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The iTENS: An Innovative Pain Relief Technology

We live in a world where everything has to be fast, easy, and convenient. The busy and fast-paced lifestyle has become the norm and is adapted in the workplace and at home. Whether at work, home, sporting activities, or school, there are many expectations to perform excellently and maintain tiptop conditions. However, too much pressure can sometimes get in the way. Without a doubt, stress and fatigue may creep in and slow us down. Sudden injuries render us temporarily immobile. The iTENS is an innovative piece of pain relief technology well suited for people looking for quick, simple, and effective pain management methods.

The iTENS is one of the world’s first wireless Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices for pain relief with FDA approval. It merges the wireless capabilities of Bluetooth into electrical stimulation for the most convenient and hassle-free total pain management. Undoubtedly, there is now a step-up of innovation when it comes to wireless pain relief technology

Pain Relief Technology: iTENS Advantages

  • Pain relief: alleviates acute and chronic pain effectively in the shoulders, arms, legs, neck, back, and the treatment for arthritis, tendonitis, sciatic pain, period pain, fibromyalgia, etc. They primarily block the pain signals from reaching the brain and aid in releasing endorphins.
  • Recondition nerves: TENS helps in nerves regeneration which is essential in the healing of damaged nerves.
  • Muscle Stimulation and Relaxation: iTENS’ gentle pulses help relieve muscle strain. It also improves blood circulation making the muscles relax.
  • Convenience: The machine’s light and slim design are ideal, especially for active and busy people. iTENS comes with wireless small or big electrode pads that fit conveniently in large and small body areas. It is also discreet to use. iTENS is unnoticeable under the clothes, making it an effectively compact type of pain relief technology.
  • Safe – iTENS is a drug-free alternative to pain relief. It is virtually safe to use and easy to administer. There are little to no known adverse side effects in using TENS therapy.
  • Wireless: iTENS is a Bluetooth-capable device. It is operatable directly from a smartphone. Moreover, the iTENS app is compatible with iOS, Android and Google phone users.
  • Rechargeable: unlike conventional TENS devices, which are have replacable batteries, iTENS is rechargeable. There’s no need to replace batteries now and then, and there’s also no risk of hazardous battery discharges.
  • Long-lasting: iTENS has up to 24 hours run time
  • Availability: it is widely available over the counter without a medical prescription needed.

What makes iTENS the leader in innovative pain relief technology? iTENS understands the need for effective pain relief. Additionally, iTENS also understands the need for intelligent, mobile, and multifunctional solutions. That is why iTENS is committed to delivering the latest in cutting edge technology condensed into a small, compact-sized unit called the wireless iTENS.

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