iTENS Electric Massager Pads

As we all know, TENS machines are great for pain management, but they have many other uses. Other than blocking neurological signals of pain heading towards our brain; they could also help with muscle relaxation, which would also help increase our blood circulation. The suitable pads placed on a specific body part could help produce a natural electric massage experience. Highly innovative machines like the iTENS unit with versatile pads could also be used as electric massager pads. 

Muscle soreness and pain are some of the main reasons people elect to go to get a massage. These issues can now efficiently be dealt with by using TENS machines. With pre-set settings already available in most devices, taking care of oneself has never been easier. The iTENS units can even be set via an iOS or Android device app, which further helps improve accessibility and usage of electric massager pads.  

Muscle spasms along with muscle knots is another issue people try to relieve with by getting a massage. Spasms and knots tighten muscles at the spot of fatigue or injury as a form of muscle guarding to prevent movements and further harm. A TENS machine could significantly help the recovery process by easing the pain and relaxing the muscles, decreasing muscle knots. This further justifies the reason for using the iTENS machine and its electric massager pads.  

The iTENS Electric Massager Pads

TENS machines in the past had portability issues; which made them less reliable for others, especially those with a busy schedule. Nowadays, though, machines like the wireless iTENS machine have made it essentially easy to fit a pain management and relaxation device in your pockets or your gym bag. Gone are the days when people needed to travel to visit massage parlors. Electric massager pads attached to machines like the iTENS unit help provide pain management and muscle relaxation treatments available on the go. Be it on your way to work, during work, and right before or after a workout, there is no limit as to when you can use them.  

TENS sessions can also be done 2-3 times a day, providing much more frequent and effective pain management and relaxation regimen. It does take quite a bit of investment to own an iTENS machine with electric massager pads. Still, when you add up the costs of traveling to a massage parlor along with constantly needing to pay for sessions, a TENS machine might make for a worthwhile investment. 

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