable and empowering birthing journey.

Many people choose TENS therapy because it provides quick relief and has minimal risks. TENS devices do not have side effects as pain medications. They are in fact non-invasive. They can be used safely and as often as necessary. You can find a TENS device that fits your preferences and treatment needs. For wireless pain relief, consider the iTENS available at iTENS Australia online. Remember to always prioritise your safety and consult with your healthcare provider for personalised guidance.

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