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Buy TENS Electrodes: In-store Or Online?

The iTENS Large Wings with gel pads

Electrodes are pads that come with electrotherapies like Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). The pads are vital to the success of TENS. People can reuse the pads for up to 15-20 applications. Hence, it is important to know where to buy TENS electrodes for new usage and replacement. Individuals can get the pads in-store, like pharmacies. Some hospitals might even have them available. Additionally, they can purchase online from trusted brands like iTENS Australia.

TENS therapy is a 100% drug-free method of managing pain. It is considered a natural pain reliever because the nerve stimulation it does can produce endorphins. Moreover, it can stop pain signals from reaching the brain through pain gating. The electrodes make this possible when attached to the body. To learn more, the following sections will present how to get TENS pads in-store and online, as well as how to use them properly.

Buy TENS Electrodes: In-store

Traditionally, people can only see a TENS machine in hospitals or rehabilitation centres. However, there are now options to purchase them for personal use. Likewise, accessories for TENS therapy are also available. For instance, they can buy TENS electrodes as an additional for long-term use. They may consume the pads fast. Hence, backup ones prevent the hassle of running out of gel pads.

One of the places they can get the electrodes is in-store, like pharmacies and clinics. It would be a good choice to purchase in a pharmacy because they can ask common questions about TENS. They may be able to understand how to operate it better. Moreover, clinics and hospitals may have available stocks. If there is none, they can get a recommendation on where to acquire one.

Drugstores and retail stores may also have the pads on hand. Purchasing a TENS device or any of its accessories in physical stores is suitable for those who want to see them in person and check the other options the shops may have. Furthermore, the product will be easily available and taken home upon purchase.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

There are things to consider before buying the pads to get the best results. They are as follows:

  • Shape and Size – The electrodes come in various shapes and sizes. Hence, people must know how large the areas of pain they want to target to get the most suitable pads.
  • Skin Sensitivity – Some people may be allergic to adhesives. Thus, they can opt for hypoallergenic pads instead.
  • Usage Number – If they plan on using them many times, they might consume more pads and reuse them faster than normal. They might want to get replaceable pads in advance for convenience.

A woman using iTENS Large Wings in the back

Buy TENS Electrodes: Online

People can also buy TENS electrodes online. Making an online purchase is convenient. They do not have to go out anymore. Moreover, they can easily compare the specifications and prices of different TENS units and pads. There are e-commerce stores that sell them. They can also get them from online sites of companies specializing in TENS machines.

However, they should be careful. People need to check if the device is safe and FDA-approved. They can visit trusted brands to avoid any inconvenience. The wireless iTENS from iTENS Australia is one that many therapists and professionals use. Hence, they can go to their website and see the packages they offer.

Their devices have Bluetooth connectivity because all their units are wireless. Bluetooth allows individuals to control the device on their smartphones. They can adjust the frequency and intensity there. Moreover, the mobile application is user-friendly, making it easy for everyone to navigate. Additionally, their electrodes are hypoallergenic. Thus, people will have a reduced risk of irritated skin.

How to Properly Apply Pads

The first thing to do when applying the pads is to make sure the skin and the pads are clean. Dirt and dust might hinder the pads from sticking well to the body. Afterwards, peel the film off the pads. Patients can then place them directly or near the pain area.

They may also vary the patterns of the pad placement. Then, they can settle on the pattern or area that provides the most relief or where the pain relieves faster. Using four pieces or two sets of pads may be necessary to achieve the best result.

Peeling the plastic cover of the gel pad

Buy TENS Electrodes: Best Practices for Pads

People can see the effectiveness of TENS therapy more when they follow the guidelines properly. Also, after they buy TENS electrodes, they need to take care of them. They can do so by cleaning the pads before use and every once in a while. Some TENS machines have gel pads. They should dab water on these kinds of pads for rehydration. It will enhance the stickiness of the pads.

Additionally, when being used, the pads must not touch each other. There must be a few inches in between them. They should also avoid placing them on joints like the knees, elbow, and wrists. The movements in the joints may cause the pads to move around. Consequently, TENS may not work properly.

Storage is another important factor in making the pads last longer. Thus, they must keep the electrodes in a cool and dry place to avoid dirt. Typically, the pads can be used for around 15-20 applications or 2-3 months. Overall, it depends on how many times they have to use the pads because of the largeness of the area or if they need relief often.

Benefits of Using Good Quality Pads

One of the benefits of using good-quality machines and pads is the effect will be immediate. People can get relief within 15 minutes if it is in combination with the correct pad positioning. In addition, there is a reduced risk of experiencing skin irritation, redness or itchiness.

Furthermore, if TENS therapy is effective, patients will require less medication intake. They do not need to rely so much on painkillers or other treatments anymore. This goes especially for those who experience adverse side effects from painkillers or those who do not want to experience the effects.


TENS therapy is an effective natural pain reliever. Hospitals and therapy centres have been using it for a long time. Nowadays, people can acquire their personal units. Moreover, they can buy TENS electrodes and other accessories. They can get them in physical stores such as pharmacies, drugstores, and clinics. On the other hand, there are online stores that they can buy from, like e-commerce sites and the websites of trusted brands like iTENS Australia.

People can rely on TENS therapy because it safely administers relief for various medical conditions. It reduces acute pain. Also, it can help with chronic pains such as fibromyalgia and sciatica. Those who have used it experienced little to no side effects. However, they should still remember to follow the guidelines and ensure they are FDA-cleared. In addition, it is always best to speak to a doctor for better guidance.

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