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Electric Muscle Stimulator for Sale at iTENS Australia

Do you have injuries that require immediate pain relief? Or are you suffering from chronic pain and looking for pain treatment solutions that are both safe and effective? Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is an excellent treatment for acute and chronic pain problems. The TENS machine or electric muscle stimulator is an effective device for relieving various pain. A TENS machine like the iTENS is the leading wireless TENS therapy device that is safe and effective. Additionally, the electric muscle stimulator can effectively alleviate pain within 10 minutes of application. For people seeking efficient pain relief, you can find the iTENS device as an electric muscle stimulator for sale at the iTENS Australia website.

The iTENS, an electric muscle stimulator for sale on the iTENS Australia website, is entirely wireless. Thus, it enables users to use it conveniently. The iTENS machine is the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless TENS device for pain management. Furthermore, the iTENS device can alleviate pain by delivering modest electrical currents via electrodes pads to the skin to stimulate nerves. TENS therapy using the iTENS device can also cause the release of endorphins, our bodies’ natural pain relievers. Using a TENS machine can also block the transmission of pain signals to the brain by closing the “neural gate.” As a result, when this gate is closed, and the pain signals are blocked, the pain sensation will be reduced.

What Types of Pain Can the Electric Muscle Stimulator for Sale at iTENS Australia Treat?

iTENS Australia has an electric muscle stimulator for sale that can treat acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is a discomfort that lasts less than six months. Chronic pain, on the other hand, lasts for more than six months. Furthermore, using the iTENS device for pain relief can manage various pain symptoms and other medical conditions, such as

Pain Symptoms:

Health Conditions:


Is the iTENS Safe?

Unlike some oral pain medications, TENS therapy devices like the iTENS device have no adverse side effects. As a result, people can confidently purchase and use the iTENS device. Furthermore, users can use the iTENS device all day when in pain. However, it is critical to remember to take 20-minute pauses between sessions. Additionally, users can confidently use the iTENS unit because the FDA has cleared it as an effective and safe pain management device. FDA clearance ensures that the device has been thoroughly tested before release. Furthermore, people with epilepsy, cancer, and cardiac pacemakers should avoid using TENS devices. Moreover, the iTENS, an electric muscle stimulator for sale from iTENS Australia, is a non-toxic, safe and all-natural pain treatment method.

Despite its safety, TENS device users should also take safety precautions when using a device. To properly use a TENS machine, it is vital to remember to attach the device to the painful body area before turning it on. This technique can help users to prevent electric shocks. Furthermore, users should never forget to clean the body part to be treated. Cleaning the area before placing the electrodes can help guarantee effective nerve stimulation. In general, the iTENS, an FDA-cleared electric muscle stimulator for sale from iTENS Australia, is safe when properly used.

Advantages of the Wireless Electric Muscle Stimulator for Sale at iTENS Australia

Electrotherapy is one of the most effective kinds of pain relief. Wired and wireless TENS machine functions the same as pain relievers. However, the wireless electric muscle stimulator for sale at iTENS Australia can offer various advantages compared to wired TENS machines. Furthermore, wireless TENS devices can provide greater mobility and flexibility. With a wireless TENS machine, users will no longer face the hassle of tangled wires that can limit their movements. Cables are also prone to wear and tear, resulting in shocks and burns. Additionally, the wireless iTENS activates its electrodes through Bluetooth. This feature allows users to control their TENS therapy using their smartphones. Similarly, the iTENS pads are compact and light, making them unnoticeable when used under clothing. Users can also use them at work or during strenuous activities. Moreover, people can purchase the wireless iTENS device without a prescription from the iTENS Australia website.


Using the Wireless Electric Muscle Stimulator for Sale at iTENS Australia

The iTENS device is the market’s most current, innovative, and portable wireless TENS machine. It offers a variety of functions, operating modes, and treatment options that are appropriately organised into user setups. People can easily access the official website of iTENS Australia and acquire the wireless electric muscle stimulator for sale there. Furthermore, each TENS machine sold by iTENS can be transported anywhere in Australia, with all items in stock and ready to ship from the New South Wales service centre. After the shipping department has validated your transaction, you will receive an email with tracking details. Moreover, iTENS Australia also offers the following items, such as:

  • Small Wing Kit (Generation 2)  
  • Large Wing Kit (Generation 2)  
  • Small Spare Wing Accessory
  • Large Spare Wing Accessory
  • Long Strip Spare Wing Accessory 
  • Small Gel Pads (Sets of 3)
  • Large Gel Pads (Sets of 3)
  • Long Strip Gel Pads (Sets of 3)

The Wireless iTENS at iTENS Australia

The ease of use of a wireless TENS unit is a significant reason people buy them in Australia. The wireless iTENS device has user-friendly functionalities that allow users to perform TENS therapy conveniently. However, each person’s pain management is different. People experience various levels of pain relief with each therapeutic option. TENS therapy has a similar effect on each individual. When purchasing a TENS unit, consider the offered programs and control options. The electric muscle stimulator for sale at iTENS Australia has pre-set programs for treating various pains and conditions. The iTENS app also allows users to run treatments manually. Users can experiment with the frequency and intensity until they get the best results. Additionally, because it is a medical device, users should consult with a physician about the benefits of TENS devices for their specific situation. 

The iTENS, the customisable electric muscle stimulator for sale by iTENS Australia, has interchangeable wings. Therefore, users can easily change the iTENS wing pads depending on the body area that needs treatment. The small wing kit helps treat pain in smaller areas such as the ankle, knee, elbow, and wrist. On the other hand, users can use the large wing kit to treat vast areas such as the back and thighs. The iTENS also has reusable gel pads that users can utilise for up to 15 to 20 applications. Undoubtedly, iTENS Australia is the place to go for people looking for a personal device that can help alleviate various discomforts.

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