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Neurotrac Obstetric TENS vs iTENS: A Comparison Review

A pregnant woman sleeping on the bed

Neurotrac Obstetric TENS and iTENS are both electrical stimulation devices that healthcare professionals use for pain relief during labour. However, they exhibit some key differences that warrant comparison. Neurotrac TENS targets pain relief in the lower back and abdomen, making it suitable during pregnancy and childbirth. On the other hand, iTENS is a more versatile device capable of managing various types of pain, including labour pain.

Labour pain can be intense and overwhelming for many women, making the birthing process more challenging and stressful. The pain experienced during labour can make it difficult for women to focus and fully embrace the miracle of childbirth. Additionally, it can lead to increased anxiety and fear. Fortunately, expectant mothers can utilise Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices to help alleviate some of the intense pain. This article will present a comparative review of Neurotrac TENS and iTENS.

Neurotrac Obstetric TENS vs iTENS – Features and Electrodes

Neurotrac Obstetric TENS is a highly efficient device for managing pain during labour. It comes equipped with dual channels, which allow for additional pain control by stimulating multiple parts of the body simultaneously. Additionally, the device features electrode detection technology, ensuring that the electrodes are correctly positioned for optimal results. Moreover, Neurotrac TENS displays important information on its bright backlight LCD screen.

On the other hand, the iTENS unit also offers a drug-free alternative for pain management during labour. It utilises Bluetooth-capable electrodes to enable nerve stimulation. The wireless electrode pads of iTENS sync with iOS and Android devices to access various treatment modes. Despite being more compact, the iTENS delivers stable and consistent electrical impulses as effectively as a standard TENS device.

Ultimately, both devices offer drug-free pain management solutions during labour. However, the choice between Neurotrac TENS and iTENS may depend on the user’s preference for features. These include dual channels and electrode detection technology versus wireless functionality and smartphone integration. It is important to consult with healthcare professionals or experts to determine which device would be most suitable.

Advantages of a Wireless TENS

  • Freedom of movement: with no wires to limit mobility, patients can use a wireless TENS unit while carrying out daily activities.
  • Convenience: the absence of wires makes the device easier to use and set up, saving time and effort.
  • Discreetness: the wireless design allows patients to wear the TENS unit unnoticeably under clothing, preserving their privacy.
  • Versatility: people can target different areas of the body simultaneously, providing more comprehensive pain relief.
  • Portability: compact and portable, allowing users to bring them along wherever they go.
  • Easy control: most wireless TENS units come with user-friendly interfaces and controls, making them simple to operate.


Smartphones showing how to operate an iTENS app.

Neurotrac Obstetric TENS vs iTENS – Pain Modes and Controls

Neurotrac Obstetric TENS is equipped with various pain modes and controls. It features a boost mode, which allows the user to increase the intensity level of the stimulation. Additionally, it has a burst mode, which provides short bursts of high-frequency stimulation to target intense pain sensations. Moreover, the rest mode enables the user to pause the stimulation temporarily.

On the other hand, the wireless iTENS also offers a range of pain modes and controls. It comes with preset programs that are specifically designed to target different areas of the body and varying pain sensations. Additionally, the TENS wireless unit enables individuals to regulate their treatment program through manual mode.

The Neurotrac TENS has specialised modes for labour pain and features like boost, burst, and rest modes. Meanwhile, the wireless iTENS stands out with its compatibility with smartphone apps, enabling personalised control and program management. Overall, the choice between these devices would depend on the user’s specific needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Benefits of Pre-set Programs

Wireless TENS units with pre-set programs offer several benefits for individuals seeking pain relief. These devices, with their easy-to-use design and built-in programs, work well for pain management. Pre-set programs eliminate manual adjustment. This saves time and effort, especially for those who are not familiar with TENS unit programming.

Moreover, pre-set programs target different types of pain, such as acute or chronic pain, muscle tension, or post-operative discomfort. This versatility ensures that individuals can find the right program to address their specific pain concerns. Additionally, these pre-set programs are designed by professionals and researchers who understand the underlying mechanisms of pain relief.


A female news anchor reporting about iTENS wireless device.


Neurotrac Obstetric TENS vs iTENS – Pain Relief Effects

Both Neurotrac Obstetric TENS and iTENS serve the purpose of providing pain relief during labour. However, they vary in terms of effectiveness and specific features. Neurotrac TENS stands out as a device specifically designed for obstetric use and is renowned for effectively relieving labour pain. Moreover, it has been shown to have positive effects on mothers, enabling them to have a more positive childbirth experience.

In contrast, iTENS may offer some relief during labour; however, it may not be as specifically designed for obstetric use. Nevertheless, iTENS can be a better choice for individuals seeking various types of pain relief for multiple issues. This device employs electrical stimulation to target specific areas of the body, not just for labour. Therefore, it offers greater versatility than obstetric TENS machines.

Overall, Neurotrac TENS and iTENS have distinct differences in their pain relief effects. Neurotrac TENS is specifically designed for obstetric use. On the other hand, iTENS can provide pain relief during labour as well as for various other issues. The choice between the two depends on whether individuals prioritise specialised obstetric pain relief or more versatile pain management.

Safety Precautions When Using TENS

When using a TENS device, individuals must prioritise safety and effectiveness by adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions diligently. Users should take the time to read and follow the provided guidelines thoroughly. The guidelines may include instructions on electrode placement, recommended duration of use, and appropriate intensity levels.

Moreover, people should avoid using the TENS device in or near water, as this could lead to electrical shocks. Furthermore, users must refrain from applying the device on broken or irritated skin. If they experience any unusual or discomforting sensation during TENS therapy, they should immediately discontinue its use.


The comparison review between Neurotrac Obstetric TENS and iTENS reveals that both devices offer drug-free pain management solutions during labour. Neurotrac TENS excels in obstetric use with its dual channels, electrode detection technology, and specific labour pain modes. On the other hand, iTENS offers versatility with its wireless functionality, smartphone integration, and various pain modes for different issues. The choice between the two devices depends on users’ preferences for specific obstetric pain relief or a broader pain solution.

Wireless TENS units offer numerous advantages. These include freedom of movement, convenience, discreetness, versatility, portability, and more. The incorporation of pre-set programs further enhances their appeal by providing easy-to-use and targeted pain management options. However, users must prioritise safety by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring proper electrode placement, and avoiding water contact. Consulting healthcare professionals for guidance on TENS usage can lead to safe and effective pain management outcomes.

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